Normally, hunters who are new to the notion of compound bow usually feel confused because of a great amount of information in this section. This is the reason why I wrote this article, which is contained mostly knowledge and recommendation which I believe is useful for people like you. Just remember to read all of my best Compound Bow reviews before deciding to purchase.

Things to keep in mind when choosing Compound Bow

The heavier draw weight is, the more power you have

Although every compound will not perform equally even they have same draw weight, the difference is hard to see. The principle while a bow ejects an arrow is using stored energy from the string, and the draw force which creates this energy comes from your muscles. Therefore, you will meet a heavy draw force when using a powerful bow.

The ideal in limb design is parallel

With the traditional bows have close-to-vertical limbs, elasticity of the string is the reason for acceleration in forward speed. During this cycle, some excess energy could be transferred through the riser to your arm and cause great hand shock. Therefore, the parallel designed is created to deal with this problem.

 At the time you release the string, the upper limb will go forward while the lower one moves backward to create opposed forces which can eliminate each other, so your arm will feel no shock because no unwanted force remains.

Factors create the power of a compound bow

They are the draw weight, the draw length, the brace height and of course, the arrow weight. For example, with two compound bows have equal draw weight and use the same arrows, one which have further distance in travel of the string will be more powerful than the remains. Because the longer string has to travel, the more power stored in limbs and this means more powerful shot.

The duplicity of brace height

Every coin has two sides and the short brace height is not always good. As most of you have known, the shorter brace height is, the more powerful the bow is. But don’t forget that shorten draw weight goes along with more difficulty in shooting process. This happens because the string moves closer to the riser and you have to use more power to draw the string. So you need to choose bow which have brace height suit to your skill.

The importance of Let Off rate

The frequent percentage of this feature is between 75% and 80%. Bows which have lower let off rate such as 65% are designed for experienced users. This statistic illustrates the amount of mechanical relaxation while the string performs a full draw. More simply, this is amount of drawback force which is removed during a draw cycle. Therefore, the higher the rate is, the easier while drawing the string.

Top-Rated Compound Bow Reviews

At this section, I will review some of the best compound bows after testing them for a while:

1. Infinite Edge Bow Package

Here is a great product from Diamond Archery. The feature that I like most in this unit is its high level of customization while you can freely adjust with help from jaw dropping in both draw length and draw weight. By this, you can change its abilities to the desire ones of you.

The real statistics indicate that its draw length range can be changed from 13” to 30” as well as the draw weight, which has figure adjusted from 5 lbs to 70 lbs. So this is a perfect bow for not only experts but also novice users, or for bow fishers, for using in training courses, thanks to its flexibility. And even when a beginner set with light weight draw force, this bow can discharge at speed up to 310 feet per second with the kinetic energy released at the contact point is 74.7 foot-pounds.

The dimension from one axle to another is 31” that offers a 75% of effective let off so you can effortlessly draw the string to full range when needed. This package is also contained a 3-pin apex sight, a tube peep sight, a hostage XL arrow rest, a BCY string loop and a DeadLock lite quiver.

Product details

  • Length between axles: 31”, net weight: 3.2 pounds
  • Draw length: 13” – 30”, draw weight: 5 – 70 lbs.
  • Let off rate: 75%
  • Maximum speed: 310 fps
  • Jaw dropping structure offers high customization
Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package

SAS Siege 55 lbs. with 5-Spot Paper Target

My second recommendation is a top quality product from Seige. In my opinion, this is a compound bow that any starters in the art of archery should own. Its basic statistics are quite impressive, with the dimension from axle to axle is 41.5”, the length of draw cycle is just 29” and the net weight is only 4 lbs. The compressed ABS limb technology is continuously applied on this product, offer a great optimization among balance, strength and weight as well as enhance its longevity tremendously.

The specially designed limbs can hold a draw weight up to 55 lbs and can be adjusted to increase or decrease about 5 pounds more or less. Combining with the let off rate up to 70%, this bow offer a discharging speed up to 206 feet per second, a figure seemed to be quite impressed with a product like this. Moreover, the accuracy is improved much thanks to the modern technology in back pivot limb and the strong connection. And the outside look of this product is quite waffle with many cut outs in the riser. This package includes an accurate sight and a paper target.

