Men who love outdoor sports just cannot keep away from indulging in those activities and should therefore ensure that they are fully protected from cold weather conditions.

The solution is clear. Base layers for men represent the best alternative to conventional clothing layers that have been in vogue all along.

It is most important to use the base layers during hunting in the coldest weather.

The best base layer make-out/design especially for cold weather hunting because keep your skin warm, safe, and dry.

Usually, the considered best one base layer for hunting manufactured with Merino Wool material, which produce from a breed of sheep. This breed survives in the extreme cold weather.

However, this material made base layers are too expensive.

On the other hand, if you want to stay warm and protected from the harsh winter during the hunting, hiking, or other outdoor activities, then you must need a good quality base layer. It will also provide comfort, and long-term warmth.

Editor’s Pick: HECS Hunting – Energy Concealing Base Layer

HECS blocks your natural electrical energy field so you get a better outdoor experience.


Energy Concealing Base Layer - Includes Thermal Shirt
  • HECS Faraday Cage technology
  • Machine Washable
  • Blocks EMF
  • Get 69-75% closer to an animal with HECS.
  • Includes head cover
  • U.S.A Technology
  • High Performance Wicking Fabric

Tips To Choose The Best Base Layers

Below are certain aspects to think about before choosing a winter base layers.

Ultra-lightweight or Micro-weight is the fabric stuff quality that is perfectly suitable for the extreme cold weather. By wearing this outfit, you may stay warm, safe, and dry even in the winter season.

Base Layers

Lightweight and Mid-weight fabrics

Both the Lightweight and Mid-weight materials provide you the possibility to handle the coldest conditions too. Mid-weight fabric is quite heavier than the lightweight one.

Heavy-weight Fabric:

This fabric weight is for true winter weather that can handle blustery, cold, frigid floods. If you are serious about staying warm this winter season, pick the heavy-weight base layer.

Best Material:

Base layers especially designed for winter season comes in various fabrics including synthetic materials, cotton, merino wool, silk, and bamboo. All of these materials have not same qualities so think twice before opting according to our following tips.

Cotton Fabric:

Do not pick 100% cotton base layers because they are slow to dry when wet, as well as cause to keep you cold. Besides, if the cotton is in minor percentage and the majority is another like bamboo or synthetic fabric, then it will be okay.

Synthetic Fabric:

These types of fabrics include polyester blends, which are the fastest drying fabrics. Such base layers are perfectly suitable for snow, hail, as well as moist environments. So, you will feel comfortable and stay warm by wearing them whole the work day. The only possible issue you may face with synthetic fabrics is the odors. However, various advanced technologies have held up this issue.

If you are a runner then, I recommend you to pick the base layer made of the synthetic polyester blend of spandex which is best for optimal stretch and rayon is good with scratch-free properties.

Merino Wool Fabric:

This fabric comes with an excellent smell absorbing quality for a prolonged period, so, now you need not be worried about the odor.

It is very soft, warm, and comfortable. However, some people with sensitive skin may feel irritation.

What’s more, the merino wool naturally flames retardant and offers Ultraviolet protection.

The hunting experts of cold weathers recommend to choose the merino wool base layers for cold weather hunting.

Silk Fabric:

Silk fabric is very smooth on the skin and is ideal for people with sensitive skin. In fact, this fabric is very safe and never causes an allergic reaction at all.

Often the silk base layers are treated with chemicals to improve the moisture-wicking properties. They are odor-resistant and are suitable for the reasonable cold weather.


  • Do not wash silk fabric base layers in washing and drying machine, as it may cause shrinkage.

Bamboo Fabric:

It is an advanced type of fabric stuff having useful qualities and also best for base layer. It made by the combination of cotton and Lycra. Such type base layers tightly fit your body, hold their shape, wicks moister, as well as are best for sensitive skin.

Good luck in staying warm wherever you do outdoors in the coldest weather. Happy hunting!

