8 Types of Fishing Boats Every Pro Fisherman Should Know About

There are various types of boats available to fishermen; however, some are made specifically for certain types of water or fishing. You most likely have a few ideas in mind of what type of boat you want to either rent or purchase. Before you make a decision, you should do a bit of research on each type and what type of environment each is best suited for. 

Fishing Boats

The different types of fishing boats range from offshore boats to kayaks and everything in between. If you want to explore a new way of fishing than what you’re used to, then it’s beneficial to see what type of fishing boat would be best for you.

Do you plan to fish in the deep waters or hang out near the shore? What type of fish are you looking to catch, and what type of boat will you need to access their habitat? Will you need a lot of space on your boat for multiple fishermen or just enough space for you and one fishing pole?

Keep these questions in mind along with a few others and continue reading below. Here’s everything you need to know about the different types of fishing boats.

1. Bay Boats

Fishing at Bay Boats

Bay boats are the middle boat between large offshore and smaller flats-fishing boats. These are ideal for when you want to fish close to shore in more shallow waters, but want to travel towards open water as well. Bay boats are large enough to handle decent-sized waves and can take you further out than a flats-fishing boat, but you won’t be able to travel as far as when on a larger offshore boat. 

This type of boat will offer you plenty of space to move around and a few places to hold your fishing poles as well. 

2. Center Console Boats

Center console boats have the console of the boat directly in the center. These boats can tackle a variety of water types and offer optimal space to move around. Because the console is located in the center, you’ll be able to cast a net or a line from all different angles.

You won’t have to worry about any obstacles in your way when reeling up a big catch either. 

3. Dual Console Boats

Dual console boats have consoles on each side of the boat. When taking this type of boat out for fishing purposes, you’ll be limited to casting your line from either the front or the back of the boat. On the upside, this type of boat will come with more storage options.

There are also more seats available on this type of boat, but it might not be ideal for someone who’d rather have more fishing space than sitting space. 

4. Flats-Fishing Boats

Flats-fishing boats are ideal for shallow-water fishing. These boats don’t come with as many features as some of the other boats, but they allow you to access shallow water where some of your favorite fish might be hiding behind mangroves and more. 

When fishing is your sole purpose, you don’t need all of those shiny features on your boat anyway. Jon boats are another similar and great option for fishermen who love to fish in shallow waters. Pairing your Jon boat with a lithium trolling motor battery is a wonderful way to keep your boat light but give it enough power. 

Find a business that’s reputable and sells only the best batteries to ensure a great experience. 

5. Offshore Boats

Offshore boats are a necessity for fishermen who enjoy fishing on the open water. These boats make traveling further out into the ocean a breeze. Deepwater is no match for an offshore boat and you can feel at ease knowing that you’ll be safe and comfortable while on board. 

These boats are some of the larger ones you can choose from, as they’ll need to be big enough to tackle large waves. They also come with several different features essential for deep-water fishing, such as outriggers. 

6. Catamarans

Catamarans are a type of offshore boat that is designed to withstand choppy weather conditions. These boats are made in a way to require less power or fuel to run, which can save you money down the road. They’re stable boats that offer a lot of comforts.

These boats are slower than other offshore boats but come with plenty of fishing features. 

7. Inflatable Boats

Inflatable boats are more ideal for when fishing in freshwater. You’ll be able to navigate through a good amount of rapids, but keep in mind that you most likely won’t remain dry. 

It might be a bumpy ride, but you’ll easily navigate through any river and some even come with a shade or a bait bucket as well. 

8. Kayaks 

Kayaks are the perfect fishing boat for fishermen who want to fish in peace while getting in a good workout. Kayaks generally only hold one person and you won’t have room to move around or stand up. You will, however, have the ability to navigate through very narrow waterways. 

You can find yourself exploring fishing areas that you’d never be able to reach on a different type of boat due to the kayak’s narrow design. 

These Types of Fishing Boats Will Make Your Fishing Experience Ideal

Fishing Boats

The types of fishing boats best for you depend on the type of fisherman that you are. What type of fish are you looking to catch, and where will you need to fish to find them? Answer these questions and use our guide above to help select the right boat for you!

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