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5 Best Kayak Paddle Reviews and Buyer Guide 2021

How to Choose a Kayak Paddle

While choosing the best kayak is clearly an important decision, don’t forget to spend some time researching and choosing the best kayak paddle for you as well.

The Paddles probably next to kayak single more important thing….

May be more important thing than a kayak because it thing which use more think about every mile you stoke thousand time strokes’.

How Choose Right Paddles ?


Choose the right paddle the biggest things to know the width of your kayak and 2nd your Hight.

Typically the wider the kayak the longer paddle you need and the taller you are also the longer paddles you’re going to need.

Paddles Shafts

Paddles Shafts are made of many different materials aluminum, carbon and fiberglass

Aluminum Paddle Shaft are little bit lighter and a little bit less durable and cheap.

Carbon and fiberglass Paddle Shaft are a little bit more durable but also a little bit more lightweight. 

The design of our paddle shaft is also impertinent most paddles have straight shaft but there are some that have a bend in the shaft to ease the stress on our wrists.

Other paddles actually have different diameters in shaft based on the size of our hands.

Smaller hands like a smaller shaft on the paddle.

Last thing is that some paddles you can actually adjust the length of the shaft as well as the offset of the feathers depending on what your preference is?

Another thing to consider when we’re choosing a kayak paddle is the shape and size of the paddle blade.

Smaller paddle blade is going to make it easier for you to paddle for longer periods of time but not be as powerful as larger blade.

Larger blade has more power but you might be tire more quickly.

One more thing to consider is the material that your blade is made out.

Plastic and nylon blade that might be a little bit more flimsy and not quite as durable as blades that are made out of carbon or fiberglass that might be more durable and also stiffer to offer you more rigidity when your power

Product Name




Carlisle Expedition Angler Fiberglass Fishing Paddle




Carlisle Expedition Fiberglass Touring Paddle

220cm, 230cm, 240cm



SeaSense X-Treme II Paddle

84in, 96in

Aluminum / Hard Plastic


Shoreline Marine Paddle Rounded


Aluminum / Hard Plastic


Carlisle Magic Plus Paddle


Polypropylene / Fiberglass


Seattle Sports Seawhisper Carbon Paddle


Carbon Fiber


SeaSense Wood Paddle

3.5ft, 4ft, 5ft



There are many different styles and brands of paddles out there.

The majority of them are good choices and will serve your needs, but be wary of any that seem too cheap – they’re probably not made very well!

In our opinion it’s best to spend a little bit more and get a quality product that’s going to last a long time and not cause you any issues.

different styles and brands of paddles

Luckily for you, we have already done the hard work! Our experience in the kayaking industry gives us the resources and information we need to bring you the best selection of products in the market.

We spent a lot of time trying to find the most advanced paddle, but as is usually the case, there is no “best” choice, just a number of good choices.

 Choosing the right paddle depends on your height, weight, and kayaking activity preferences.

In the next section you will find a detailed guide that will give you the tools you need to choose the right paddle for you.

Further down the page you will find individual kayak paddle reviews of some of our personal favorite products. With the help of this article, you’ll be out on the water in no time!

Our Kayak Paddle Reviews

So, what paddle should you buy? How do you wade through the hundreds of options available and find the right one for you? Don’t fret – we have already selected some of the best paddles on the market and listed them below!

Shoreline Marine Kayak Paddle Rounded 96”

Shoreline Rounded Kayak Paddle

Shoreline always makes quality products, so it’s no surprise that we love their Marine paddle.

We can safely say that this is the best beginner kayak paddle because it’s customizable (you can set it up in 3 different positions), it has comfortable foam grips so you don’t need to splurge extra on separate kayak paddle grips, and it splits into two pieces for easy transportation.

It also has great drip guards to help keep you dry, and is priced quite reasonably! Lastly, it is very well reviewed throughout the internet, so we know that we aren’t alone in our love of this paddle!

Shoreline Marine 96-Inch Rounded Kayak Paddle

SeaSense X-Treme II Kayak Paddle

SeaSense Kayak Paddle

SeaSense is another brand that we love to promote because they really stand behind their products.

The X-Treme II, in our opinion, is the best recreational kayak paddle out there in its price range. It offers 3 locking positions, and pulls apart into two pieces for easy storage.

Its feathered blade design and added support ridge add extra strength to your stroke – perfect for battling those tides and eddies often encountered on the open ocean.

 Lastly, this paddle has adjustable drip guards that do their job very well.

SeaSense X-Treme II Kayak Paddle

SeaSense Wood Kayak Paddle

SeaSense Wood Paddle

For fans of old school products, you’ll be happy to know that SeaSense offers a quality wooden kayak paddle!

We think it’s a quality product, and we love the way it looks. Keep in mind it’s a single paddle and not double-sided, so it’s not recommended for whitewater kayaking or anything intense. It’s best for cruising around calm lakes and enjoying nature at a slow pace.

SeaSense Wood Paddle

Carlisle Expedition Fiberglass Touring Paddle

If you’re someone who likes to buy the best of the best, then Carlisle has the paddle for you!

The Carlisle Expedition Touring paddle is far from cheap, but it’s consistently rated as the best sea kayak paddle out there.

Designed for long distance paddling, it’s lightweight, well made, and durable. It receives rave reviews from all types of kayakers, from beginners to pros.

The only downside is that it’s quite expensive.

For this reason we recommend it for seasoned paddlers who are happy to invest in quality products.

For beginners, there are plenty of much cheaper options out there that will work just fine.

Carlisle Magic Plus Paddle

Carlisle is always coming out with “the next best thing” in the kayaking world.

A recent development of theirs, the Magic Plus paddle, is making waves in the kayaking community (pun intended).

To us, it’s the best whitewater kayak paddle out there – but the best part is that it’s flexible enough to be used for just about any type of kayaking.

It’s lightweight, extremely durable, and provides the perfect balance between strength and flex, allowing you to make powerful strokes without putting strain on your joints.

Unfortunately, it’s a bit pricey, so we only recommend this paddle to experienced kayakers looking for that extra edge.

Seattle Sports Seawhisper Carbon Kayak Paddle

Seattle Sports, a relative newcomer in the kayaking industry, has caught our eye recently.

Their Seawhisper Carbon fiber kayak paddle is particularly interesting, as it’s one of the cheapest quality carbon paddles out there.

The carbon shaft is extremely tough and durable, and the quick-adjust feature is great for making small comfort adjustments on-the-go.

For urban paddlers, this product is a great choice as well because it is brightly colored for maximum visibility.

It even has reflective strips to improve night time visibility!

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