BEST VALUE Merino Wool Base Layer Merino Wool Base Layer

  • Tumble dry
  • 100% Merino Wool
  • Long Sleeve Thermal Shirts
  • Lightweight = 165 g/m²
  • Fiber Micron:17.5
  • Washer/dryer safe
  • UPF 50+ Protection


Merino Wool 706 Kancamagus Men's Midweight Bottom

Minus33 merino wool base layer

  • Midweight: 230 g/m2
  • Interlock Knit
  • 100% Wool
  • Fiber Micron:18.5
  • Color Options: 9 Colors
  • Essential part of your outdoor gear


HECS Hunting Base Layer

HECS Hunting Base Layer

  • 3 Piece Suit
  • 77% Polyester 15% conductive yarn 8% Spandex
  • Scientifically Proven
  • Combine Comfort with Concealment
  • Blocks EMF

What makes these base layers for men effective?

  1. The technology used in these enables production of heat through strategically placed heating elements without compromising on any comfort or body movements.
  2. Thanks to the inbuilt temperature control system, it is possible for you to regulate the temperature and set it such that you are most comfortable. You can choose from 4 different settings to do so.
  3. In addition to outdoor sports, you can make use of these layers for motorcycle rides to keep warm.
  4. You can go on camping and hiking trips at high altitudes secure in the knowledge that you would be well protected. Camping in particular now need not be restricted only to summer.
  5. You can wear them even within the house and avoid putting on the heating system. This will save energy costs if you are the only person in the house.
  6. Wearing these base layers for men, you can also carry out any home improvement tasks on the roof of your house without being too concerned about the cold weather outside. You can thus do away with calling a roofing expert and attend to the job yourself.

In below I have delivered a brief guideline which would be helpful to you in choose best one Base Layer for hunting or outdoor activity.  

MERIWOOL Men’s Merino Wool Mid-weight Base Layer

Are you finding for soft, warmth, and comfortable base layer for winter season?

MERIWOOL Men’s Merino Wool Mid-weight Base Layer

MERIWOOL’s Merino Wool is the best option, which is scratch-less and durable.

This product designed by using superfine 18.5-micron 100% natural Merino wool, which is import from Australia.

By wearing this Marino wool, base layer ensures the users to get comfort for whole the day with no itching issues.

The Merino sheep shed and regrow innovative ultra-downy coats make their wool renewable resource.

As the Merino sheep survives in all sorts of weather, the chilly winters and sizzling summers alike.

Their wool keep them your body warm in cold, and cool in hot days.

Therefore, by inspiring with this quality MERIWOOL has built-in base layer.

It is lightweight, comfortable, and winking, as this fabric is able to absorb the sweat and dry quickly.

What’s more, the MERIWOOL’s Merino Wool comes featured with its natural anti-bacterial properties i.e. it makes you not to be worried about the odor.

MERIWOOL’s Merino Wool Package

  • A Men’s 250g/m² merino wool thermal leggings

Key Features

  • Machine-washable on cold setting
  • Safe to tumble-dry on low heat
  • Breathable Keep you cool in hot and warm in cold days
  • Quick-drying pants suitable even for camping, hiking, hunting, working, playing sports, and so on
  • Odor-resistant properties, wrinkle-resistant
  • Available in Black, Charcoal Gray, Light Gray, and Navy colors
  • Come with 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty
MERIWOOL Men’s Merino Wool Mid-weight Base Layer

Under Armour UA Base 2.0 Legging

Are you looking for maximum warmth and comfortable laggings?

Under Armour UA Base 2.0 Legging

The Under Armour UA Base 2.0 Legging is the best one. They are especially designed for hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities.

They are lightweight, comfortable, and more reliable product.

Moreover, the Flat-lock stitching ergonomic prevents from uncomfortable shafting.

The seam placement on these bottoms certifies an ergonomic fit while the performance waistband suggests maximum comfort for long hours out in the snow.

Under Armour UA Base 2.0 Legging offer you anti-odor quality, as well as it suits best even for people having highly sensitive skin.

