5 Best Backpack Coolers

Looking for the best Backpack coolers?

For those Hipsters who want to ditch the traditional approach of a cooler, and want to carry it around in a more ‘cooler’ fashion (no pun intended), we’ve got something in store for you.

Backpack Coolers?

… Yes, they exist.

If you are someone who loves to enjoy cold beverages while traveling but feel like a full-fledged cooler might not be a very convenient option for you, backpack coolers can save your day.

As the name suggests, backpack coolers are coolers in the form of backpacks.

Just carry them as you would with as a normal backpack, and it will keep your beverages chilled for hours and even days.

So, if you are already excited about the idea of a backpack cooler, I have news for you!

We have not just listed some of the best backpack coolers, but we have also reviewed them to ensure that you make a smart buying decision as per your traveling and cooling needs.

In this article we discuss the features from the build, materials used, the design, capacity, and lastly the pros and cons of the coolers, everything is discussed in detail to provide you insight.

The Best Cooler Ever – What To Look For

Now that we know each different type of cooler, we need to go through what is needed to be considered when buying a cooler.

Whether the best cooler for you is something small and versatile, or larger with enough room for half-time refreshments, the basic criteria for cooler buying is universal. After all, the function of the cooler remains the same, no matter what the container looks like!

 In order to know which will be the best ever cooler for you, it will have to be leak proof, easy to clean, retain temperature well, have great storage capacity, and will be easy to transport.

Without these basic criteria met, you may end up with a fantastic, eye-catching cooler, that looks better than it performs.

Leak Proof

Let’s face it, you’re probably going to have a lot of ice in your cooler. At the very least, you’ll keep everything cold with a convenient blue ice pack, or frozen water bottles.

Either way, the last thing you want is for that ice to leak through your cooler, and make a bigger mess than you need.

A good cooler will lock in all of that moisture so it keeps your food and beverages cold -and the exterior of your cooler dry!

These are especially important for sport and soft coolers, where the leaks will likely end up on your clothing, or even your valuables!

Retain Temperature

Another obvious one, but this one is difficult to monitor without some research. If you are buying a cooler to last you a weekend, and the ice melts and warms up within a day, you know you’ve bought the wrong cooler.

Some will advertise longer cooling times, but with a tiny bit of added research, you find that they’ve embellished slightly.

Once again, finding a good cooler, and buying a good one for its price is something that is important, so ensuring that you have one that will remain cool for as long as you need it to is just as important.


Another seemingly obvious one, but still equally important. A cooler that’s easy to clean, is a cooler you are going to want to invest in.

Undoubtedly, the ultimate cooler will be self cleaning, but unfortunately, that’s not yet been invented. Until then, settle for a cooler with an easy to clean interior for those extra bits of dirt and sand that tend to hitch a ride back home with you.

Some will come with a removable lining, but others will be made for you to clean without worry. All of the best coolers will be easy to clean, and will not make you regret your purchase.

Storage Capacity

Whether it’s in cans, or quarts, the storage capacity of your cooler is something that you need to ensure is right for your needs. From hiking solo, to a ten person music festival, you need your cooler to hold all of the essentials.

Though the capacity size of a cooler is all personal preference, the ability to hold that amount, and hold it comfortably, is important.

Ensuring that you have the greatest cooler you need, with the added storage necessities from side pockets, to a sturdy top lid is a really important factor to consider. You also want to make sure that you’re not buying one cooler for a singular purpose.

If you know that you are going on a hike one day, but a sporting event the next week, opt for the slightly larger size so you can make the most of your cooler!

Ease of Transport​

Another important factor needed from the ideal cooler is transport. 

If you know you will be lugging the cooler for twenty minutes before reaching your end goal, you’re going to want one that will be able to withstand the distance (and any conditions thrown its way), without causing strain on your back and shoulders.

Whether you want one with wheels, straps, or handles, you need to make sure that you’re buying what’s right, and comfortable, for you.

If the cooler has straps, they need to sit well on your shoulders. For wheels, you need to know if they are durable, and the lid is secure.

As for the handles? You need to know if they are protected so your hands don’t tire. Without these, you may have cold food and drinks, but that’s about it!

1. Coleman Backpack Cooler

Now if you want a cooler that abundantly replicates a backpack for your day trips and camping’s, C003 Soft Backpack Cooler from Coleman can be a great choice.

The bag can accommodate up to 28 cans, and its main compartment is made from phthalate-free, BPA-Free material to keep the beverages cold for long durations. It’s spacious, light in weight, comfortable, and looks pretty stylish too.


• Color: Khaki• Dimension: 19.29 x 6.3 x 12.2 inches• Weight: 1.06 pounds

Coleman C003 Soft Backpack Cooler

If you believe that the Polar Bear backpack cooler might not be adequate for your needs due to its limited size, this C003 from Coleman can be the one for you.

Its main compartment is heat-welded for enhanced insulation, and it also features a large compartment in the front which you can use to carry dry items.

There is extra padding in waist and back area to ensure that one can comfortably carry it for long durations.

Its main compartment is heat-welded for enhanced insulation, and it also features a large compartment in the front which you can use to carry dry items.

There is extra padding in waist and back area to ensure that one can comfortably carry it for long durations.

  • Large main compartment can hold up to 28 cans
  • Additional padding in waist and back for enhanced comfort
  • The main compartment is heat-welded for better insulation
  • Anti-microbial lining
  • Large zippered pocket on the front
  • Some complaints regarding the zipper quality

2. Igloo Marine Ultra Square Coolers


• Color: White• Dimension: 8.5 x 16 x 11.75 inches• Weight: 1.25 pounds

Igloo too is a reputable cooler brand and this Marine Ultra Square Cooler Backpack from the company sure packs a punch.

