10 Best Portable Camping Shower Tents

Shower tents for camping come in quite handy for numerous uses. From cloth changing at the beach or to get some private space for personal works such as changing dress on an outdoor party, even as a privacy tent for shower at a camping.

You can use and utilize a good shower tent for all these purposes and many more.

A pop up shower tent can make your outdoor camping experience more pleasurable and help you get more convenience. 

If you’re choosing for the first time you will find plenty of tents of different size, quality, and design that might be confusing.

Also, the tent that fits your companion may not fit properly or serve your purposes. Therefore, choosing the best camping shower and toilet tents isn’t as simple as it sounds.

To some extent it is a bit challenging task. To help you avoid long hours of troublesome searching, we come with 10 shower tents.

Start scrolling to check out our camping shower tent reviews and pick the most fitted one for you.

Top Camping Shower Tents

From pop up camping toilet to semi assembling camping shower we’ve tried to introduce them all to you through reviews with user experiences and ease your hunt for the best shower tent.  

1. WolfWise Pop-up Shower Tent

WolfWise Pop-up Shower Tent

You will enjoy the perfect privacy along with this popup tent to make outdoor activities.

You can use it also as a good pop-up camping shower. From an isolated camp base to an adventurous open road, this Wolfwise comes with simple but effective put to do almost everything.

Through quality and quite flexible steel frame, it delivers superb durability for outdoor application.

Robust steel structure provides stability against wind and rain whereas it induces comfortably less weight to carry.

Apart from the steel, the covers are of suitable and authorized taffeta polyester. Needless to say, the heavy-duty fabric withstands the toughest condition with ease.

It is almost impossible to see through the quality cover. With a high water-repelling polyester and completely thermos-sealed seaming, this product is quite suitable for almost all outdoor event.

Requiring easy installation, this portable shower tent for camping will take at best 10 seconds to place the entire frame.

This popup tent, therefore, pops the frame open without any conventional tent poles.

Along with this collapsible lightweight frame, shelter or shower is only seconds away. From party to picnic, this comes with suitable features to offer the most of the indoor comfort.


  • Almost instantaneous assemblage without tenting poles
  • Practical design with steel and waterproof polyester
  • Good ventilation and upper view through the mesh top
  • Side window for interior airflow with exterior visibility
  • Spacious pockets on the interior to keep essentials


  • Bright sunlight enables see-through the condition
  • Folding instructions are difficult to follow

2. Campla Portable Pop up Dressing/Changing Tent

Campla Portable Pop up Dressing/Changing Tent

A natural touch will be imposed to your outdoor activities along with this ergonomic privacy shelter. In fact, this versatile tent from Campla opens in few seconds to deliver you a perfect place of privacy.

With a high-quality steel frame, this best shower toilet tents induces satisfactory longevity over repeated usage. The flexible steel imparts outstanding stability of the body even in a high wind.

Speaking of the cover, 191D nylon polyester enables completely indiscernibility. Being waterproof, you can use this one even in the rainy season. Not to mention, you will find it quite a durable and effective privacy room to carry the necessary task.

Through special coating over the fabric, it imparts thermo-insulation and resists the UV rays. Also, it lessens the heat conductivity. Therefore, you will feel quite cool inside than the surrounding exterior.

For proper air ventilation throughout the tent interior, there come side windows. It not only allows continuous airflow but also provides external visibility.

Being foldable, it comes with incredible portability for your camping or picnic arrangements. It is quite simple that functions at a reasonable price that induces a lightweight privacy camping room.


  • Waterproof 191D nylon polyester coverage
  • Suitable camouflage to prevent see through
  • Built-in clothesline to keep towels or clothes
  • Exterior coating for superb thermal insulation
  • Enhanced ventilation through top mesh vent


  • No cover to keep the bugs out of the window
  • The compact size is quite large to handle

3. WolfWise Pop Up Utilitent – Privacy Portable Camping

WolfWise 6.6FT Portable Pop Up Shower Privacy Tent

This great portable tent comes with a lightweight construction that excels with a stable design and compact size. The incredible framework makes this Wolfwise creation the best buy to have a premium sheltering performance.

