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5 Best Recurve Bow Reviews – Buyer Guide 2021

Many people don’t choose popular sports like football, tennis, running or swimming as an exercise or an entertainment. They’ve found satisfaction in a pretty strange sport, the archery with recurve bows.

So do I.

Nowadays, archery isn’t a fresh sport anymore. It becomes more attractive and popular thanks to the challenges that it creates for players. And, of course, to play archery, you need a professional bow, matching with your body, your strength and even your purpose.

Among three kinds of bow, I’ve spend a lot of time and interest in this type. In this article, I would like to share with you some basic information related to bow and i will show you how to find some best recurve bow.

Forms of archery

Those who practice the skills of archery today do so in a vast variety of forms that include the following examples.

  • Survival
  • Fun
  • Hunting
  • Adventure
  • Target practice
  • Recreational pastimes
  • Sportsmanship
  • Competitions
  • Hobbies
  • Exercise
  • Tournaments
  • Hand eye coordination

The most prominent devices and accessories, besides the arrows, most frequently utilized in archery in all of the above examples is the Recurve Bow.

Primary orientation-recurve

Here at, we have placed our primary orientation on the Recurve Bow. Other areas of archery are just as important as the Recurve Bow but due to the vastness of items involved in the area of archery we feel that by specializing in one area of expertise is the most helpful means of assisting the current marketplace.

We are just as knowledgeable in many other areas and can assist you in them as well as the area of the Recurve so please do not hesitate to ask us any questions you might have at any time.

Who can participate in archery ?

Everyone has the ability to demonstrate and perform all aspects of archery. The key to remember is that archery is able to take place in many alternate forms (listed above).

The following listing is a specific list of those that archery is recommended to benefit; although it is a regularly added to listing, one might do well to simply call it incomplete.

  • Men
  • Women
  • Youths
  • Mentally challenged
  • Millenniums
  • Baby Boomers
  • Children
  • Middle aged
  • Happily Aging
  • Elderly
  • Teens
  • Handicapped
  • Disabled

For many on the listing one form might maintain a higher ranking or rating than many of the other forms. Alternately, it might be a great idea to match the people in any form that one is attempting.

For example, youths would perform better with other youths than with a mixed grouping as they can concentrate easier on the targets rather than worrying about skill levels of those around them.

Archery for youths and females

In recent years, there has been a large jump in regards to youth and females taking up archery. The movie The Hunger Games saw a huge jump in the archery fields as did the Disney movie Brave.

Disney launched, in my opinion, one of their coolest theme based advertising campaigns in the last year called “Dream Big: Be a Champion.” This is by far one of the best campaigns that I have heard run in recent times, as it encourages youth and females that they can be and do whatever they set their minds to.

What are different between recurve bow, long bow and compound bow?

First, let’s distinguish 3 notions above. They maybe sound unfamiliar for new players. Now in market, there are 4 popular kinds of bow: recurve bow, long bow and compound bow(i also like crossbow, but it wont listed here). Let’s start with the long bow first.

Types of Bows

There are a variety of bows on the market for those interested in archery to choose from and the need of the archer is a huge part of the selection process. This section will show those interested a brief breakdown of the differences and uses of each bow in question.

  • Recurve

Used throughout history by horsemen and in the Olympics, the recurve bow is named for its distinctive shape. Now it is the most often used to teach archery and for use by the beginner.

  • Crossbow

The crossbow has a crank mechanism that is said to of originated in China. It requires a heavier draw weight but allows the arrow to sit until fired by the mechanism.

  • Longbow

Known for use on the battlefield since 1298, the long bow is known for its simplicity. Generally, the bow is the height of the archer. It is a challenge for the archer as it has no sights or arrow rests.

  • Compound bow

Came to be in the 1960’s, the compound bow uses cables and pulleys to make an easier time for the archer overall. Enables the archer a longer timeframe in which to aim without fatigue.

Top Rated Best Recurve Bow for sale- Best 6

These are 6 recurve bows on sale that I’ve found on internet. For me, at each range of price, I think it’s hard to find better products than these 6 below.

