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6 Best Knives For Self Defense

What is the best knife for self defense?

Whether it’s used as a back-up weapon for an unreliable firearm, or as a tool in itself, it is incredibly important to have the right knife to protect yourself.

Everyone hopes they will never encounter a situation that warrants the use of the best knife for self defense but if it does become a necessity.

Top Knives For Self Defense

Below are a few great choices that may answer your question of What is the best knife for self defense?

1. Kershaw Blur S30V Folding Pocket KnifeKershaw Blur S30V Folding Pocket Knife

This reliable folding knife is constructed of S30V stainless steel and includes a stonewashed finish.  Comes with the Speedsafe feature to aid in easy one-handed opening.

The Trac tec handle provides a secure, firm grip, even in wet conditions.


Very sharp razor edge, right out of the box.When locked into position, the blade stays secure and doesn’t move.The knife fits nicely in your hand, firm grip.



Knife is a little bulky and doesn’t offer a decent grip. The thumb stud is overly sharp and may tear your clothing. The liner lock is weak and flimsy

2. Spyderco Military Model G-10 Black Blade Plain Edge KnifeSpyderco C36PBK Military Folding Knife All Black

This versatile folding knife comes with a high carbon stainless steel blade for superior cutting ability. The textured G-10 handle has a camouflage pattern that provides a secure, comfortable grip.

The unique handle design allows for easy one handed deployment, even with gloves on. Also included is a steel pocket clip for convenient carrying with the tip down.

This exceptional quality knife was created for extreme durability and reliable performance.


Blade holds a nice sharp edge, even through rough use. Once locked, its almost as durable as a fixed blade.This versatile knife can be used for hunting and fishing as well as to defend yourself.



Knife opens hard at first, needs a little WD-40. Knife may be a little heavy for some, especially if you are used to something lighter.Price is more expensive than other knives. Handles show the dirt more easily than others do

3. Cold Steel Hold Out III Cold Steel Hold Out III

The design of both the handle and blade on the Cold Steel is reminiscent to that of an ancient Gaelic stone knife, and, as such, it is acutely functional; it allows for that solid vice-like grip that you need from a knife. Is it the best knife for self defense? Lets see

The reliable Tri-Ad mechanism locks solidly and the folder opens easily.

This knife is also extremely lightweight at only 2.5 ounces, but is in no way flimsy; the Japanese AUS 8A stainless steel and G-10 handle ensure that this knife is sturdy and solid.

The satin polished blade is 3 inches in length, 3mm in diameter and is carved to a razor-sharp point.

Although barely noticeable when worn on the body, the Cold Steel is not ideal if worn in a pocket (as opposed to a belt, say) due to the handle’s aggressive material and the firm clip which cause great difficulty when trying to remove it; it has also been known to cause tears in clothing.

Simple in appearance, the Cold Steel Hold Out III is far from low performance and is revolutionary in it’s approach.


Thin and durable; it is perfect combination, however the best knife for self defense must be incredibly versatile and this knife has its limitations as to where it can be worn on the body.

4. CRKT Ken Onion ShenanigaKen Onion Shenanigan PPS

On first look, the plain and unadorned Ken Onion by CRKT is not the most appealing of knives; looks, however, can be deceiving and this knife is not weak in any way.

Sturdy and strong, the Ken Onion has enhanced slicing and piercing ability made possible by the modified drop-point blade profile with a slight re-curve, and swerved top edge respectively.

But does it have everything needed to be classed as one of the best knife for self defense?

The folder knife has a flipper style opener and the AUS 8 stainless steel blade is relatively lengthy at 3.25 inches in length; the steel is easy to resharpen and is hard with good edge retention.

However, this knife is probably best for everyday utility use at a single location rather than for wearing and carrying  around.

The blade deployment is quick and fluid which is essential if immediate need for use arises.


Similar to the Cold Steel Hold Out 3, the CRKT’s Ken Onion Shenanigan is lightweight and robust but it may be slightly less practical as a self defense weapon when out and about.

5. CRKT M16-02Z CRKT M16-02Z EDC Folding Pocket Knife

Another offering from CRKT is the M16-02Z; light, streamlined and cuts through any given material, this knife also stays sharp for a very long time.

The 3 inch AUS 4 serrated edge stainless steel blade is durable and clearly designed with self-defense in mind.

The M16 weighs more than some other knives at 3.6 ounces and the closed length is 4.25 inches; longer than average for the brand.

The inter-frame construction is tough, textured, glass filled nylon scales over a stainless steel liner frame.

It is also overfilled with solid nylon glass-filled back spacers for ultimate rigidity.

The AutoLAWKS system is installed for knife safety ensuring that the blades are virtual fixed blades, whether open or closed.

The M16-02z pocket clip has only one position, however this is the preferred position of many of its users.

For some this may be highly impractical The curves of the handle are not as much of a natural grip than, say, the Ken Onion Shenanigan, but, never the less, results in a solid grip.


6. Leatherman Crater C33Tx Leatherman Crater c33Tx Combo Straight/Serrated Blade Knife

Appreciated for its remarkable quality and reliability by everyone who has used it, the Leatherman Crater C33Tx is undoubtedly one of the best pocket knife for you to buy.

The Leatherman C33Tx has gained a lot of popularity as being an ideal survival tool for anyone.

It’s lightweight and flexible design makes it very convenient to keep in your pocket, pack or tool box.

The knife can easily be folded and kept wherever you want to keep it without worrying about safety.

The nylon handle also provides a great grip on the knife and facilitates cutting. Its folding design frees you of the hassle of carrying a sheath.

The knife has a serrated blade and is very sharp. Its sharp full 2.6 inch blade provides a lot of flexibility in cooking or cutting rope and peeling fruit to cutting boxes.

You can secure the blade through a liner lock and not worry about your hand getting cut.

The blade launcher has a very simple mechanism and makes it very easy for anyone to operate the knife.

You can use any possible traditional ways from sharpening stones to special kits without damaging the blade or deteriorating its quality.

 Leatherman Crater c33Tx Combo Straight/Serrated Blade Knife


If you want  the best knife for self defense you will want a lightweight and durable knife that you would use at home or work in case the worst should happen, then the CRKT Ken Onion may be the one for you.

If you wish to carry a knife on you to prepare for any situation, at any time, then another knife may be more suited. If user safety is paramount then the revolutionary technology of the CRKT MK12 will be appealing; particularly to the novice knife user.

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