Having taffeta 191D polyester coverage, this unit allows a perfect privacy without the possibility of see-through. In addition, the waterproof plastic retrieves almost no water or liquids which keeps it safe from moisture action.

Along with flexible steel frame inside, it offers superior durability and stability as well. Quality steel induces quite a lightweight frame to carry. Apart from that, it is able to resist possible decay thanks to the additional coating.

Featuring one pouch and clothesline inside the tent, it allows a close storage for your belongings. You can put your dresses while the pockets are able to hold moderate things.

Apart from that, it includes one mesh window on the side. As the window has a zipper, you can open or close that whenever you want. It enables you to get a further ventilation along with the external view.

Being extra tall with a larger space to carry out the task, this is one unit to suit most people. Needless to say, this versatile production allows easy as well as convenient privacy as your home.


  • Sturdy and durable plastic construction
  • Lager space allows comfortable movement
  • The zippered window for increased airflow
  • UV resistant coating over the polyester
  • Quite a stable frame to withstand wind action


  • Unattached floor catches mud and dirt
  • The frame weight is quite high to carry
Portable Pop Up Shower Privacy Tent

4. Pop Up Changing Tent, 6.25Ft Dressing Room Outdoor Privacy Shelter

Pop Up Changing Tent, 6.25Ft Dressing Room Outdoor Privacy Shelter

Combining loads of features with superior design, this unit suits outdoor party, backyard functions quite well. However, the quality construction ensures a perfect privacy which hardly goes wrong for this Sportneer tent.

With nylon coverage throughout the frame, it delivers supreme serviceability. Therefore, it stables the frame to resist the action of wind, rain or dust which encourages the longevity for this best camping shower tent.

Containing dual stitching, it lessens the possible damage over repeated usage. Apart from that, superior seams reduce heat conductivity to keep the inside cooler than the exterior.

Having a flexible steel skeleton, it comes with satisfactory stability and sturdiness. You will find the steel quite lightweight to carry as well. The frame loops are sufficiently reinforced to support the steel standings.

There are 2 side windows for a smooth airflow in the chamber. The additional pocket will hold your important belongings. You can hang the towel or clothes at the included clothesline inside.

Make a quick dress change at anywhere in a matter of moments with this convenient shelter. With a perfect combination of suitable features, this quality tent is worth every penny of its price.


  • Convenient polyester and sturdy steel frame
  • 2 zippered side windows for ventilation
  • Sufficiently large entrance door with zipper
  • Easy installation and opening without any tools
  • Tear-proof coating resists UV ray entrance


  • The rough condition may develop seam holes
  • The zippers are of inferior quality
 Sportneer Pop Up Privacy Changing Tent

5. Portable Pop Up Pod Dressing/Changing Tent + Carrying Bag

Portable Pop Up Pod Dressing/Changing Tent + Carrying Bag

Ergonomic construction for sturdiness and performance, this unit offers a pack of sufficient features. In fact, the incredibly designed GigaTent popup tent allows superb outdoor application even for professionals.

Through suitable polyester plastic coverage, this unit induces better performance and durability. In addition, the watertight plastic resists water entrance to ensure a perfect shelter in the monsoon.

Being non-see through, it encourages ideal privacy. Though it gives a bit smaller space, the lightweight frame it allows you to use it almost anywhere. Reasonable space gets you to take a shower or change the dress with ease.

Featuring free-standing poles, the set up requires certain tricks. Yet it delivers superior stability against wind action. The heavy-duty frame is good enough to handle the hanging water bag.

For a perfect outdoor privacy along with superb protection, this best choice will satisfy you for sure. You will receive a reliable sealing to have a private feeling of home through its proper features and outstanding snuffing.