PSE Mustang Recurve Bow Right Hand

PSE Mustang Recurve Bow Right Hand

The PSE Mustang is ideal for hunting having a draw weight of 40-55lbs. This 60” bow has a classic yet very elegant look.

It allows a bit of the old school performance while incorporating some modern styles. Whether target practicing, hunting for a deer, fish or rabbit, the PSE Mustang recurve is perfect for both remote area and fly-in hunts.

Being a traditional bow, the PSE Mustang shoots extremely fast within short ranges of twenty to forty yards.

The power of the bow can be felt as you draw and the vibration when you release the arrow. It can hit just about anything in front.

I have to mention the package comes with only the bow itself and you therefore have to attach the limbs, riser and string in position. It only takes 8- 10 minutes.


  • The bow accepts accessories as it has pre-drilled holes for attaching the stabilizer as well as bow sights. While it is okay to add the bow sights, recurve bows can perform exceptionally well without them. This is because; the sights oblige you to focus on one spot with no regard to what is happening around you. This is not advisable for a hunter as he should be conscious of his surrounding environment.
  • The PSE Mustang recurve uses fiberglass and carbon arrows.
  • It is sturdy and durable. You can use for as long as two years and it will still be as good as new.
  • The bow is pretty light (3lbs) for mid-range bows hence the best for hunting as you can easily maneuver the woods carrying it.


  1. The PSE Mustang is known for its great design and outstanding quality.
  2. It is fairly sturdy for a hunting excursion.
  3. It has very attractive colors and finish.
  4. Allows great accuracy for experienced archers.
  5. It is durable.


  1. The PSE Mustang makes a lot of noise.
  2. It is not suitable for beginners or tall shooters.

Clearly, this is the best bow for experienced hunters. Its speed, accuracy and sturdiness compensate for every dime spent on this mid-range bow.

PSE Mustang Recurve Bow Right Hand

Samick Sage Takedown Bow

This is the starter bow. The price is great and offers top notch features.

Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow

The Samick Sage Take-down is a stand-out recurve bow at this price. The unit is a good choice for new comers.

If you are relatively new to archery then the Samick Sage is ideal for you. It has no arrow rest but depending on your preference you have the option to order a Bear Hair Rest with Plate or Bear Weatherest Left/Right hand. It is cut on center shelf for shooting and it is radiused.

The rest and plate are sold separately.

The Sage has a combination of Hard Maple and Olive Dymondwood which are all very durable and flexible when held in the hand. The balance is superb.

This recurve bow has front stabilizer installed (made of brass bushings), an ATA accessory and a plunger.

You can however opt to install bow fishing reels, bow sights and elevated rest to customize it more. The features are what every hunter needs for a perfect hunting experience.

Its riser is on top quality. Limbs are made of maple with black fiberglass, which makes it durable.

In this bow, a pre-installed brass bushing is set up. It helps to stabilizer while shooting and taking a sight at target.

B-50 bow string and and arrow rest are also included.

At this price, the Samick Sage Take-down has every basic take-down structure. This helps shooters to unrelease bow and place it in a small case.

The unit is suitable for both hunting and practicing. That’s convenient for those who like both activities. Its design also guaranty accuracy.

Beside, thanks to its weight, it’s easy to draw and easy to handle. It’s a good starting for new players. But, this also means that powerful draw (more than 60 lbs.) is not recommended. Using too powerful draw influences on bow’s durability and it may crack down your bow. Some users say that wood quality isn’t good, so does fiberglass. But at this price, we can’t ask higher quality.


  • 62 inches of length, 3.4 lbs. of weight
  • Ideal draw weight: from 30 to 55 lbs.
  • Acceptable quality of wood, string
  • Suitable for beginner for both hunting and practicing
  • Take-down structure – easy to transport and upgrade in case of need
  • Has limbs made of maple for strength
  • Comes with Dacron Endless loop
  • Has a brace height recommendation of 7½” to 8½”


  1. It gives you value for your money
  2. Its length makes it very stable
  3. Has reinforced limbs which can be used with modern strings
  4. It can be drawn to any length
  5. You can easily exchange the limbs
  6. Has simple features which makes it one of the easiest bows to use


  1. You will have to get your own bow string separately
  2. Has no arrow rest

This bow is flexible. When your bow limbs get weaker you can always make upgrades to different models. Pros can make the best of this bow. The Samick Sage Takedown is also one of the quietest bows since it has a rubber washer between limb and a riser. You will now get vibrations at all as you make your shots.

Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow

Best Youth Bow: PSE Razorback Recurve Bow

Recurve Recreational Shooting Bow

Think about a best recurve bow for women and youth, the Razorback seems to be a perfect one.

This bow is design for new archer, especially women and youth, who doesn’t have too much strength to practice archery for first time.

Limbs and riser are design with durable materials: hardwood (riser) and laminated wood (limbs). B-50 string is already set up. Its grip is pretty small for man.

So, women and kids can hold it easily without feeling any discomfort.

Because the Razorback is targeting female and young archers, so bow weight is pretty light (2.2 lbs.), and does draw weight. Ideal draw weight is less than 35 lbs.

In another word, this is a practicing bow for female and young shooters, not for hunting.

However, with the take-down structure, archers can upgrade it in the future.


  • 62 inches of length, 2.2 lbs. of weight
  • Ideal draw weight: 20 to 35 lbs.
  • Durable materials at the price paid
  • Easy to hold and shoot
  • Take-down structure: easy to transport and upgrade; able to add accessories
Best Youth Bow

Spirit 62” Take Down Recurve Bow


Spirit 62'' Take Down Recurve Bow

This is an economical piece of bow arrow which is ideal for kids in order to have excellent fun with friends and family. It is a balanced product with excellent features and specifications with limitations small enough to be ignored.


This one comes with a very sturdy fiberglass limb so breaking it accidentally is out of the question. Maple laminations are used in its manufacturing, which further endorses the quality. The total length of this bow is 62 inches to be precise. It is apt for a shooter having a height of 5 feet 7 inches at least. This one can only be used by a right handed person.


  • This bow is for limited use as its design only permits a right handed to use it. So, if you are a left handed, this bow will be of no use for you.
  • The package does only have a bow. The bow arrows and the arrow rest need to be purchased separately.
  • The maximum height limit is a bit limited which raises certain concerns in the mind of the growing kids when buying this bow.


  • It is a very sturdy material made from fiberglass which will not break easily. The flexibility in the bow is excellent and you can bend it without any fear of breaking.
  • The maple lamination is used for its manufacturing ,which gives it an eye-catching finish.
  • It is a safe piece of bow for the kids and for the entire family fun with no such issues of safety and injury vulnerability.


Give this bow arrow a chance and surely it will further enhance your shooting experience with your friends and families in the backyard. It is a fantastic quality product which is known to entertain and last for long.

Southland Archery Supply SAS Spirit 62"

PSE Kingfisher Right Hand Bowfishing Kit, Camo

PSE Kingfisher Right Hand Bowfishing Kit


If you are looking for an economical bow with a decent level of quality then this PSE Kingfisher bowfishing kit is right for you. It is a very popular type among the learners and kids archers too.

A lot of things and useful features would truly mesmerize you about the product which we will find out in the next section.


This product is suitable only for the right handed as it is designed in such a way.

The Camo finish for all seasons gives it a finishing touch par excellence.

The bow kit, is not only for the beginners or the learners but the professional archers too would find it to be very useful.

It could be said because of the reason that this archer is available in the bow weights of 40, 45 and 50 pounds.

It has a fiberglass arrow of 31 inches, which means some serious business with lots of quality.


  • Sturdiness is an issue where some people have experienced breaking of the unit within a few hours of using it.
  • This bowfishing kit is found to be a bit too heavy and noisy as well at the same time, which is a serious concern for many users.
  • It is an economical package and various things are included such as the bow strings, riser, fishing spool, arrow rest, string and the two limbs.


  • It has an excellent finish with very sharp looks.
  • It is economical and budget would never be a problem for any prospective buyer.
  • It is flexible and open to do a variety of modifications that you would like to have in your archery kit.


