Best Backpacking Pillows For Camping [Reviews and Buyer Guide 2021]

Is it worth it to have the best backpacking pillow in your camping set? Find out the answer for yourself!

Having an overall sense of adventure is always a good thing. In fact, your personality ratings will skyrocket once you introduce yourself as a potent adventure.

For this reason, campers are looking for additional gear not only for the safety factor but also to maintain a fair amount of comfort. So, such camping or hiking gears have proven to be effective in various camping or traveling scenarios. 

For this reason, we bring you some of the most affordable backpacking pillows currently available to help you out on your next camping trip.

Backpacking pillows have become a necessary item for most campers these days. So, if you feel the urge to bask in the mellow light of the moon or observe the skies at night, then a backpacking pillow can be your best friend.

So, for the best possible experience, you should consider reading our review on the best backpacking pillow.  

In our review, we will try and provide the best possible highlight for each of the prominent contenders we have found during our research. In the end, the decision is up to you to make the right choice.

So, let us begin.

10 Best Backpacking Pillows In 2021 Reviews

1. Trekology Ultralight Inflating Travel/Camping Pillows

It is obviously hard to allocate a product for the top spot, as the options are so vast nowadays. But, despite all the confusion, we can confidently recommend the inflatable camping pillow from Trekology, which should make all your relaxation problems go away.  

Here’s why.

The first and most eye-catching feature of this inflatable pillow is the minimal footprint. It comes at a scintillating weight of only 78-grams, which can’t even match the weight of a bottled soda can. Also, when uninflated, it only occupies a 5×2-inch spacing, which is clearly one of the best things about it.

Then you have the superior design aspect to consider as well. The pillow has an ergonomic design, which allows your neck and back to be in a comfortable position. Also, the high-quality TPU material offers a fair amount of resistance from water. Moreover, the non-slip characteristics of the material will allow your head to be comfortable at all times.

Finally, the overall usability is satisfactory. The pillow requires only 3-5 breaths to reach its full size and potential. Similarly, the Quick-Deflate feature allows it to be shrunk to its usual travel capacity at a moments notice.

In the end, if you are looking for the best all-around backpackable pillow, then you may want to check it out. Considering all the features and price point, it should certainly be a decent travel gear.


  • Comes with a very small footprint
  • The heavy-duty and light-weight material offers superior usability
  • Ergonomic design offers excellent neck and lumbar support
  • Firmness adjustment is a huge plus
  • Cleaning is easy enough
  • Ease-of-use is highly satisfactory


  • It may feel a bit stiff at times

2. Therm-a-Rest Compressible Travel Pillow

The compressible pillow from Therm-a-Rest features a unique set of designs with a special emphasis on comfort. For some time now, the vendors have come up with some unique traveling pillows, which are both comfortable and family-friendly at the same time.

So, what’s so special about it?

First of all, the overall footprint of the pillow is good enough for traveling purposes. The compressibility is right on par with some of the premium products out there. In fact, the soft foam material inside won’t be a problem while you are on the road or on a camping trip. 

Secondly, the brushed polyester cover paired with a light urethane filling not only offer decent support, but the overall production cost also comes down by a fair bit because of the overall manufacturing process.

Finally, using the product offers a decent amount of satisfaction. It is light, but sturdy against rough usage. Also, if you are planning on a camping trip with your family, then this one might be the best backpacking pillow for side sleepers as well.


  • It has a compressible design with a small footprint
  • It’s lightweight and robust
  • The comfort levels are decent
  • The overall experience is trustworthy as well
  • Comes with approval to use with a washing machine


  • If you sweat too much, then you may face some issues with the pillow covering

3. Teton Sports Camp Pillow

We have come up with the Teton Sports Camp Pillow after doing some tough digging through the marketplace. The features are right on point. And for the price, you shouldn’t expect anything more from it.

Here are the most talking features.

The makers at Teton didn’t go with anything fancy when it comes to the overall design. So, what’s the point here?

The brushed P5 material paired with the brushed flannel outer shell does feel soft on the skin. So, relaxing on a long trip shouldn’t be a problem.

But, is that all?

Apparently, if you are looking for comfort while traveling, then this pillow can offer it. The comfort levels should be more than enough for most users. As a matter of fact, they claim it is the best backpacking pillow for your neck and back, which is a pretty bold statement!

So far, while taking a taste of this compressible design, we did find their claims to be true to a certain point. But your personal preference may vary. In general, it does a good job of supporting your neck and back. Moreover, it is washing machine approved, which is nice.

In conclusion, if you are looking for the bare essential features in a backpacking pillow, then you should probably look no further. You won’t regret your decision ones you feel the contentment it can offer.


  • Features a compressible design
  • Easy to store while traveling because of the stuff sack
  • Offers superior comfort
  • Approved for use with a washing machine


  • The filling may feel too thick for some users

4. Camping and Travel Pillow with Bamboo Derived from Coop Home Goods

Finding the best backpacking pillow with the combination of the best features is a tough job indeed!

But, our efforts helped us to find the Camping and Traveling Pillow from Coop Home Goods. Now, here’s what makes it so special.

As you may know already, there is nothing absolutely impeccable. In fact, we consider something to be ‘the best’ only when our minds are at ease. Well, the same goes for this backpacking pillow.

From the overall design to the comfort provided, everything is right on point. In fact, the minimalistic design also complements the entire package as well. Moreover, the stuff sack feels premium and allows additional storage space whenever you need it.

The adjustability of this pillow is something to take into account. You can make all the necessary adjustments to your heart’s desire. Also, the bamboo-derived Viscose Rayon and Polyester blend cover allow natural thermal regulation, making sure that you can relax in a cool and commendable way.

Finally, this is as close as we can get towards the perfect blend of comfort and contentment. The machine washer approved pillow could become your new best friend while traveling. You may also take it as the best backpacking pillow for stomach sleepers, mostly because of the adjustability.


  • Simple design and easy to carry
  • The foam lets you adjust to a suitable position
  • Suitable for various sleeping positions
  • Washing machine approved
  • Adjustable foam paired with a natural thermoregulation offers a decent user experience


  • Doesn’t come with a pillow cover

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