  • High-quality steel and ergonomic plastic production
  • Requires no interior poles to pop up the opening
  • Compact folding for easy carriage with less effort
  • Highly suitable for outdoor photography or filming
  • Superior fabric delivers incredible non-see through


  • No mesh window for air ventilation
  • The polyester cover is a bit flimsy
 GigaTent Portable Pop Up Pod Dressing

6. WolfWise Portable Camping Beach Toilet

This ergonomic privacy tent will add up an eminent natural touch to your outdoor adventure with. Not to mention, this superb tent from Wolfwise requires only a few seconds to provide you with a perfect place to enjoy privacy. These can be used as a perfect camping shower and toilet tents.

Regarding the exterior coverage, 191D nylon polyester construction enables fullproof indiscernibility. As the cover is waterproof, you can use this unit even in the heavy rain.

Through flexible steel, it imparts distinguished stability of the frame even in a high wind. Furthermore, superior steel quality offers a lightweight body which makes it a lot easier to carry this gear to a far distance.

It lessens the heat conductivity through which you will feel quite cool inside than the surrounding exterior. Along with special coating over the polyester, it enhances thermo-insulation and resists the UV rays.

The interior pockets help you to keep your things safe all the time. For proper air ventilation throughout the tent interior, there come side windows. It not only allows continuous airflow but also provides external visibility.

Quite a simple functioning at a reasonable price induces a lightweight privacy camping room just for you. This unit comes with incredible portability for your camping or picnic arrangements.


  • Ultimate serviceability through stable design
  • Superior steel and polyester construction
  • Protective coating over the plastic exterior
  • Simple set up opens up in very few second
  • Larger zippered door for entrance and exit


  • The folded frame is quite large in size
  • Lower water bag carrying capacity

7. TMS Portable Green Outdoor Pop Up Tent Camping Shower

TMS Portable Green Outdoor Pop Up Tent Camping Shower

This portable shower tent has a perfect lightweight construction that excels with compatible size with the stable design. The superb framework makes this TMS construction the best buy among others.

Along with flexible steel frame inside, it offers superior durability and stability as well. Quality steel induces quite a lightweight frame to carry for this best camping shower tent.

Again, with premium quality polyester, the coverage of this unit delivers a perfect privacy without the slightest possibility of see-through.

Apart from that, it remains safe from moisture action thanks to the waterproof plastic absorbs almost no water or liquids.

Not to mention, there is an ergonomic U-shaped door on both sides. It induces incredibly easy accessibility for your outdoor activity.

In addition, it enables a better ventilation inside the tent apart from quick entrance and exit.

Featuring 4 additional stakes made of high-quality metal offers complete lockdown for the tent. It imparts additional security and stability. Having superb drainage system, this unit is highly suitable for a private shower at outdoor.

Providing a moderate space to carry out your outdoor activities, this is indeed a best one to choose. Not to mention, this incredible tent allows convenient as well as easy privacy just like your home.


  • Rust resisting and heavy-duty flexible steel frame
  • Coated polyester cover for UV resistance
  • 4 mounting stakes of metal to stabilization
  • The suitably sized door allows convenient accessibility
  • Compact size appears to be a lightweight mat


  • The height is quite short for taller people
  • Mesh vent at the top is not available

8. PARTYSAVING 6 FT Portable Privacy Outdoor Pop-up Room Tent

PARTYSAVING 6 FT Portable Privacy Outdoor Pop-up Room Tent

This unit suits outdoor party, backyard functions quite well through the combination between loads of features with superior design. Apart from that, the quality construction ensures a perfect privacy which hardly goes wrong for this PARTYSAVING camping gear.

It lessens the possible damage over repeated usage containing sturdy stitching. The superior seams prevent smooth heat conductivity to keep the inside cooler than the exterior.

Along with high-quality polyester coverage, it encourages supreme serviceability. Also, it makes the frame quite stable to withstand wind action which enhances its longevity.

Furthermore, a flexible steel skeleton comes with satisfactory stability and robustness. In fact, you will find the steel frame quite lightweight which allows greater portability.

For a smooth airflow in the chamber, there are sufficient blank spaces among the cover. Again, the additional pocket will hold your personal belongings.