This fishing bow kit is economical and has a lot of useful functions. The sturdiness is a bit of an issue, but you will find almost everything that you would like to have in a complete bowfishing kit.

PSE Kingfisher Right Hand Bowfishing Kit

Martin Saber – Best Takedown Bow

At the upper range, the Martin Saber is the best recurve bow for sale now. This take-down bow has a large grip, suitable for small or medium sized hands. Limbs are made of laminated wood and fiberglass.

These materials will secure durability of bow against time. On another hand, the riser is made from aluminum, also a durable material, which makes bow lighter. However, it influences to bow’s stabilization during the shoot. 

In my opinion, the Martin Saber is the good choice for beginner. This Takedown bow is in affordable price.

Meanwhile, it’s easy to handle. You can’t feel any discomfort while holding it. As the result, this grip’s design helps new shooter has less difficulties. 

 Martin Saber Takedown Bow

Though it could has a vibration, but accuracy and arrow flight are still secured and new shooters just need more time to practice with it. 

Take-down design is a big plus point. With this design, archers can easily take it down to transport. In addition, you can upgrade bow (changing limbs, add stabilizer, sight…). 

Overall, the Martin Saber is on its best price. It’s pretty hard to find better one at this range.


  • 64 Inches of length, 3.42 lbs. of weight
  • Ideal draw weight: 30 to 55 lbs.
  • Durable materials
  • Suitable for beginner thanks to grip and riser’s design
  • Take-down structure: easy to transport, change bow materials or add accessories
Martin Saber Takedown Bow, 50-Pound, Camouflage

PSE Archery Pro Max Traditional Takedown Recurve

Recurve Recreational Shooting Bow Set

At this range, we have one-piece PSE Archery Pro Max Traditional Takedown Recurve. You can use it immediately after taking his home. This one is for old-school style players. 

The Blackhawk is made 100% of hardwood, all parts of the product are sequential.

This design makes bow look elegant and classic but you need adjust a cushioning material to prevent sweats from your hand. 

The grid is large enough to fit a man’s hand, so it may uncomfortable to woman. Its riser and limbs have nice shape, both made from laminated hardwood. It does a good job at preventing vibration while shooting.

The best thing is the riser can suffer powerful draw weight (more than 50 lbs.) without cracking.

However, this recurve bow isn’t very suitable for beginner. It is considered as an accurate bow, but new players need lots of patience and practice to get used to it.

Beside, you can’t install a sight, which may make you feel depressed easily. But for those who want to take more challenge, it would be no big problem. And as a one-piece bow, this unit doesn’t allow you change limbs or riser but you may change string.


  • 62 inches of length, 3.13 lbs. (pretty light); very durable
  • Ideal draw weight: 15 to 35 lbs.; possibly more than 50 lbs. without cracking or splinting
  • Excellent wood quality and string (B-50 string)
  • No take-down ability: no upgrade ability (sight, stabilizer) and inconvenient transport
PSE Archery Pro Max Traditional Takedown Recurve

Bear Archery Grizzly

At this price, the Bear Grizzly is one of the popular recurve bow in market. This one is also a one-piece bow. I have to admit that this product looks very classical by its material (Dymondwood) and its color.

Grip of the Bear Grizzly is designed beautifully and fits well with medium- and large-sized hands. Limbs are made from black fiberglass and very durable.

The product can go with both Dacron string and FastFlight Flemish string, but the second one allows arrows go faster. Arrow rest is flexible, you can set it up if you want or throw it away.

The Bear Grizzly gives best performance. Wood is very resilient, very comfortable while holding. String is very hard and durable.

Bear Archery Grizzly Recurve Bow

The shelf design helps tuning the product easier so that you can use wider range of arrows.

Thanks to resilience of materials, while shooting, the unit causes no distraction. Moreover, when arrow is released, limbs don’t shake. This improves the shooting result.

The Bear Grizzly seems suitable for female shooters. It’s really light (2.2 lbs.), fits with medium hand and easy to practice. But maybe new comers don’t like it because it doesn’t have a take-down design, neither acceptation of pin sight and stabilizer.

On the whole, at this affordable price, the Bear Grizzly is a good choice.


