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5 Best 1911 holster Reviews – Buyer Guide 2021

best 1911 holster must strike a balance between accessibility and concealment. At the same time, your holster for 1911 must be comfortable to wear. Your selection of 1911 holster deserves your serious contemplation. 

The M1911 pistol, commonly known as 1911, is a great combat firearm. During the years 1912 to 1986, it was distributed among the US Army soldiers. Besides, it is still in use of the military professionals and other law enforcement agencies. If you buy or already own M1911 pistol, you must have a 1911 holster to carry your pistol.

It is a common practice for a prospective pistol buyer to spend a good amount of time before making the final decision about his purchase. Savvy shooters may even visit a wide range of handguns and tests drive a few models to check the accuracy and other features of the handgun. In such a situation, several shooters and gun lovers undermine the importance of a 1911 holster. In fact, they don’t take into account the role which the 1911 holster plays in carrying a concealed weapon. People only decide about a 1911 holster on the basis of price, however, there are several other features to be considered before finalizing a 1911 holster.

Since the 1911 holster is an interface between your body and your handgun, it is undoubtedly a vital piece of gear. An unsuitable or poorly designed 1911 holster could result in a compromised withdrawal of the handgun, discomfort, itching or even the loss of your pistol. Well, you can’t spend a fortune on selecting your 1911 holster but on the other hand, you can’t ignore the critical importance of this lifesaving product.

Let’s cast a cursory glance at various aspects to consider while buying a 1911 holster for your pistol.


Outbags Best OWB 1911 holster is our top pick for 1911 holsters. It is made by very fine nylon material that not only provides the comfort but also enhances the overall strength and durability of this fantastic 1911 holster. You can carry it when you’re surveying your property, in the woods or in a combat situation. Due to the use of nylon, this 1911 holster is quite lightweight yet durable and affordable.

This 1911 holster is designed and manufactured entirely in the States and you can use it with a full-size M1911 pistol. You can connect the 1911 holster through a steel clip to your belt. This steel clip is strong enough to bear the weight of a loaded gun.

This 1911 holster is equipped with a button strap to keep the pistol inside the holster. You can do any activity such as climbing, bouncing or riding, and your pistol will stay inside your 1911 holster. It also has a magazine pouch which adds to its utility. You can buy this stunning 1911 holster from Amazon.


  • Really comfortable.
  • Affordable and economical.
  • Easy to carry and use.


  • Thumb strap for retention.
  • one extra magazine can be kept.


This brand is known for making leather holsters. GALCO delivers both, the utility and functionality. This combat master 1911 IWB holster offer a passive retention friction-based system. Drawing out of the M911 pistol from this holster is quite easy and you can quickly remove your gun to point at your target. This 1911 IWB holster completely covers the gun and comfortably sets along the body of the shooter.

The large belt supports the pistol to stay at the same point and don’t allow it sagging around. This particular holster is specially modified to carry the 1911 pistol so you will get impressive results. The re-holstering is quite as effective as the drawing out of the pistol.

The leather material offers durability, strength and the beauty. You can carry this leather 1911 holster anywhere with ease and comfort. The most important thing is that it is made by 100% leather without the mixing of any other material which truly shows the credibility of the holster. You can buy this stylish 1911 holster from Amazon.


  • GALCO reputation.
  • 100% leather.
  • Made in the USA.


  • A bit costly but looks economical due to the longevity and durability factor.

Retention of 1911 shoulder holster

When you take into the account the possibility of a deadly attack with some lethal weapon or another deadly tool, the majority of the attacks will be sudden, physical confrontations and up close. To address this thing, retention must be considered while buying a 1911 holster. Retention tools will vary from simple thumb breaks to internal devices in the holster which will allow the shooter to retain the weapon if he is engaged in hand-to-hand confrontation. If there is no retention device then it will be tough for a person to withdraw his pistol when involved in a hand to hand confrontation or fight. A poorly fitted holster will cause other issues, too. For instance, the pistol will lose the grip or slip down if the 1911 holster is not properly fit. Let’s have a look at the retention levels for a 1911 holster.


It involves a single retention device such as a thumb break or a strap.


It involves two retention tools such as internal retention device and a strap.


It is available but not good for concealed weapons.

Concealment of 1911 holster

First of all, concealment provides you to create the element of surprise for the attacker who is attacking you with a life threatening weapon or tool. It also allows you the safety in the public. It helps to avoid uncomfortable and unfortunate circumstances where people may call the police or law enforcement agencies when they found you with a pistol. You can easily conceal your pistol with the help of 1911 holster.

Level of comfort

A pistol and 1911 holster compatible combination will allow you to carry your weapon with you and not leaving that at your home.

Drawing the pistol out of 1911 holster

Think about how much time you’ll take to draw your pistol while you’re on the road or seated in your car with safety belts. The reason is that you can become a victim of an attack anywhere. You must be able to withdraw your M1911 pistol with ease and convenience from your concealed 1911 holster.

The holster should lend itself to allowing you to gain a complete grip on your handgun while still allowing you to release any retention devices. The draw stroke must be in a straight line so that you can directly point your pistol at the target. However, it may vary in different 1911 holster because you may carry them as an appendix, cross draw, ankle positions and small of the back.

Quality of material used to make 1911 holster

These 1911 holsters are made from various materials such as leather etc, the final choice depends on the desire and liking of the shooter.

Attachment and detachment of 1911 holster

You should always buy a 1911 holster that is easy to attach or dethatch from your outfit easily. If it is tough to remove and add, there are great chances you’ll leave your M1911 pistol at home.

Re-Enforced Throat or Re-Holstering

The mouth of the 1911 holster must stay rigid and open when you draw your pistol out of it. It is really critical especially when you re-holster your pistol with one hand. It will provide you with the luxury to have your support hand free to do other things like administer first aid to yourself or others, escape, use defensive tactics or pull someone to safety. The concealed carry 1911 holsters must offer an unassisted re-holstering and rapid one-handed drawing.

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