This convenient shelter allows you to make a quick dress change at anywhere in a matter of moments. This outstanding creation is worth every penny of its value with its user-friendly features.


  • Unique design with durable construction
  • Included stakes to resist wind action
  • Suitable polyester coverage for shelter
  • Elastic straps to keep clothes or towel
  • Spacious door for quick and easy entrance


  • Folding back the frame is quite hard
  • Portable shower placement is difficult

9. Faswin Pop Up Pod Toilet Tent Privacy Shelter Tent Camping Shower

As a perfect popup tent, it combines every essential feature to give you something pleasant. Moreover, this Faswin camping tent allows you to have the utmost privacy when you need it.

With a high-quality steel frame, it induces satisfactory longevity over repeated usage. Again, suitable steel being lightweight makes it a lot easier to carry this gear to a far campground.

Therefore, the overall combination induces a sturdy as well as excellent serviceability. Apart from that, this shower tent camping is able to resist possible decay thanks to the additional coating.

Not to mention, you will find it quite a durable and effective privacy room to carry the necessary task. The frame loops are sufficiently reinforced to support the steel standings.

The interior pockets help you to keep your things safe. Through the compact bag, you will face no difficulty to carry this one. The roof vents provide sufficient air circulation all the time.

This ergonomic creation allows you to have sound dress change or a fresh toilet time. Through quality and performance, this unit has incredible loads of features to make you satisfied.


  • Superb polyester cover with steel supports
  • Easy mounting through 4 mounting stakes
  • Incredible design is suitable for everywhere
  • Zippered door induces comfortable access
  • Offers heat insulation and UV protection


  • No top opening is available
  • The frame contains no bottom

10. KingCamp Oversize Outdoor Easy Up Portable Dressing Changing Room Shower

Specially built for outdoor application, this comes with lots of features to take your outdoor experience to the next level. The unique design contains sharp edges which provides a more reasonable appearance for this KingCamp product.

There comes suitable polyester plastic coverage which induces better durability and performance. In fact, the watertight plastic prevents water repelling delivering a perfect shelter in rain or snow and wind.

Through free-standing poles, the set up may become a bit lengthy, yet it provides incredible stability. Having pegs and ropes, the heavy-duty frame can easily handle the hanging water bag.

Offering a larger space of 66” x 85”, it allows using almost anywhere you want at any time. Reasonable space gives you a room to take shower or change the dress with comfort. Being non-see through, it ensures an ideal privacy.

Featuring 1 small pocket along with 4 compartments in the interior allows safe storage for smaller items. Moreover, 1 outside pouch with 2 compartments on the outside to keep the clothes.

For a superior protection and privacy at outside, this makes the best choice for sure. With everything properly made and superb snuffing, you will receive a reliable sealing to have a private feeling.


  • Durable and heavy-duty steel frame
  • Spacious interior delivers comfort
  • Interior, exterior pockets with compartments
  • Easy accessibility through the zippered door
  • Smooth water drainage with a mesh floor


  • The shower clip is not very strong
  • Using heavy water bag may break the poles

What to Consider When Buying a Shower Tent

Adventure and fun come with outdoor camping which is likely to get spoiled by the wrong shower tent. Therefore, choosing the right one is of significant importance regarding a perfect indoor time in outdoor activities. There are some specific factors you need to check out to pick the best shower tent camping for your adventure.

Unit Size:

When it is about shower tent, you must be conscious of the tent dimensions. According to your body size, you have to choose a suitable one. A perfect or larger sized tent will induce comfort and ease of use for sure.


As you want to take the tent outside, you must consider the weight. The lightweight frame is easy to carry and therefore, you can take it wherever you want. A heavier one may be more stable yet less portable to move.


Regardless of the product type, checking out the construction is a must. For shower tent, steel frame with polyester cover holds pretty enough. Again, you must ensure that the polyester is waterproof having less heat conductivity.