Key Features

  • Made of Elastane, Polyester
  • Flatlock fine stitching
  • Ergonomic seam placement
  • Performance waistband
  • Working fly
  • Armour Block Anti-odor technology
  • Available in Black, Black/Steel
Under Armour UA Base 2.0 Legging

Merino 365 New Zealand 100% Merino Long Sleeve

Merino 365 New Zealand 100% Merino Long Sleeve

Merino is the most amazing, functional, and comfortable fabric for any keen outdoors men or women.

Merino 365 is the best and ideal piece for spending time for outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, skiing, climbing, hiking, and snowboarding so on.

It designed from the merino wool, which one is the most durable fabric to wear even for coldest weather.

The Merino 365 is the best base layers that you can do to your outdoor clothing supply.

New Zealand merino is the fabric that is fine, put on a merino garment go on any outdoor trip with confidence.

Merino is capable to control moisture vapor next to the skin and has a large capacity to breathe. This utility makes you more comfortable, which happens through a real scientific process called description.

Key Features:

  • 190 GSM merino
  • Machine wash and dry normal
  • Made from 100% New Zealand merino wool
  • Merino 365 is maintainable ethically produced, and is considered as eco-friendly
  • Available in multiple colors black, blue Merle, Gray, air force blue, charcoal Merle, Commando, ochre, and Fawn Merle.
Merino 365 New Zealand 100% Merino Long Sleeve

IceBreaker Merino Men’s Oasis Long Sleeve Crewe

IceBreaker Merino Men's Oasis Long Sleeve Crewe

The Icebreaker Merino Men’s Oasis Long Sleeve Crewe is just another fine quality base layer product in our top best picks.

It is the odor-resistant base layer designed to keep you more comfortable. It helps you to stay safe, fresh, warm and dry even for whole the day.

The brand provides you flexibility and reasonable comfort. It equipped with offset shoulder seams and Flat lock stitching makes it impressively comfortable without worrying about the activities you have do on outdoors.

Icebreaker Merino Men’s has been made of 200 gm merino jersey fabric is very soft, pretty breathable, and great to keep you warm.

So, after wearing it you will feel cool in summer season and warm in coldest days.

Merino wool makes you able to resist odor for whole the time, perfectly suitable for the people with sensitive skin.

It is bring about to absorb and discharge moisture so, it enables you to stay fresher for long duration. What’s more, merino wool is naturally antibacterial.

Key Features:

  • Especially constructed of 200 gm. Jersey and 100% merino wool
  • Compensation shoulder prevents pack rub
  • Flatlock seams prevent chafing
  • Drop tail edge for added coverage
  • Available in 28 different colors
IceBreaker Merino Men's Oasis Long Sleeve Crewe

Smartwool Men’s NTS Mid 250 Zip

If you are looking for the base layer, which suits you best for each season hunting.

Smartwool Men’s is the best one solution among its kind with the belief that it protects you from the cold.

This Smartwool Men’s comes with a simple pair of Marino socks, which is supported by all expert outdoorsmen.

It designed various products from head to toes, which make you more comfortable even in the coldest climate.

It delivers you extra comfort and relaxation for whole the day, even if you are on hunting, hiking, skiing, riding, or other outdoor activities.

Smartwool Men's NTS Mid 250 Zip

What’s more, the Smartwool Men’s are especially constructed of Merino wool that is the most advanced fabric.

This fabric considered as an ideal choice for high-performance clothing.

It is naturally breathable, wick moisture, and odor-resistant.

The biodegradable quality of this fabric made it versatile and perfect choice for everyone.

This comfortable item seems better for individuals having a highly sensitive skin.

Key Features:

  • 100% Merino Wool
  • Knit in Vietnam
  • Available in Slim Fit Style SW0NP603
  • Interlock Knit
  • Featured with 10 inches/25 cm center front zipper
  • Shoulder panels remove top shoulder layers
  • Flatlock seam construction designed to remove chafing
  • Available with 11 different colors
Smartwool Men's NTS Mid 250 Zip

OLIVERS Apparel, Men’s Athletic Merino Wool Tech

OLIVERS Apparel is the well-known and most popular base layer ever made in the world.