Igloo Marine Ultra 24-Can Square Coolers

The backpack features MaxCold insulation with 25% more foam to ensure that it can keep the beverages cooler for longer durations.

If you are someone who loves fishing, the hardware’s used in this backpack are non-corrosive, making it a perfect pick for the marine environment.

One of the most impressive things about this backpack cooler is its 0.35mm PEVA liner.

The liner is odor- and stain- resistant, antimicrobial, leak-resistant and can be easily cleaned too.

Moreover, the backpack is UV protective and anti-mildew. So, one can rest assured that the items stored inside this backpack will remain cold and completely safe too.

  • UV protective and anti-mildew
  • Hardware is non-corrosive
  • MaxCold insulation to keep things cooler for longer durations
  • 0.35mm thick PEVA liner
  • Zippered pocket on the front and compartments for bottle on both the side
  • Many complaints regarding the handle of the cooler. Users have mentioned that it rips off within a couple of months

3. Picnic Time Zuma Insulated Cooler Backpack


ONIVA - a Picnic Time Brand Zuma Insulated Cooler Backpack, Red

• Color: Red, Blue, Black, Black US Army• Dimension: 19 x 8 x 11 inches• Weight: 1.3 pounds

Next, on the list of the backpack cooler reviews is the Zuma Insulated Cooler.

The cooler looks like a standard backpack but features a water-resistant, heat-sealed lining to ensure that it can do its job effectively.

The backpack is available in 4 different colors- Black, Blue, Red and Black US Army and can accommodate up to 13 cans along with ice packs.

Picnic Time has improved the insulation of this backpack cooler to ensure that it can keep drinks colder for longer durations.

The upper section of this backpack has a drawstring type closure, and its shoulder straps have air mesh on the underside, along with a small pocket for carrying a mobile phone.

Be it day trips or lunches, it will be a perfect pick for every occasion.

  • Upgraded insulation for longer cooling performance
  • Made from lightweight polyester
  • Multiple zippered pockets
  • Water-resistant, heat-sealed lining to prevent leakage
  • Available in various colors
  • The main insulated compartment could have been more rigid. It collapses pretty easily to bulge out the sides

4. Ultimate Backpack Cooler by OAGear


• Color: Royal Blue• Dimension: 12.25 x 16.5 x 7.75 inches• Weight: 1.55 pounds

OAGear Backpack 20 Can Cooler

If your outdoor adventures are pretty frequent, this Ultimate Backpack Cooler by OAGear can be an excellent choice for you.

Made from 600D polyester and 600D ripstop trim to deliver durable performance for years to come.

The cooler can accommodate up to 20 cans along with ice packs and features additional pockets on the sides and front for dry storage.

  • Made from 600D polyester
  • Leak-resistant, thick PEVA liner
  • Shoulder straps can be easily adjusted for enhanced comfort
  • Can accommodate 20 cans along with ice packs
  • Large zippered pocket on the front and two side pockets
  • Some of the users have mentioned that this cooler leaks. However, majority of them are thoroughly impressed with its performance

5. Picnic Time Turismo Cooler


• Color: Olive, Black, and Moka• Dimension: 9 x 19 x 16 inches• Weight: 3.25 pounds

Last on the list of the backpack cooler reviews is the Picnic Time Turismo cooler.

Apart from being an excellent cooler, it features hidden pockets, along with flat interior pocket and a separate removable pocket for holding the bottle.

I’d highly recommend this backpack cooler if you are looking for one to carry your lunch on a daily basis.

 ONIVA - a Picnic Time Brand Turismo Insulated Backpack Cooler

Turismo Backpack Cooler is a true performer which is loaded with all the features and compartments that one would expect from a premium backpack cooler.

This backpack features two compartments that are insulated to ensure that your lunch and beverages remain cold.

It has non-slip, adjustable shoulder straps to make sure that users can carry it comfortably.

Moreover, the bottle compartment can easily be separated from the backpack if not required.

  • Dual large compartments
  • Adjustable, non-slip shoulder straps
  • Hidden compartments
  • Removable bottle compartment
  • Reinforced base to ensure that the cooler can stand by itself
  • Slightly heavy
ONIVA Turismo Insulated Backpack Cooler

6. NorChill Can Voyager Series Insulated Soft Sided Cooler

NorChill Soft Side Cooler Bag

This cooler bag comes with some interesting features for supporting your needs.

This cooler bag is made from premium canvas material that is very durable for a long time. It has dual temperature insulation system, in order to keep your beverages cold.

It is easy for you to fold this cooler bag away, in order to allow compact storage space.

When you look on the surface of this cooler bag, you can find its special Thermolock zipper.

This feature can provide comfortable and secure system for supporting your own needs.

NorChill Soft Side Cooler Bag

7. AO Coolers Vinyl Soft Cooler

AO Coolers Sportsman Vinyl Soft Cooler

When you plan to bring the best cooler for your camping, you should have a look at this product.

This cooler has soft sides that are made from vinyl exterior. This material is also waterproof, so it is suitable for any outdoor uses.

It can be a perfect cooler bag for boating, fishing, parties, hunting, sporting events, and many other events.

This cooler bag has removable shoulder strap, so you can feel comfortable when bringing this cooler bag.

Its special leak proof liner can maintain the temperature of this cooler bag easily.

AO Coolers Sportsman Vinyl Soft Cooler


This brings us to the end of this backpack coolers reviews post. if you are searching for other fantastic soft-sided or hard-sided coolers, make sure that you visit other pages on our website as we have lined up some of the best of products.

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