If you have previous experience in purchasing shower tent, then you probably know the difficulty of folding one. This is why you need to check out the foldability. Try to find something light and also, easy to fold back.


Ergonomic and suitable design not only induces a pleasing appearance but also enables ease of use. A large door for entrance and additional pockets or clothing should be present.


Ventilation provides smooth airflow inside which keeps the tent fresh and clean. You don’t want to shower or flash or dress change in a frowzy room. Top vent of the mesh is the most effective ventilator whereas side windows also take part in ventilating air.

Different Type Of Camping Shower Tents

Buying a shower tent is certainly not rocket science, but it’s definitely something you should think about for your next camping trip. Having a tent specifically for your camping shower is convenient on many levels. It gives you a private place to shower, and it can also act as a hanger for the shower you’re using, whether it’s a solar shower bag or a pump shower with a long hose to run into the tent for showering. Before you choose a tent, though, make sure you check if it has these top seven qualities:

1. Durability

One of the biggest problems with cheap shower tents sold today is that they just aren’t very durable. They may flex and bend too easily in the wind, or you may experience snapped poles on the first or second setup. Luckily, there are lots of brands out there that make a super durable enclosure that will last for years to come, too.

2. Size

Most tents made for camp showers get narrower near the top. Typically, this is fine, but if you have larger guys in your party with wide shoulders, they may feel restricted in such a tent. In this case, it may be better to choose an open-topped design that’s square all the way to the top, or even wider at the top than at the bottom. Make sure you can visualize the dimensions of a shower tent to see if it’s right for you.

3. Ease of Use

You don’t want to spend ages putting up an extra tent just for your camp shower. That takes away some of the fun of camping! Instead, make sure your tent is easy to put up by checking out reviews from other campers. Pop up varieties are the easiest to assemble, but many non pop up tents go up in just minutes, as well.

4. Large Doors

A shower tent should have a large door that allows you to get in and out easily. Both zippered and hinged doors are great, depending on what you want from your particular tent.

5. Ventilation

It’s important that any tent you use for showering has proper ventilation. If you’re using a propane shower, ventilation will keep the inside of the tent from getting too steamy. Even if your showers won’t be steaming hot, though, you want the inside of the tent to be able to dry out between uses to prevent mildew from building up over your camping trip.

6. A Removable Floor

This isn’t a must-have feature, but it’s certainly an excellent one. You don’t really want to take a shower in a tent that doesn’t have a floor at all, or your feet will just get muddy. On the other hand, it can be hard to clean and dry a tent that has a wet floor that doesn’t come off. A removable floor solves this problem by giving you the best of both worlds.

7. A Shower Hanger

Some open-top shower tents don’t have hangers for showers inside because you can hang your shower from a nearby tree. If the top of your tent is closed, though, the tent should have a hanger for a shower or shower head, and it should be sturdy enough to hold up a full solar shower bag, too.

Portable Shower Tent Uses

Different situations to apply a portable shower tent. It may not have dawned on you that you could use it as a way to protect your stuff from fowl weather or an added privacy barrier for changing clothes at the beach.

All kinds of things come to mind but for now we will focus on camping shower tents. A portable shower tent acts as a barrier against the nosy camper providing you with the privacy you want.

Another application is it also acts as a retainer for keeping used water from spraying outside the shower which in-turn helps avoid a muddy campsite.

A portable shower tent has many forms. There are light-weight models for the hardcore hiker and inexpensive versions for the weekend car-camping commando.

The possibilities of a portable shower tent go well beyond the campground. Many outdoor enthusiasts have found some rather creative uses for them.

Some of the more common uses include changing tents for family outings like the beach, the park, and picnics. They also pull double duty as camping toilet tents and some even use them as portable outhouses for sporting events.

Portable Shower Tent Types

Portable Shower Tents come in various types and qualities. The latest rage has been all about the quick & easy pop up shower tents. They are inexpensive and setup is a breeze.

Unfortunately many of these also suffer from cheap manufacturing and therefore do not stand-up for the long haul. Never the less, they don’t cost much and are super simple to use.