OLIVERS Apparel, Men’s Athletic Merino Wool Tech

This Oliver’s Merino Tech Mesh Terminal Long Sleeve Performance Shirt has been made and designed in the Los Angeles.

The material used for construction is Merino wool and polyester fabrics, whereas the Merino wool is used next to skin while polyester on the face.

It provides you extra comfort, dry fit top and keeps you warm even for coldest weather.

This one is made of biodegradable material i.e. an odor-free. Its long sleeve Merino tech mesh has capacity to wick sweat and keep you dry on the cool day.

Key Features:

  • A technical T-shirt, tailor-made for the person who likes to sweat in style
  • Naturally, odor resistant and wicks sweat effectively
  • Made of 54% Merino, 46% Polyester
  • 125 GSM, Double knit construction
  • Made in Los Angeles
  • Available in Black, Ivory, Smoke colors
OLIVERS Apparel, Men’s Athletic Merino Wool Tech

Sitka Men’s Merino Core 1 Long Sleeve Zip Tee

Sitka Men's Merino Core 1 Long Sleeve Zip Tee

Sitka Men’s Merino Core is highly appreciated due to its high performance athlete wear. It designed especially to use for various purposes including running, hiking, skiing, cycling, and of course hunting.

As, the Merino wool is naturally odor-resistant, so it seems perfect and ideal for hunting. The Merino is considerably helpful in regulating the body temperature, especially when you have worn it directly against the skin.

What’s more, the wool offers the wearer to stay warm, yet it prevents him/her from being overheated. Another worth mention feature to this item is its ability to wick the moisture that makes it comfortable against the skin.

It measure just below the 19 microns and circular knit merino fabric, which ensures the less scratch, high rate performance and durability too.

Sitka Men’s offers you a technical long sleeve T-Shirt, which is designed especially to keep you dry and wicks the moisture rapidly.

Key Features

  • Made of 100% Merino Wool
  • Biodegradable material used is super-fine 17 micron no-itch knit
  • Wicks moisture away from skin
  • Stretchable for easy movement
  • High Keratin content offers natural odor resistance
  • Extraordinary heat-to-weight ratio
Sitka Men's Merino Core 1 Long Sleeve Zip Tee

Your Layering Clothes Guide

Layering clothes is an advisable well known strategy to protect us from the cold and to provide comfort.

Doing this well will protect outdoor enthusiasts from the elements whilst keeping them comfortable, and combat loss of heat .

The Three Layer Approach

An easy to follow explanation of the three layer approach.

Base Layer: This is the layer next to the skin which can be anything from basic underwear to long underwear and quality under-layer garments made from the best fabrics that can insulate the body whilst being breathable. Breathability is an important factor to consider when wearing buying hiking clothes because of the sweat we produce from the hike.

This clothing is usually a thin but effective layer that should also wick moisture (draw moisture from body into to garment, then to the outside to evaporate).

Cotton shirts and other underwear that is commonly used will absorb moisture (sweat) from the body in to the fabric, but when the body heat cools down the material will become uncomfortable because these materials will retain moisture. Cotton has its place but its not the best Hiking clothes material for cold weather within the layering clothes approach.

The ideal fabrics to be used will retract and push moisture away from the skin and should dry much quicker.

Second or Mid Layer: This is the trousers (pants) and sweatshirt (jumper) to keep it simple. This layer when wearing Hiking clothes in colder climates may be made from materials like fleece for the top half of the body.

Fleece is a good insulator between the Base and outer shell and commonly used. Many will have wool as there choice of material because it’s natural, produces heat and wicks well, although wool does not dry as quick as other materials used.

Outer Layer: We call the last layer the outer layer which needs to protects us from rain, wind or snow. This also needs to be able to offer ventilation to get rid of body moisture as well as being an insulator.

There is no end to quality jackets and trousers made from various materials to match all conditions available today that gives the outdoor enthusiast the opportunity to get full protection, come rain or shine.

Note about layering clothes: It’s important we are able to remove a layer of clothing when we become very hot to prevent clothing from becoming damp and uncomfortable. Usually opening a jacket will suffice or a vent built into the Jacket if the first and second layer wicks easy enough.

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