5 Best Hiking Packs From TETON Sports Reviews – Buyer Guide 2021

Whether you’re hiking to your next camping spot, climbing a mountain or hunting in the woods, a quality backpack is a must have.

Poorly designed packs will have you sweating and chafing in all the worst areas, and if you’re carrying heavy weights its so important to have the correct weight distribution to prevent long lasting back injuries.

TETON sports are one of the leading brands in hiking and camping gear and offer a range of hiking packs of different sizes, all of excellent quality.

The following are my picks for the best packs TETON has to offer for your next camping, hiking or hunting trip.

TETON Sports Scout 3400

TETON Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack

The sports scout 3400 is the smallest backpack in the list today, the 3400 refers to cubic inches (55 litre capacity).

This is TETON’s entry level pack for beginner hikers and is perfect for shorter hunting or hiking trips.

The sports scout is  an affordable pack with the quality and features usually reserved for much more expensive gear. 

The mesh side pockets are ideal for carrying water and trail snacks while hiking and the  front mesh pocket is great for stashing shoes, climbing ropes, jackets or sunscreen.

The Scout has two sturdy zippered pockets on each side and two hood pockets, one inside and one outside of the bag. 

High-Performance Backpack for Backpacking

The main pocket is large and contains clips to secure a water bladder for staying hydrated on long walks.

The empty pack is lightweight and durable with lumbar support, padded support straps, and bendable aluminum stays, it weighs in at only 4.4 pounds.

Coming with a limited lifetime warranty it’s a great pick up for hikers of any skill or experience and will last for years and years.

A great quality pack from someone just starting out, you can check out over 1000 user reviews on Amazon below.

TETON Sports Hiker 3700

TETON Sports Ultralight Backpacks

The Hiker 3700 is slightly larger than the previous pack at a 60 litre capacity but is actually lighter!

Weighing in at just 4 pounds it’s incredibly lightweight considering the size and range of features included.

The 3700 is a rugged  pack suiting all purposes, large enough for three or four day hikes or camping trips.

It Includes features to provide a much more customisation in the fit such as split waist wings for adjustment at the waist and hips, a contoured harness with chest straps, torso lengthener for the taller hikers and forward tightening straps to correctly distribute heavier loads and save your back and shoulders from injury and chafing.

Lightweight, Durable, Internal-Frame Backpack for Hiking

The Hiker 3700 also comes with padded lumbar support and aluminum stays to support those heavy loads as well as seven pockets, two pouches, multiple compression straps, gear loops, the main compartment and sleeping bag compartment.

Straps in front of the sleeping bag pocket are perfect for securing a bedroll or small tent.

The pack once again comes with a limited lifetime warranty and is of the highest quality and value for money. For more information on color or sizing options check it out on Amazon.

TETON Sports Ultralight Backpacks; Lightweight,

TETON Sports Explorer 4000

TETON Sports Explorer 4000

The sports explorer is a large  pack that includes six smaller storage pockets for all your gadgets and gear, plus a large main compartment for all your bigger stuff.  

With 3 mesh external pockets theres plenty of room for water bottles and food and the four compression straps on the pack help everything fit snug without any movement to throw you off balance.

Once again this pack comes with aluminum stays and lumbar padding as well as thick upper back pads this time to give extra support under heavy loads.

Weighing in at only 5 pounds this is a very lightweight bag considering the 65 litre capacity…

The Explorer comes with fully adjustable shoulder hip and waist straps for a secure tight fit, important to prevent chafing, and breathable mesh to give airflow and reduce sweat.

The design of the pack allows you to secure tent poles on the sides while still having full use of the external pockets.

An excellent rugged heavy duty pack that once again comes with a lifetime warranty from TETON, perfect for multi-day trips and you can see why its so popular with all these features at such a competitive price point.

Check out over 1000 user reviews on amazon for more information on this great pack!

TETON Sports Explorer 4000 Internal Frame Backpack

TETON Sports Outfitter 4600

TETON Sports Outfitter 4600

The Sports outfitter 4600 is one of TETON’s largest backpacks and is designed for long trips with lots of gear and making the trip easier with a quality pack to save your back some trouble.

The pack comes with eight pockets, external mesh storage pockets, two pouches, compression straps, gear loops for caribiners or ropes, bungee storage and an expandable hood for extra space. 

Space for everything you could possibly need when you’re out hiking or camping. 

For heavy loads it has aluminum stays, reinforced straps and buckles and thick padding for lumbar support.

The pack comes in at 75 litre capacity so you might be needing all that support if you fill it up, but at only 5.25 pounds empty its very lightweight for its size.

The pack is torso adjustable to accommodate hikers of different heights  and also comes with a free rain cover to keep you moving in the wet!

Once again a very solid durable bag from TETON, coming with a lifetime warranty as with everything else on this list.

Check out more reviews and the full list of features on Amazon.

TETON Sports Ultralight Backpacks; Lightweight

TETON Sports Grand 5500

TETON Sports Grand 5500

Last but definitely not least is the Grand 5500. This bag is the top of the line from TETON and it doesn’t hold anything back. 

The TETON Sports Grand 5500 is a perfect pack for lengthy trips and has enough space to keep you out in the wild for weeks.

It offers all the features of top of the line packs at a fraction of the price of some competitors.

The Grand has a maximum capacity of 90 litres and weighs in at only 6 lbs with it’s included waterproof poncho!

The Grand 5500 was designed with mountaineering expeditions to remote locations in mind so its definitely not for the beginner hikers out there.

With all that space you can carry everything required to climb huge peaks.

Lightweight Hiking Backpack for Camping

Aluminum stays provide support under heavy weights and the pack also features all the usual bells and whistles

  •  multiple gear loops
  • ties and compression straps
  • removable daypack or toiletries pack
  • Webbing loops to secure the poncho in wind

The pack is also made to be able to carry skis, snowboards or snowshoes and the main compartment is easily accessible through a pocket on the side. The Oxford shell is incredibly durable in any conditions and once again the pack comes with a lifetime warranty!

Check out the rest of the dozens of features on Amazon and watch the video TETON provides!

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