  • 58 inches of length, 2.2 lbs. of weight
  • Ideal draw weight: 50 to 60 lbs.
  • No take-down ability: inconvenient to transport, carry on
  • Durable and resilient materials
  • Two appropriate strings: Draco and FastFlight
Bear Archery Grizzly Recurve Bow

Hoyt Dorado

At this range, shooters can find many others good recurve bows. But for me, the Hoyt Dorado is the best recurve bow for sale.

This recurve bow looks traditional but players are able to upgrade their tools or add some accessories like a compound bow.

Stabilizer can be put on or not, depending on your choice. Riser is made from aluminum, which makes it lighter but still durable. Hand-made Flemish Flashflight string is already installed, providing the best draw and arrow speed.

Thanks to its design, the product is easy to handle, it’s suitable for new archers. It also can be used for both hunting and practicing.

The grid fits for medium-sized hand. This one is light (2.5 lbs.). Because of qualified materials and structure, the Hoyt Dorado gives a good performance with accuracy.

After playing it for a while, you can easily upgrade your bow thank to the take-down design.

However, some shooters notice that this Hoyt Dorado cause too much noise. Overall, the Hoyt Dorado is little expensive, but it’s worth it.


  • 60 inches of length; 2.5 lbs. of weight
  • Ideal draw weight: 40 to 65 lbs.
  • High quality materials
  • Take-down structure: available to upgrade, transport easily
  • Suitable for beginner and advanced shooter
  • Suitable for hunting or practicing
  • Accuracy but little loud while shooting

Best Youth Bow: PSE Razorback Recurve Bow

Think about a best recurve bow for women and youth, the Razorback seems to be a perfect one. This bow is design for new archer, especially women and youth, who doesn’t have too much strength to practice archery for first time. Limbs and riser are design with durable materials: hardwood (riser) and laminated wood (limbs). B-50 string is already set up. Its grip is pretty small for man. So, women and kids can hold it easily without feeling any discomfort.

Because the Razorback is targeting female and young archers, so bow weight is pretty light (2.2 lbs.), and does draw weight. Ideal draw weight is less than 35 lbs. In another word, this is a practicing bow for female and young shooters, not for hunting. However, with the take-down structure, archers can upgrade it in the future.


  • 62 inches of length, 2.2 lbs. of weight
  • Ideal draw weight: 20 to 35 lbs.
  • Durable materials at the price paid
  • Easy to hold and shoot
  • Take-down structure: easy to transport and upgrade; able to add accessories

Competition bow or hunting bow?

Though the question seems too simple, but I bet that few players are still asking it. Actually the competition recurve bows and hunting bows are very similar. And depending on your purpose, you choose the bow you like.

If you plays archery as a sport, then competition bow is more suitable. The competition bow seems to be lighter.

Tuning will be easier than hunting bow which means you don’t have to use as much strength as using hunting bow.

Arrows comes with competition bow are different too. Normally, many players choose compound bow to practice, then switch to other kind of bow to upgrade level.

Meanwhile, hunting bow is for real game in jungle. Hunting needs accuracy and speed. So, these bows are usually harder to pull so that arrow speed improves. It also has to be more durable than competition bow, so it’s made with very qualified materials.

Some people say the hunting are longer than the competition bow, aims to improve arrows speed. I’m not sure about that. But obviously, their price will be higher and so the weight.

Generally, depending on how will you use your bow, for practicing in shooting range or experiencing as a hunter, you can choose the right unit for you.

How to choose

Maybe after reading through all products in my review, you are still unable to find the most suitable bow for yourself. Therefore, I am going to do a list of things you have to check when you come to buy a bow. Make sure that you read all of them and follow it well.

