10 Reasons to Pack a Foldable Bike on Your Next Camping Trip

Up to 77 million American households have a camper. Camping has become increasingly popular over the past few years. It’s particularly common among millennials.

But what do you pack on your camping trip? You’re probably planning on going hiking in the woods and cooking delicious meals.

Foldable Bike

What about going on cycling adventures? Check out the reasons why you need to pack a foldable bike on your next camping experience.

1. Easy to Pack With Your Luggage

Foldable bikes are so compact that you can pack several with the rest of your camping equipment.

You may be able to travel with one or two bicycles on your vehicle when you go traveling. But, when you go camping with foldable bikes, you can take one for the whole family.

If you don’t have much space in your vehicle, you’ll be pleased with how little space is required to pack your foldable bike inside.

2. Possible to Carry Around 

Even when you arrive at your destination, you can carry the bike around with you.

Time to go sightseeing? The light and compact bikes can be carried around with one arm.

You won’t be able to drag around a huge bike. But, the foldable bike can be lifted like a small bag on your shoulder. 

3. Easy to Explore Your Surroundings

What do you do when you arrive at the campsite? 

You probably want to explore your surroundings immediately. What is in the nearby woods? Can you find anything around the local lake?

There are always so many different and new places to discover. But, when you’re on foot, you don’t have the time to explore everything.

When you can quickly jump on your foldable bike, you can spend less time strolling around and more time visiting your surroundings. 

If you want to go even faster, you can also purchase an electric fold up bike to reach up to 25 mph no trouble.

4. Travel Around the Campsite at Speed

Where do you want to stay at the campsite? You never want to be near the restrooms. The best spot to set up camp is in a quiet corner of the park.

And yet, you always regret this when you have to get up in the morning to visit the restrooms. If you can instantly jump on your bicycle, you can reach the bathroom without any concerns. 

Getting around the campsite at speed makes everything more straightforward when you’re on your adventure.

5. Store Your Foldable Bike Safely

Did you know that there are around two bicycle thefts in the US every minute?

If you’re concerned that your bicycle could be stolen while you’re on the campsite, a foldable bike is a solution.

Unlike a big and bulky bicycle that you have to leave outdoors, the foldable bike can be packed up in your car or tent.

By packing your foldable bicycle with you, you can significantly reduce the risk of having your bike stolen. 

6. ​Save Money While Having Fun

What costs a lot of money when you go on a family camping vacation?

Traveling either via public transport or in the car to and from landmarks can be expensive.

If you’re a family of two adults and a couple of kids, every time you go anywhere, it can be costly for the family purse.

And yet, when you all have foldable bikes with you, it doesn’t cost a cent to visit anywhere around the campsite.

Forgetting spending a fortune on rental cars or catching the bus, you can hop on and off your foldable bikes.  

7. Sustainable Travel Experience 

Up to 87 percent of travelers want to travel sustainably.

And yet, it’s not always easy to know how you can explore and enjoy your vacation without having an impact on the environment. 

Instead of getting in the car every time you want to explore your surroundings, you can get on your fold-up bike.

This can significantly reduce your carbon emissions compared with driving around the area.

8. Stay Fit and Healthy on Vacation

Around 61 percent of vacationers gain weight while they’re on a break. You can even do exercise when you’re camping. 

Just because you’re staying in the great outdoors, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your camping vacation is healthy.

If you want to shed the pounds or do a workout, then packing your foldable bike with you can improve your experience of camping.

9. You Look Great 

You want to look amazing when you’re on your camping break. When the locals spot you scooting around on your fold-up bike, they’ll be impressed.

Even more so, when you rock up at the town and fold your back up underneath your arm while you explore the sights.  

10. Low Maintenance

The foldable bikes don’t cause you many troubles. You don’t have to worry about buying insurance or paying for parking spots.

If anything goes wrong, you can always find a bike mechanic to help you fix it. You will be able to see what’s wrong with your bike yourself.

You may even be able to find out how to fix it by only using YouTube. There are always a bunch of helpful videos on there.

Why You Should Get a Foldable Bike

When you’re planning your next camping trip, remember that you need a foldable bike. You can quickly pack one up in your car without it taking up much space.

Do you want to learn more camping experience tips? Check out the rest of our website for much more!

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