4 Best Fishing Pliers Reviews – Buyer Guide 2021

Fishing pliers are often mistaken for simple wire cutters. Some needle nosed pliers are also mistaken for authentic fishing pliers. There are however some big differences between these tools.

Wire cutters, for instance, have shorter cutting blades. They are not meant for more than simply snipping. The blades tend to be very sharp.

Best Fishing Pliers Review

Needle nosed pliers are usually blunted on the ends to prevent poking. The blades of the pliers are not sharp. They tend to be blunted and flat on the inside edge.

Fishing pliers combine the best and most useful features of needle nosed pliers and wire cutters into one tool. The blades of fishing pliers will have the blunted ends and serrated blades near the tip, but going back to where the handles cross, there will be wire cutting section of the blade.

A fisherman’s tool, also known as fishing pliers, it is must-have for every fisherman which is different from ordinary household pliers.

When searching for the best fishing pliers most of the folks don’t want to spend a lot. 

Yup, the cheap ones will do the job at the beginning. But, they will rust out eventually.

 Fishers, like yourself of all skill levels, can understand it.

Among other things, fishing pliers enable you to remove hooks, cut braid, bend hooks, and change split rings.

Without a reliable pair of fishing pliers, your relaxing fishing trip now becomes a less enjoyable.

If you spend between 20 to 100 Dollars, you will see a lot of good options. Honestly to say, you can get good a pair of pliers under $50 which will not rust out.

Our opinion is, you don’t need to spend an outrageous amount of money for best fishing multi tool.


Berkley Aluminum Bait Pliers

Berkley Aluminum Bait Pliers

  • Dimensions: 7 in
  • Anodized aluminum body
  • Spring-loaded handle
  • Durable, lightweight
  • Split ring nose with longitudinal grip
  • Innovative quick-cut design


 Booms Fishing H1 Fishing Pliers

Booms Fishing H1 Fishing Pliers

  • Dimensions: 6.5 in
  • Made from 420 stainless steel
  • ABS plastic handle
  • Weight: 113g


 Freehawk Multi Function Stainless Steel Fishing Pliers

Freehawk Fishing Pliers

  • Eco-friendly Stainless Steel
  • Nylon Sheath
  • Ergonomically grip handle
  • Very light weight
  • With 2 Small Blades

How to Choose Best Fishing Pliers

Type of task

When perusing the fishing supply section for the right pair of pliers, consider where you will use it. These features will come in handy during your next fishing trip. So keep it whenever you least expect to need it.

The Metals used

Which materials do you prefer? Rusting is main concerning factor? Consider paying extra for quality stainless steel or aluminum fishing pliers. Cheap stainless steel can still rust, and inexpensive aluminum is bendable. Another high-quality material is titanium. However, titanium will cost a pretty penny to purchase.

How to Choose Best Fishing Pliers

Determine The Side Cutters

When side cutters are in questions, look for a set of cutters that are sturdy to cut parts of a hook. It’s frustrating attempting to use a dull pair of scissors.


So when shopping for a pair of fishing pliers, look for a sharp pair that can easily cut lines, regardless of the line material.

Nose Length

The length of the nose mostly depends on the type of fish you’re after. Once you’ve decided which species of fish you’ll be fishing for, choosing a nose length will be simple.

Split Ring

Not all pliers come equipped with a split ring tool. This bonus feature allows for easy hook changing, as opposed to performing this task with your fingernails.

Replaceable Cutters

Best fishing cutting tool should come with facility of scope replaceable cutting edges.

Best Stainless Steel Fishing Pliers – Booms Fishing H1

Booms Fishing H01 Fishing Pliers Scissors

Booms Fishing H1: Booms Fishing Pliers are minimal and straightforward in design. It’s made from 420 stainless steel to resist corrosion.

Practical anglers will appreciate the light weight and smaller-than-average size of these pliers.

Due to the smaller size, light weight and spring in the pliers, these are easy to use. Not to mention this is a single handed cutter.

These stainless steel fishing pliers are durable, sharp and reliable to split rings. It remove hooks, and cut lines correspondingly.

To add to the functionality, the head of these fishing pliers is curved for easier access and deeper reach in small spaces.

It has great safety lock for added protection from accidents.

Some other bonus features are lanyard, and the nylon sheath.

This holder is outfitted with a belt holder for easy storage and access while fishing.

Stainless Steel Fishing Pliers

Best Fishing Pliers Combo Pack – Rapala Combo Pack

 Rapala Combo Pack 6 1/2 Pliers

Rapala Combo Pack: Rapala Pliers and Scissors Combo contains Pliers, Super Line Scissors, Fillet Knife and Dual Sheath and Clipper.

You can use these for for multipurpose including braid cutting, line cutting, removing hook and more

Rapala is most popular brands who always make good quality fishing accessories. You can save time and spend minimal effort with it.

This combo pack make cutting,  pulling and gripping much easier than before.

These are only recommended for the fishermen who don’t want to spend a lot in fishing pliers and other accessories.

Most of the users are happy with this multi tools.

 Rapala Combo Pack 6 1/2 Pliers

Best Aluminum Fishing Pliers – Berkley Bait Pliers

Berkley Aluminum Bait Pliers

These Berkley 7 inch anodized aluminum pliers has stainless steel jaws to resist corrosion.

They are also outfitted with carbide cutters which are replaceable, suitable for cutting nearly any type of fishing line.

The jaws has quick-cut design so that the fishing line doesn’t slip between the blades.

These fishing pliers are capable of cutting up to 15-pound monofilament line, 40-pound braid line, 20-pound fluorocarbon line.

Berkley Aluminum Bait Pliers

Equally it can cat multi-filament line effortlessly. Additionally, these fishing pliers come with a sheath.

Those are equipped with a belt holster

Lanyard help in easy access and locating the pliers quickly.

Berkley Aluminum Bait Pliers

Best Saltwater Aluminum Fishing Pliers – Manley Professional

Best Saltwater Aluminum Fishing Pliers

Manley Professional: Manly Professional Saltwater Fishing Pliers are 7.5 inches long.

The advanced surface coating ensure maximum durability and protection from corrosive saltwater. The tungsten carbide makes them strong enough to cut through thick lines.

This saltwater aluminum fishing pliers is spring-loaded for single-hand use.

The small nose size of these cutters makes it easy to remove small hooks.

You can grip fishing line easily with that tool. As it has belt holster sheath you don’t need to be worried to loose them.

Lanyard is amazing feature to quickly locate the pliers when they’re needed.

Best Split Ring Pliers – Texas Tackle 3010

Texas Tackle 30100: The surgical grade stainless steel and grips on handles is fully corrosion resistant.

This unique feature allows for smooth and easy replacing of hooks and split rings. These split ring pliers are small and compact for precise control and maneuverability.

These pliers are easily transportable.

To accommodate different needs of the various types of fishing, these pliers come in three different sizes; standard, large and extra large.

The orange handle indicates the standard size. These are capable of most types of freshwater and saltwater fishing.

The green handle indicates the large size.

These are capable of medium to heavy saltwater fishing.

The blue handle indicates the extra large size.

Texas Tackle 3010 is capable for handling heavy saltwater fishery.

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