Product details

  • Length between axles: 41.5”, net weight: 4lbs.
  • Draw length: 29”, draw weight: 40 – 55lbs.
  • Let off rate: 70%
  • Maximum speed: 206 fps
  • Great for beginners, adults only.
Compound Bow w/ 5-Spot Paper Target

SAS Rage 70 Lbs 30''

This product from Southland Archery Supply is nothing but a perfect combination of top quality and high durability. The dimension from axle to axle is 35” with the draw length falls about 30”, this equipment can eject an arrow with a speed of 270 feet per second. The compressed ABS limbs are designed to balance between weight and strength, so this bow has an amazingly long life-span as well as high durability.

In fact, the limbs can stand a draw force up to 70 lbs while the total net weight of this bow is just 4.4 lbs. The stretch of the string can be changed to make the draw force increased or decreased 5 pounds while tightening and loosening, respectively. The limbs are also supported by a strong connection with tough tolerances called back pivoting limbs pocket, therefore you will definitely feel an outstanding level of dexterity when using this stuff.

SAS Outrage 70 Lbs 30'' Compound Bow

To optimize the abilities of this compound bow, you should use 30” carbon or aluminum bows. By purchasing this package, you will also earn a 5-pin bow sight, a peep sight, a stabilizer, an arrow rest and a braided bow sling.

Product details

  • Length between axles: 35”, net weight: 4.4 lbs.
  • Draw length: 26” – 30”, draw weight: 55 – 70lbs.
  • Let off rate: 70%
  • Maximum speed: 270fps
  • Good quality compressed ABS limbs
  • Back pivoting limbs pocket feature for extraordinary dexterity

How To Measure Draw Length For Compound Bow | Ultimate Tips

When you are ready to start your hunting expedition obviously you have to use the compound bow and when you have to use this so draw length also very necessary to keep successful your target. Measurement of draw length is a very crucial point and that not good to avoid for you. Some type of draw length settings has to fix you. Today we are going to share now about How to measure draw length for a compound bow. this topic details that will be helpful for your practical work.

Perfect Solution About How to measure draw length for compound bow

If you find many types of draw lengths in the market then you will find a different setting for the prospectus. They are different in the setting because of design differences.

Some Kind of Draw Length

PSE Brute X: 30″ setting

Bear Encounter: setting 32″

Bear Apprentice 2: Naturally supports a maximum of 27″

So if you don’t have the quality compound bow, how do you measure it? So first you have to collect now.

A perfect process for your draw length

if you want to measure it properly so need someone that can help you and you have to collect a tape. Here are 3 effective steps that will be described.

Step #1: You will stand at Relax too. After you have no barrier to extend your two arms.

Step #2: You have to Spread arms to the sides, and make sure that together they form a straight line that is fully parallel in your floor.

Step # 3: Then you get someone ready to help, who will lean your hand, and measure your product on the two ends of your middle finger. Otherwise, the measure is more likely to be incorrect.

Step #4: and last steps is you have to get your length in inches and make sure to divide it by 2.5.

So if you are getting your arm span is naturally calculated to be 70″, divide now by 2.5 and you will get 28. This means that hunting draw length is obviously 28″, and must be your bow should allow for this natural length to be set.

Check Measurements Again

In most cases, the length of a human’s view is equal to that of their hand, while the public’s hand is extended. Measure your glass and then adjust it to see if it is equal. It has to be very precise, then you will be able to use Relax in the right way. your body length and arms spread system can measure your product length than actual good or bad to use.

Stay Must On The Conservative Side

If in doubt here, always round down position. So if after performing your calculation above you are not sure if draw length naturally is 28″ or 28.5″, assume it’s 28″.


I expect that you have competed for this draw length measurement guide that described in this article section, do you have any question about how to measure draw length for the compound bow? all of the important portions included here for your using process.

You also get this product from any place with the perfect measurement that actually fits with you. feel free to touch in the comment below and make the expert person in the hunting expedition. so go ahead with this strategy.