If you are headed out to hunt you know all of the different accessories you need to have in order to set yourself up for success.

Items like a water bottle, knife, and first aid kit are just a few of the many essentials needed for any hunting trip.

Hunting fanny packs provide a great solution to being overwhelmed with all the gear you have to carry by helping keep everything organized.

Hunting fanny packs are worn around the waist and give hunters the ability to focus on their hunt while having access to many essentials within a short reach.

Get The Best Fanny Packs

Top Hunting Fanny Packs

1. ALPS OutdoorZ Little Bear

Alps OutdoorZ Little Bear
  • Organize all your gear in the main, front and two side pockets
  • Removable padded waist belt with two pockets and removable shoulder harness

ALPS OutdoorZ Little Bear Hunting Fanny Packs offers you the possibility to get success for your next outing for stealth hunting, scouting, or just traveling. 

It comes featured with a removable shoulder harness, removable waist belt, numerous pockets for storage and organization.

What’s more, it is also compatible with various accessory pockets.

In addition, the most reliable fanny pack comes with 500 cubic inches, which is enough to organize and store your small tools or accessories like hunting face paint.

The padded waist belt enhances the comfort level for your hard day’s work.

The Little Bear Hunting Fanny Packs also provides you with an attractive brushed Realtree Xtra HD fabric, which helps you to stay hidden from your hunt.

Additionally, Binoculars, Camera, or Turkey Call Pocket options, are also integrated in the Little Bear Hunting Fanny Packs. From the above-mentioned options, you can clip anyone onto the front.

Key Features:

  • Plenty of pocket to essential gears storage
  • Featured with adjustable padded waist belt
  • Removable shoulder harness
  • Weighs about 1 lb./9 oz.Capacity: 8 liters or 500 cubic inches
  • Available in Camo patter: Realtree Xtra

2. ALPS OutdoorZ Pathfinder

Alps OutdoorZ Pathfinder
  • Fanny pack expands to day pack with adjustable shoulder harness, padded waist belt and H20 pocket and...
  • Comfortably carry heavy loads and haul meat, use extension lashing straps for extra large loads

The Pathfinder from ALPS OutdoorZ offers you to carry your heavy or large gears with you. It looks like well-appointed fanny packs, which are perfect for tough and easy tasks alike.

However, if you unzip the top compartment, you will see that this section can expand on the functionality of packs.

This product is a comprehensive gear you must-have for your hunting experience. It really accommodates all your hunting needs in this single tool and fits accessories like field dressing knifes seemlessly.

This fanny pack is the most versatile pack, which has been designed by hunters, for hunters. The fanny pack mode is great in order to carry all of the essential gear.

It comes featured with a fine padded waist belt and shoulder harness system that delivers extra comfort and seems helpful to balance the weight.

This type fanny pack offers you an additional 1100 cubic inches of space to organize your worth tools, at easy-to-access segments.

If once, you have set up the daypack mode, the Pathfinder by ALPS OutdoorZ provides you the option to choose from in a bow-carrying/hauling mode.

The hauling mode comes equipped with additional fabric and straps which make you able to carry all necessary tools.

While on the other hand, the bow pockets make you able to fit various compound bows. With the help of lash straps, you can make your tools safe and secure and your hands will be free.

Another great feature provided by ALPS OutdoorZ Pathfinder Hunting Pack is its accessory pockets, i.e. Binocular Pocket, Camera Pocket, and Turkey Call Pockets. These pockets can keep your most important gear in the front and accessible when needed.

  • Featured with adjustable shoulder harness, padded waist belt and hydration pocket and port
  • Comfortably carry heavy loads and drag meat
  • Use extension-lashing straps for extra-large loads
  • Suitable for a wide variety of compound bows and a drop-down pocket to carry your gun
  • Weighs 3 lbs. / 5 oz.Overall Capacity: 44 Liters

3. Alps OutdoorZ Big Bear

Alps OutdoorZ Big Bear
  • Unique two packs in one design, fanny pack expands into day pack
  • Adjust the shoulder harness size or completely remove it from the pack

Those hunters searching for the fanny pack that is hitting the woods in search of taking down a big game animal must try the Allen OutdoorZ Big Bear Camouflage Hunting Fanny Pack.

The Badlands Monster Fanny is a pack with 1100 cubic inches of storage space, which also has various compartments to organize your hunt gears for a field day.

It specifically will be the perfect companion for you on the go-to.

This Fanny Pack comes with versatility, ergonomic foam, and a Delron flex frame for perfect support.

In addition, it is also equipped with an adjustable shoulder harness, which also prevents uncomfortable drooping of the pack.