Other, higher quality types may take a little more time to put together than pop up shower tents, but they are designed to withstand the elements better and will serve you well for many years.

Many of these come with removable floors and other useful options too. Yet another popular type are the Double Shower tents. More for car-camping, these larger portable shower tent models are nice because they have a separate, “changing room”, that will keep your clothes dry.

Portable Shower Tent

The standard portable shower tent is the traditional model. They function like regular tents, with poles & stakes. The advantage to the traditional portable shower tent is that they are generally more durable than pop up shower tents which offers a few benefits.

One, they will do a better job at standing up to adverse weather conditions. Two, they are usually built around a sturdier frame that will support the weight of a shower bag better. And 3, they are usually larger than pop up versions, which means more room to move around.

The only real disadvantage to this type of portable shower tent is that there is a little more time & effort involved in setting it up and tearing it down.

Pop Up Shower Tent

The Pop Up Shower Tent has become quite popular over the past few years for 2 reasons: first, they are ridiculously fast & easy to setup and tear-down, and secondly they are cheap.

Unfortunately, the word, “cheap” doesn’t necessarily only apply to their low price tag. The pop up shower tent is an ingenious design, and one that has been taken overseas and mass-produced like crazy.

This doesn’t mean that they are all bad, but it does mean that in most cases you will get what you pay for, so the prudent buyer will want to be cautious and look for name brands and real customer / user reviews.

Double Shower Tent

A Double Shower Tent is the ultimate “luxury” camping shower tent. What separates these from the standard portable shower tents is their size.

As the name suggests, the double shower tent offers you 2 separate rooms. This is a huge advantage because it allows you to change and store your dry clothes in one side, and then shower in the other.

The obvious disadvantage is that it is a much larger tent and therefore does not pack-down small enough for those camping trips where size & weight constraints are an issue (such as hiking, cycling, and back-packing). Unfortunately availability of these models is difficult as not too many manufacturers are currently making them.

How To Make A Homemade Camping Shower

To make a suitable and an admissible shower tent for camping at the house, here is a simple but easy-to-follow guideline.

  • Making PVC Pipe Sections: Gather sufficient amount of PVC pipes and make eight 3’ and four 6’ sections. Use PVC cutter to make the smooth cutting.
  • Enclosing the Base: Connect four of the eight 3’ sections to form a square base. Use PVC edges on the corners to make an effective joint.
  • Attaching Vertical Sections: At the PVC edge pieces, place the four 6’ sections in a vertical expedient. Make sure the connections are tightened.
  • Placing the Top: Now, take the other four 3’ sections to connect at the top of the verticals. PVC edge pieces are also required at this step.
  • Providing the Plastic Cover: Decide the opening side. Then take a suitable polyester plastic cover which can cover the remaining three sides.

How to Fold a Popup Camping Tent

As mentioned earlier, most of the tents are quite difficult to fold back after usage. Therefore, we provided simple but effective instructions which will help you to make a convenient folding with ease.

  • Step 1: Zip the entire frame in a mostly closed condition.
  • Step 2: Start to fold one opposite corner into the other. Therefore, the frame will take the shape of L from the top.
  • Step 3: Now, fold the 2 halves of that L shaped portion to make a flat frame.
  • Step 4: Turn the resultant frame narrowed end-down in the upright direction at the feet.
  • Step 5: Fold the topmost widen end-down over the previously narrowed end-down. Then keep the combination under your feet.
  • Step 6: It gets you 2 side loops, folds both of them toward the central section successively which delivers a 3 looped closed tent to fit the bag.


Along with a shower tent, you can maintain quite a decency on a camping, beach or even at the backyard. We picked the best 10 among a lot of others taking into account our expert recommendation and user ratings. All you have to do is picking up the right one.

And with the best camping shower tent, you will receive a convenient solution for a portable shower, outdoor bathroom and a quick dress change. So, get the most suitable one from the aforesaid list and start setting up the tent to make your occasion a bit more fascinating.

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