9 Ways To Improve Your Kayak Experience

Improve your kayak experience

Learn how to improve your skills on fishing kayak by 9 simple ways to improve your kayak experience

Improve Your Kayak Experience

Learn to drive kayak

Sometimes, staying on a spot is very important and nature will try to push you out of it. Whether it is current, wind or passersby, learning to drive your kayak will be more time fishing and reduce frustration.


Some of us are social; some people are not. A nod and a wave will usually suffice. If someone has the time and want to chat, they will give you an opener. If you do not have the time or do not want to talk at that time, you should be polite and answer the opener questions and let them know you are going upstream. It takes some practice, but it is well worth to let people know you are not a tool.

  1. Teach new people

It can be scary when getting on the water, especially for a newbie. If you talk about kayak fishing with other people, you will know who would be interested in going. Take them out and do it with the intent to become “guides”. If your goal is to catch fish, you’re doing wrong. The objective needs for them how to catch fish. Help them with technical, near to the questions and encourage them along the way.

If someone showed you how to do something, let’s pass it on. This will help the fountain of knowledge flows for future generations of anglers kayak.

Child out

The most personal time you want to fish is not doing it because they are a vindictive spot, stealers. Most of the time which they paddle by, think a site looks fishy and decide to throw some bait on it. Maybe start with Rule 2. You may see kayak anglers invite another to join them and eventide up to them.

Kayak karma

It is said that there is such a thing as Karma Kayak. She is angry and vengeful. If you push people away from the kayak fishing, she’ll get you. If you chew the tail of someone without good reason, she’s going to get you. Be nice out there because Kayak Karma is not only revenge but she was the sister of the fishing gods and she’ll talk about you.

The entry level boats are cool

Show your excitement when someone tells you about their new kayak, they have bought. They want to have kayak fishing and now they have. Be happy for them. Do not tell them their investment was a piece of trash or too difficult to paddle. We all start somewhere and not in the same place. Tell them “Welcome to the Addiction” or something along those lines.

Keep safety

Make sure that you always follow water safety rules state in above and beyond that, do not be stupid. Do not try to run on a small bay with a boat on your input capacity aircraft. Be careful with the provinces around bridge piles. Having appropriate lights if go fishing at night. Always tell someone where you are going and when you plan to return. This may be complex, but it is your safety.

Be helpful

If someone seems like they are struggling to unload, if someone drop some equipment on the way to launch or if someone is looking confused when staring into their kayak, ask if you can help. It’s pretty easy, most of the time they really appreciate the question, even if they refuse to help. You will have many trips easier by someone help you put the kayak on your car.

Have fun

It is considered as an interesting sport. Do not try to think it over. If you have trouble, ask for help. If you find yourself not having fun, talk to someone about it. Take in nature around you. Listen to the sound that is rarely heard in a power boat. See how close fish and birds will come to you. Take a photo! This is the best sport in the world. Make sure you will love it!

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