What’s more, the Big Bear Fanny Pack is compatible with a quiet and easy to clean hydration bottle by Badlands and provides comfort and safety to this bottle alike.

It also provides you with a secure and easy-to-access place for all of your gear.

If besides, you talk about the internal organization of this fanny pack, then this layout is very well and provides much more organization of the space.

In addition, this pack comes with a zipper mesh compartment, smaller pockets for game calls, range finders, and GPS units.

The waist belt (both types i.e. padded and contoured) is another aspect of the Monster, which helps contribute to its comfort.

There are also feature a depressed channel in order to give you maximum comfortability. This belt can perfectly fit with waist sizes between 34” to 36”. 

Key Features:

  • Made of 100% Polyester fabric
  • Larger Storage Area
  • Provide you extra comfort
  • Featured with padded waist belt and a shoulder harness
  • Plenty of compartments and well-placed pockets to keep your essential gears organized
  • Thermo-molded suspension exploits molded foam so ergonomically advanced

4. Alps OutdoorZ Long Spur Vest

Alps OutdoorZ Long Spur Vest
  • Easily removable lumbar pack for run-and-gun style hunts
  • Attached, removable, thick-padded memory foam seat that folds away; NOTE: this feature is only on the...

This hunting vest is not a typical fanny pack but it is one to consider. This volume is enough to store and carry your essential hunting stuff and comes with a lightweight sleek design.

The volume is distributed between different compartments and pockets.

The zippers are smooth and silently made with the purpose of not creating much sound while opening or closing as it can scare the animals away.

The shoulder straps are wide so they won’t slip away and padded as well to make them comfortable.

The fabric used in this fanny pack is waterproof hence it can be easily used in wild and outdoor conditions.

The waist belt is removable and has buddy locks at 4 points where you can attach accessory holding points.

Straps have a dual cinch to save them from the lashing of cloth and other accessories. There are lash tabs present on the bottom of the pack as well.

Overall it is a complete hunting fanny pack to accompany you on your hunting trips by holding all your essential stuff in one place.

Alps Outdoor is known for producing high-quality products within a good price range. It can be easily proved by having a look at the reviews obtained by their products on different online platforms.

So, you can easily trust this product as it is manufactured by the company known to produce the best quality products.

5. Timber Hawk Gut Hook

Timber Hawk Gut Hook
  • Innovative shoulder-supported waist pack for light and fast travel when hunting; hands-free transport for...
  • Yoked shoulder harness system; adjustable sternum strap with emergency whistle

Gut Hook fanny pack made by Timber Hawk is a reliable partner for you during the hunting trip as it has a lot of space.

The total capacity of this fanny pack is 924 cu in or 15.2 L which is enough for holding and carrying all the essential stuff needed for any hunting trip.

The main compartment is quite big and you can store a lot of stuff in it as it has a lot of space. 

The main compartment is divided into three pockets inside to make it easy for you to sort the stuff.

If you need more space then there are three pockets on the waist as well which can be utilized to store the accessories.

There is a buckle or webbing on the pack as well for holding the knife or handy tools.

The front compartment increases the available storage space and it is padded as well with two pockets inside it and a key clip as well.

The pulling loops of zippers are bigger in size to make it easy for you to open them with gloved hands.

There is a sternum strap that is adjustable and has an emergency whistle as well.

The waist belt is padded with foam to make it comfortable for you to carry it.

The camouflage color of the fanny pack would keep it invisible to the animals as it would

Timber Hawk is known for making quality products as they care about their reputation.

Gut Hook Hunting Fanny Pack is a perfect demonstration of the quality standards adopted by the company.

The user reviews received on the online portals by the Timber Hawk and this Gut Hook Hunting Fanny Pack are positive which are a signal of a high-quality product.

6. DTOM Law Enforcement Concealed Carry

DTOM Law Enforcement Concealed Carry
  • WARNING***PLEASE notice how the gun fits in this pack by observing the pictures on our listing. PLEASE...
  • This is NOT Chinese made ^%$# like most of the other nylon CCW Fannys on Amazon. Best of the Best...

Buying the DTOM Law Enforcement Concealed Carry Fanny Pack is a good decision, which is greatly helpful to you in carrying all essential tools at your hunt. It has been made of high-quality material, YKK zippers, and 1000 Denier Cordura Nylon.

This fanny pack is the most comfortable way to keep your essential tools close to your hand, yet never the quickest way to pull your gears out of it. The main storage compartment has plenty of space and can fit times like knifes, flashlights, or hunting slingshots easily.

However, if speed is your first concern then you need IWB (a handgun holster worn inside the waistband). But, a fanny pack is much more about comfort and suits you best for whole day work.

