5 Best Ice Traction Cleats Reviews-Buyer Guide 2019

Keep ice traction cleats in your car for emergencies...

Don't risk a fall, when you can safely walk on the snow and ice with ice traction cleats for your shoes or boots, and even your cane. Ice cleats are available in several styles, sizes, and brands.

Ice cleats or as some may call them Ice Spikes are incredibly useful if you do a lot of walking in the winter time. These cleats can take the worry of falling out of your walking.

Ice cleats can fit onto the bottom of any pair of shoes turning them into Snow Shoes when they need to be. So rather than having different shoes you can just add the ice cleats when you need them, and take them off when they are not needed.

So if you dread your walk to work or even to the shops in the winter time Ice cleats could be the ideal thing for you as they can be a great safety tool.

If you are have to do a lot of walking in snow and ice then you will want to look into buying yourself a good pair of Ice cleats. They can go a long way to making you feel safer when you are out and about in the winter months.

Best Value
STABILicers Walk Traction Ice Cleat

STABILicers Walk Traction Ice Cleat

  • Steel Cleats
  • Thermo Plastic Elastomer 
  • On heel and forefoot maintain traction
  • Sizes: S, M, L, X-L

Uelfbaby Ice Snow Grips Traction

Uelfbaby Ice Snow Grips Traction

  • Spikes: 19 spikes
  • Material: Stainless steel and TPE 
  • Durable and reinforced double chains.
  • Sizeļ¼š L,XL,XL

Yaktrax Pro Traction Cleats for Snow & Ice

YakTrax 8613 Pro Traction Cleats for Walking

These Yaktrax Walker Traction Cleats for Snow and Ice are great for your sneakers and walking shoes! No need to stop walking or jogging because of the ice!

Product Description: "Enjoy better traction, confidence, and safety while hiking on packed snow or ice with this set of Yaktrax Pro traction cleats. Boasting a patented spikeless coil design, the Yaktrax Pro cleats let you move about naturally with the same solid grip you're accustomed to on dry surfaces.

As a result, you can walk or run as you normally would, giving you stability on ice and snow like you've never felt before.

The cleats are made of high-strength, abrasion-resistant 1.4 mm steel coils and heavy-duty natural rubber. This helps the cleats easily conform to the shape of your boot or shoe.

The SkidLock coils also provide 360 degrees of traction on cold surfaces, so you'll feel stable in all directions. And because the Yaktrax Pro cleats are safe in temperatures as low as -41 degrees Fahrenheit, you'll be able to wear the cleats in a variety of environments, from Wisconsin winter streets to the icy slopes of Mount Rainier. 

The Yaktrax Pro cleats are available in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes."

YakTrax 8613 Pro Traction Cleats for Walking

Helpful Hint:

Keep a pair of old sneakers in your car with the traction cleats already attached and you'll always be ready if caught out in bad weather in your good shoes.

STABILicers Lite Ice Cleats

Stay Safe on Snow & Ice!

STABILicers Walk Traction Ice Cleat

Product Description: "STABILicers Lite Ice Cleats offer in-step safety. Cleated snowtires for your feet! Top traction without the slip-ups. Rubber-like overshoe design is tough as nails. Metal non-slip cleats "bite" ice for sure-grip traction. Easily fit over any shoe or boot. Each weighs approx. 11 ozs. State Size. Mens Size: Small fits 4-7, Medium fits 7.5-10 and Large 10.5-13. Women's Size: Small fits 5-8 and Medium fits 8.5-12. Play it safe, get yours today!"

STABILicers Walk Traction Ice Cleat

ICEtrekkers Diamond Grip Shoe Chains

For boots, too!

ICETrekkers Diamond Grip Traction Cleats

Diamond Grip Shoe Chains are the greatest innovation in ice cleats. They work great on ice, snow, and packed snow. They have a sturdy rubber sling that is designed to hold to your shoe and still be flexible in sub zero tempertures. ICEtrekkers are one of the best selling ice cleats available.

ICETrekkers Diamond Grip Traction Cleats

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