  1. Two main types of bow: as I mentioned above, there are some pros and cons of the takedown bow and the one-piece construction like the takedown bows seem to be accurate all the time while the one-piece construction give out the very powerful shot because energy going through any part of bow is not lost. Consider the advantages and disadvantage carefully so that when once you buy them, you will not regret when using them in the future.
  2. Hand orientation: this feature is always mentioned firstly. there are a lot of bows which are for the right hand only despite of this fabulous features. Remember it! And when you buy the bow, you must choose your hand orientation, otherwise they will get the right hand in default.
  3. The bow length: it relates to your arrow length. Ask someone to measure from the centre of your chest to the tips of your fingers. Add ONE INCH to this measurement and this will give you an approximate arrow length. Use the chart below to help youpick the right bow length. If in doubt, go with the longer bow length:
  4. Money of the bow: choose an affordable one, value your pocket and its feature value your money.
  5. The archer’s ability is going to increase after 6 to 12 month-practice period. Thus, be a wise consumer, you should choose the bow you can use for long term.
  6. Proper draw weight: this thing is really necessary for women and children or someone who is just a novice in this sport. When you come to choose bow, you must take it basing on your gender, your age, body type, willingness to learn… if you are not sure about it, choose a light draw weight, anywhere from 10-25lbs.

What draw weight is for you?

It is really a complex feature for the archery when choosing bow. You’r dealing mostly bases on your qualification, your experience, your physical fitness, your age and gender also.

However, the most important thing is when selecting a best recurve bow, consider the bow weight you will be holding when you reach a full draw.

Here are some numbers that I researched from archeries around me when they come to choose bow:

Common mistake when choosing bow

If you’re new to archery, you will make some mistakes while choosing bows for yourself. It’s easy to understand. But in this part, I want to share with you my experiences so that you may save a little time and money. When I was looking for my first bow, I was too focused on price. We all know that a good bow from well-known brand isn’t cheap at all.

So, I’ve forgot that important details like: what bow ‘stick is made of? How long is stick bow? Does this bow proportional to my body? What purpose do I use it for? … These questions will decide what kind of best recurve bow, what bow you should buy, not their price!

So, the advice is starting with your plan with your tool: hunting or practicing. So the seller can help you to choose materials and give you some advices of which kind of bow that you should buy. Then, make sure that bow is proportional to your body. You can search to ratio on forum or any website of archery on internet. This ratio will influence on the efficiency. Beside, remember to choose arrows that go with your purpose. Length of draw is also needed to be take an eye on. The perfect match between bow and draw for length is the key to improve arrow speed.

Find this too confused? It’s much easier if you go to store with friend who has already found his perfect one and has lots of experience with bow.

Archery Gear

  • Finger Tabs and Gloves: The average archer uses a finger tab over the glove as it is easy for them to have the controls required, however, either is an acceptable option as long as one is used. Those using the recurve bow favor those tabs or gloves made of leather. Once you get your finger tab start to use it without a break in period or method is often the most recommended for those that are not highly skilled or coaches. However, the higher the skill set or those that are tournament focused will want to break in the leather in the same manner one would break in a baseball glove.
  • Bracer: The bracer is a crucial accessory in that it prevents the string from snapping the archers arms in the event of error or improper draw length.
  • Bow Stringer: In the case of the recurve bow it is generally frown upon to not use a bow stringer when stringing the bow. The reasoning for this is that you risk damaging the bow when not is not used as it is not the easiest of tasks to complete.
  • Arrows: The selection of arrows tends to be user’s choice more so that a set selection recommendation. As the archer’s skill level increases this is more thought of and considered than in the beginning stages. Often once advancing the skillset the arrows are custom designed and crafted.
  • Quiver: A quiver is an arrow holder. There are three standard varieties to select between. They are the ground, the belt, or the holster.
  • Chest Guards: The chest guards have two primary functions. The first is to protect the archer wearing loose clothing or cold weather items as it prevents the clothing from getting into the drawstring. The second function is to protect the chest of the female archer. It prevents the formation of a breast lump that is often confused with the cancer like lumps and can only be distinguished by having medical professionals preform a biopsy.
  • Slings: The sling is a safety strap that one might select to use to prevent the bow from falling to the ground. It also is a guide item to help to ensure the proper relaxed state is achieved when taking the shot.
  • Arrow Rest: The arrow rest is what the arrow sits upon while preparing to draw and fire.
  • Sight: The sight is an aid that is added to the bow to help one line up the target and aim. Most recurve bow do not come equipped with a sight but often has the location for one premade.

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