What’s more, this product can fit up to 36 to 40 inches waist. It includes a 30-days money-back guarantee.

Key Features:

  • Best Quality YKK Zippers throughout and 1000 D Cordura Nylon
  • Fits 36-40 inch waist
  • Check your state regulations, hunting regulations, etc.

7. Horn Hunter Typical 7 Pocket

Horn Hunter 7 Pocket
  • Padded Mesh belt
  • 680 cubic inches

This hunting fanny pack is the best selling pack of the company. And the good news is that it has been redesigned by the company to increase the storage capacity and ensure the ease of carrying to the hunters.

3 pockets inside the main part to make the management of stored stuff easier in 3 different compartments.

There is one pocket at the front as well. With a total capacity of 680 cubic inches, you can store and carry a lot of stuff in this pack.

The storage doesn’t end here as there are side pockets as well to give you more space for your essential hunting items and the good thing is that side pockets are removable so you can easily remove them when they are useless for you.

The belt is of mesh cloth and padded to make it comfortable to carry. Shoulder straps or harnesses are also of mesh cloth to make them easy to carry.

The straps are comfortable to carry and adjustable so you can adjust them according to the requirements.

Bottom gear straps ensure the fastening of the pack to your body smoothly and strongly. The camouflage color of the pack makes it invisible to the wild animals to ensure invisibility.

The brand of HORN HUNTER is quite reputed because of producing good quality stuff at the ideal price.

Hunting Fanny packs and different types of bags and packs are manufactured by them for carrying various items during any type of trip whether it’s hunting or an adventure.

The user reviews were given to the brand and this Horn Hunter Typical 7 Pocket hunting fanny pack is positive and that’s the main reason for featuring it in our list.

8. North Mountain Gear Camouflage Fanny Pack

North Mountain Gear Fanny Pack
  • Multi Pocketed Waterproof and Lightweight
  • Four Compartments and two Bottle Holders

This hunting fanny pack is more of the traditional fanny pack design and could be a good fit for those who don’t need to carry that many hunting accessories.

The North Mountain Camo fanny pack comes with four different compartments and two water bottle holders.

This pack could also be used as lumbar hunting back by wearing it backward or could be used on the side of your waist to use as a hunting hip pack if you would prefer to not have to wear your hunting fanny pack in front of your waist.

If you are needing a fanny pack outside of hunting use this pack is versatile enough that it could be used for other outdoor activities where you need to carry extra items. If you need more space than a fanny pack you may want to check out out some hunting day packs instead.

North Mountain Gear has a great reputation in the hunting industry so you know you will be getting a high-quality hunting fanny pack if you go with this model.

9. Huntvp Hunting Camo

Huntvp Hunting Camo
  • Material: Water-resistant Velvet+Thicken Breathablec Sandwich Mesh
  • Dimensions: 22.83"x5.12"x5.91".Weight:1.1lb

The Huntvp hunting camo pack is lightweight weighing slightly over 1 lb and could be a good option for people that want to carry as little weight as possible out on long hunting trips.

The Huntvp hunting fanny pack has 5 separate compartments that are lined with mesh.

The shoulder harness is removable which gives this pack a nice range of versatility for those that want to use it year-round for a variety of different activities.

The only knocks on this are that it is not completely waterproof and only water-resistant. For those that hunt in areas that get rain, this pack may not be the best option as you could risk damaging your phone or other accessories.

This hunting fanny pack doesn’t have as much storage space as some of the other bags listed above but could be a great option if you like to hunt with only a few accessories.

10. Spika Hunting Camouflage Front Back

Spika Hunting Camouflage Front Back
  • Materials:Durable 1000D treated nylon base can prevent splashing and keep the backpack dry.ykk...
  • Size:8.82”L×3.9”D×8.82”H,Weight:1.24lb.

The Spika hunting front pack is designed mostly to carry binoculars but there are several accessory compartments that can be used for additional storage.

If binoculars are the main hunting accessory that you carry and you only need storage for things like your keys and phone this could be the perfect carry pack for you.

The Spike back has a rain cover that is built into the bag that can stretch over the entire bag to help prevent water from getting inside.

One of the features many people give rave reviews is the magnetic cover that allows quick and easy access to their binoculars at a moment’s notice.


Finding the best hunting fanny pack can be tricky due to there being so many good options on the market.

The best way to find the best fanny pack is to evaluate the hunting accessories you carry with you on the majority of your hunting trips, and then choose the hunting fanny pack that provides the ideal combination of storage and quality.

The list above will give you plenty of options to choose from and best of luck on your next hunting adventure!