Archery Tips for Hunting Turkeys

If you are planning to hunt a turkey then you need to know a few things before starting your highly challenging endeavor.  Archery is a sport and it needs quite a lot of practice. You need to have fast reflexes to fetch one arrow after another to finish off your target. Those who know archery can use the tips mentioned in this article for hunting a turkey.

Best Hunting Turkeys Tips
  • To hunt a turkey, use a very wide and a broad-head bow because the impact of such a bow is very sharp and lethal on the body of the target. Specially designed broad-head bows are manufactured for shooting at the head of the turkeys. You should consider using a mechanical broad-heads that are specially made for hunting a turkey. The broad-head bows help in deep penetration, from the head in to the neck of the turkey.
  • To give a shocking blow to the turkey you should use a stopper just behind the broad-head. A stopper makes the arrow penetrate as far as you want to.
  • While hunting a turkey a hunter should also have a decoy in order to keep off the turkey’s attention from the hunter. A decoy also helps in getting a turkey within a striking distance.
  • As an archer you need to be very fast and you should have quick reflexes to move as well as to fetch the arrows in order to shoot down a turkey. The turkeys are very fast and can change the position very quickly. It is essential to carry a light weight bow so that one can move faster and quickly draw the arrows for hitting the target in a quick time. Carrying a light weight bow means less weight and faster movement.
  • When hunting a turkey an archer has to move all around the woods, so an archer should have a light weight blind because it helps to move faster. You can use natural stuffs to make a blind for concealing your movement while hunting, but such man-made blinds restrict the movement. You can also make a light weight blind but ready-made blinds are also available in the market.
  • You should consider applying a face mask while hunting a turkey. You should practice with a face mask/paint before going for an actual hunting session. Wear a camouflage which is comfortable and reliable.
  • It is essential for every archer to know the turkey’s anatomy because it helps them to give a lethal blow to a turkey while hunting.
  • While hunting a turkey it is essential for every archer to time their shot perfectly and it should be at an appropriate time for making a telling blow. Make sure that the turkey is in your range and in the right position before shooting. Always be calm while shooting because a wrong shot can make the target aware of your intentions.
  • Finally, make sure that you step-on the turkey before removing the arrow so that you can jostle it down if it is still alive.

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