When searching for the best fishing pliers most of the folks don't want to spend a lot. Yup, the cheap ones will do the job at the beginning. But, they will rust out eventually. Fishers, like yourself of all skill levels, can understand it.

Among other things, fishing pliers enable you to remove hooks, cut braid, bend hooks, and change split rings.Without a reliable pair of fishing pliers, your relaxing fishing trip now becomes a less enjoyable.

If you spend between 20 to 100 Dollars, you will see a lot of good options. Honestlt to say, you can get good a pair of pliers under $50 which will not rust out.

Our opinion is, you don't need to spend an outrageous amount of money for best fishing multi tool.

Best Value

Berkley Aluminum Bait Pliers

  • Dimensions: 7 in
  • Anodized aluminum body
  • Spring-loaded handle
  • Durable, lightweight
  • Split ring nose with longitudinal grip
  • Innovative quick-cut design

Freehawk Fishing Pliers

  • Eco-friendly Stainless Steel
  • Nylon Sheath
  • Ergonomically grip handle
  • Very light weight

How to Choose Best Fishing Pliers

Type of task

When perusing the fishing supply section for the right pair of pliers, consider where you will use it. These features will come in handy during your next fishing trip. So keep it whenever you least expect to need it.

The Metals used

Which materials do you prefer? Rusting is main concerning factor? Consider paying extra for quality stainless steel or aluminum fishing pliers. Cheap stainless steel can still rust, and inexpensive aluminum is bendable. Another high-quality material is titanium. However, titanium will cost a pretty penny to purchase.

Determine The Side Cutters

When side cutters are in questions, look for a set of cutters that are sturdy to cut parts of a hook. It's frustrating attempting to use a dull pair of scissors.


So when shopping for a pair of fishing pliers, look for a sharp pair that can easily cut lines, regardless of the line material.

Nose Length

The length of the nose mostly depends on the type of fish you're after. Once you've decided which species of fish you'll be fishing for, choosing a nose length will be simple.

Split Ring

Not all pliers come equipped with a split ring tool. This bonus feature allows for easy hook changing, as opposed to performing this task with your fingernails.

Replaceable Cutters

Best fishing cutting tool should come with facility of scope replaceable cutting edges.