The magic of a camping holiday comes largely from the joy of waking up in the morning, at the edge of a silent lake or contemplating the horizon from the top of a mountain.

To appreciate the view, however, it is still necessary to have the necessary energy!​

Even in the forest far from the bed, it is possible to sleep well if you have the right equipment….

… Having a sleeping bag that fits your needs makes a big difference when it is time to slip into the arms of Morpheus.


Camping, hiking, winter sports and other outdoor sports essentials such as headlamps, backpacks and travel bags, lounge chairs, magnesia bags, baby slippers climbing, snowboard skiing, travel bag, binoculars, ski bindings, snowshoes, ice axes and walking sticks, survival blanket, carabineer, toiletry bag, compass, the insulated bottle, the hood, the walking shoes, etc. a sleeping bag is by definition a padded bag with an insulating material in which you have to slip to sleep.

Among other things, it allows you to protect yourself against bad weather and cold weather. Indeed, the air trapped in the bag will play the role of an insulator. Thus, the body of the user retains its heat optimally.​

As a result, it is neither the feather down nor the synthetic fibres that retain the heat, but rather the air contained in the sleeping bag. Popular for outdoor sports, the sleeping bag is perfect for camping, bivouac, caving, ski touring, hiking …

You can also distinguish it by its size, its ability to insulation, its weight, but also its volume when compressed.

Pack a Tent and Sleeping Bag for Backpacking


Buying an effective sleeping bag to leave the office environment and other work environments for a while is very important as it plays a role as an extra mattress. It is he who will allow you to spend good nights comfortable and warm.​

In any case, keep in mind that your light or dark sleeping bag should allow you to experience your hike at 200% without feeling uncomfortable. Your ideal hiking bag should allow you to recover from a long and exhausting day.

In addition, the sleeping bag is still the element in which you spend a lot of time especially as the nights in the open are much longer than the nights spent at home because you adapt to the rhythm of the sun! Also, a good branded or even unbranded sleeping bag helps you not to apprehend the night as when you slip into your duvet.​

I recommend choosing famous models for their reliability and low price. You will feel good inside and this regardless of the duration of the outdoor getaway. And Compare from one bag to another bag, I sincerely hope that this comparison will be useful to you. I have selected the best low-cost models that you can buy quickly on the internet.​

Knowing how important it is to be well equipped to venture out on a hike, we took care to select models that encompass quality, comfort and low prices.



There are three main categories of a sleeping bag:

  • Sarcophagus: Shape of most sleeping bags on the market, the bag “sarcophagus” follows the shape of the body. Its cost is a bit higher because its construction is more complex than a rectangular bag.
  • Rectangular: This type of bag has a minimal cost thanks to its simplicity of construction. Also, some people like this type of bag better because they feel less stuck there than in a mummy. This form is found especially in summer bags.
  • Semi-rectangular: Its shape represents a compromise between rectangular and mummy, both in terms of performance and cost. However, sleeping bags of this form are rather rare on the market.

There’s a whole range of things you’ll need to consider when shopping for a new sleeping bag. Do you want a mummy or rectangular model? Filled with down or synthetic insulation? You can read my guide, to discover the type of sleeping bag that suits you, then finalize your choice by consulting this list of my favourite models. I m a traveller since 2011 and gather much experience about sleeping bag. So I think this guide helps you to choose your desire guide.