5 Best Boot Knife Reviews-Buyer Guide 2019

If you love to go on outing adventures and hunting then you have to take about any minimal thing that can help you in critical survival situations. If you are on hunting or in the survival situation, then you can manage without clothes or smartphone but cannot without the most basic needs like clean water or food. Similarly, it becomes very hard to survive without the things that can help us getting food or a temporary shelter in survival situations.

We are talking about the boot knives. Boot knives can be helpful to us in critical situations to survive. So, what is Boot Knife and why we need it when going for hunting?

A boot knife is the very compact size of a sharp knife. It is really lightweight and we can carry it with us without any problem. It has a long cord attached with it so that we can wear or tie it with our pants or put it in our long neck hunting boots and use it when required. This is why they are called boot knives. When it is worn in the neck then it also called the Neck Knife. So what is the main use of Boot Knife?

Some hunting boots come with extra bootstrap for holding the boot knife.

  • It is very small and easy to hide so that we can use it very easily.
  • We can use it to cut the fruits and other eatables.
  • We can cut the ropes with it.
  • It is very small and easy to hide so that we can use it very easily.
  • It can be used to cut the branches with leaves to make the roof of a temporary shelter.
  • We can bind it with a stick to take work from it as a spear to survive from the wild animals or to catch the fishes.
  • It can be used to remove the scales from the fish.

They are some of the main uses of a Boot knife. But its uses are not limited, you can use it in many other ways to survive.

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