Backpacking Requirements for Hunters

One can never find the best game if he only explores the neighboring mountain and / or forest. That is why, more often than not, hunters tend to prefer to go on backpack hunting. They go to a faraway hunting zone where the animals are often undisturbed. To do this, a lot of preparation must take place.

Preparedness may be the only thing standing between you and your game. It’s best if you think of all the possible scenarios you will probably meet during your backpack hunting and try to devise a plan beforehand. Listed below are what you need to do in order to fully equip yourself, body and mind, with all things essential for the trip.

1. Research about the area

You must know your route well so as to avoid getting lost. It is best if you also have a tracking devise. If unavailable, make sure that you have a plan on how to contact people if ever you get into trouble. This is particularly important if you’re doing the trip alone.

Look into the weather report around the area for the days you will go on the trip. With this, you can plan what to wear and bring with you.

2. Pack the Essentials

Before you take off and start hiking, you must first make sure that you have all you need for your hunting trip. First of all, since you need to wear the right clothes, you must bring with you ones appropriate for the weather of the area you’re visiting. However, it is always a smart choice to bring your boots and rain gear with you.

Secondly, don’t forget your intake of food and water. Make sure you have a good supply of both. Since you’re going hunting, you might also consider bringing a stove with you. That way, you will not have to bring so much food as you can hunt and cook them right then and there.

Thirdly, bring your first aid kit. When you’re alone in a mountain on a hunting trip, you must know that a chance of you hurting yourself is not less than 30%. You need to be self-sufficient; thus, you need to bring your bandages, sanitizers, medication, etc. and you must know how treat a wound.

Lastly, prepare your weapon of choice, may it be a rifle or the best compound bow. It doesn’t matter which. The important thing is you know how to use it well. For what may be considered to be the best compound bow, for example, it is believed to have a maximum range of 60 yards. Knowing your gear’s features can help you make a strategy in hunting.

You may want to add a few more things in your backpack, but remember that if you’re travelling a long route in a difficult trail, it may be best if you keep you pack light.

3. Devise a Sleeping System 

Backpack hunting can usually last for days and nights. You should not only think of what you’re doing in the morning, but also of where you’re sleeping at night. For this, you can add a sleeping pad or bag to your pack. Make sure that you have something to keep you warm at night, too. After which, look at your planned route and find a suitable stopover during the night.

4. Undergo Training

It is not enough that you have made the perfect plan and brought all the necessary things. Hunting requires skill. In order to master the skill of hunting, you must train yourself. You can create your own regimen as long as it would prepare your body to the kind of terrain you are going to. Failure to undergo training may lead to failure of the trip or worse, to an accident.

5. Prepare for Your Mind

Most likely, you will be alone during your hunting trip. You will not be able to see another person for some days. Seclusion can do a lot of weird things to a person. Be sure that you’re prepared to face the wild alone.

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