Many people don’t choose popular sports like football, tennis, running or swimming as an exercise or an entertainment. They’ve found satisfaction in a pretty strange sport, the archery with recurve bows. So do I.

Nowadays, archery isn’t a fresh sport anymore. It becomes more attractive and popular thanks to the challenges that it creates for players. And, of course, to play archery, you need a professional bow, matching with your body, your strength and even your purpose.

Among three kinds of bow, I’ve spend a lot of time and interest in this type. In this article, I would like to share with you some basic information related to bow and i will show you how to find some best recurve bow.

What are different between recurve bow, long bow and compound bow?

First, let’s distinguish 3 notions above. They maybe sound unfamiliar for new players. Now in market, there are 3 popular kinds of bow: recurve bow, long bow and compound bow(i also like crossbow, but it wont listed here). Let’s start with the long bow first.

Long bow is the most simple, oldest bow in history. It consists of stick and one single string. From the beginning, when archery wasn’t a sport, human used long bow for hunting and for war. Now, long bow has a plenty of improvements with qualified materials, excellent technic and durability.

After so many years, bow’s technic was improved and elevated. So they was born. Narrow speed by using the new design is much improved comparing with long bow, but still saving your energy. That means you use less energy to string bow but narrow speed is still very high. The recurve bows was designed for horseman. The shape of laminate is difficult to make. It’s hard to get a perfect shape from one single wood bar. The limbs of recurve bow (which are the top and the bottom parts of bow) are usually wide and thin. The limbs tips protrude from the grips. If the long bow’s shape is like half of ellipse, so the recurve bows look like upper lip. Now the recurve bow is on the list of allowed tools of Olympic. It has take-down structure and one-piece structure.

Last, the compound bow is the most modern bow among these three. This kind of bow composes of many supported materials like truckles, hard cable, CAM. The aim is to support player to focus on target and use less power as possible. Using compound bow, players only need to use 20% or 30% of strength to pull but narrow speed is still on top. Comparing with long bow and recurve bow, the compound bow is more complex with lots of detail, equipped with supported system and of course, more expensive and hard to maintenance than two others. In my opinion, this kind of bow uses too much modern technic so that you can’t find any challenge or fun while using it. For me, the recurve bow is a reasonable choice, even for new comers.

Top Rated Best Recurve Bow for sale- Best 6

These are 6 recurve bows on sale that I’ve found on internet. For me, at each range of price, I think it’s hard to find better products than these 6 below.

Samick Sage Takedown Bow

The Samick Sage Take-down is a stand-out recurve bow at this price. The unit is a good choice for new comers. Its riser is on top quality. Limbs are made of maple with black fiberglass, which makes it durable. In this bow, a pre-installed brass bushing is set up. It helps to stabilizer while shooting and taking a sight at target. B-50 bow string and and arrow rest are also included. At this price, the Samick Sage Take-down has every basic take-down structure. This helps shooters to unrelease bow and place it in a small case.

The unit is suitable for both hunting and practicing. That’s convenient for those who like both activities. Its design also guaranty accuracy. Beside, thanks to its weight, it’s easy to draw and easy to handle. It’s a good starting for new players. But, this also means that powerful draw (more than 60 lbs.) is not recommended. Using too powerful draw influences on bow’s durability and it may crack down your bow. Some users say that wood quality isn’t good, so does fiberglass. But at this price, we can’t ask higher quality.


  • 62 inches of length, 3.4 lbs. of weight
  • Ideal draw weight: from 30 to 55 lbs.
  • Acceptable quality of wood, string
  • Suitable for beginner for both hunting and practicing
  • Take-down structure – easy to transport and upgrade in case of need

Martin Saber - Best Takedown Bow

At the upper range, the Martin Saber is the best recurve bow for sale now. This take-down bow has a large grip, suitable for small or medium sized hands. Limbs are made of laminated wood and fiberglass. These materials will secure durability of bow against time. On another hand, the riser is made from aluminum, also a durable material, which makes bow lighter. However, it influences to bow’s stabilization during the shoot. 

In my opinion, the Martin Saber is the good choice for beginner. This Takedown bow is in affordable price.

Meanwhile, it’s easy to handle. You can’t feel any discomfort while holding it. As the result, this grip’s design helps new shooter has less difficulties. 

Though it could has a vibration, but accuracy and arrow flight are still secured and new shooters just need more time to practice with it. 

Take-down design is a big plus point. With this design, archers can easily take it down to transport. In addition, you can upgrade bow (changing limbs, add stabilizer, sight…). 

Overall, the Martin Saber is on its best price. It’s pretty hard to find better one at this range.


  • 64 Inches of length, 3.42 lbs. of weight
  • Ideal draw weight: 30 to 55 lbs.
  • Durable materials
  • Suitable for beginner thanks to grip and riser’s design
  • Take-down structure: easy to transport, change bow materials or add accessories

PSE Archery Pro Max Traditional Takedown Recurve

At this range, we have one-piece PSE Archery Pro Max Traditional Takedown Recurve. You can use it immediately after taking his home. This one is for old-school style players. 

The Blackhawk is made 100% of hardwood, all parts of the product are sequential. This design makes bow look elegant and classic but you need adjust a cushioning material to prevent sweats from your hand. 

The grid is large enough to fit a man’s hand, so it may uncomfortable to woman. Its riser and limbs have nice shape, both made from laminated hardwood. It does a good job at preventing vibration while shooting. The best thing is the riser can suffer powerful draw weight (more than 50 lbs.) without cracking.

However, this recurve bow isn’t very suitable for beginner. It is considered as an accurate bow, but new players need lots of patience and practice to get used to it.

Beside, you can’t install a sight, which may make you feel depressed easily. But for those who want to take more challenge, it would be no big problem. And as a one-piece bow, this unit doesn’t allow you change limbs or riser but you may change string.


  • 62 inches of length, 3.13 lbs. (pretty light); very durable
  • Ideal draw weight: 15 to 35 lbs.; possibly more than 50 lbs. without cracking or splinting
  • Excellent wood quality and string (B-50 string)
  • No take-down ability: no upgrade ability (sight, stabilizer) and inconvenient transport

Bear Archery Grizzly

At this price, the Bear Grizzly is one of the popular recurve bow in market. This one is also a one-piece bow. I have to admit that this product looks very classical by its material (Dymondwood) and its color. Grip of the Bear Grizzly is designed beautifully and fits well with medium- and large-sized hands. Limbs are made from black fiberglass and very durable. The product can go with both Dacron string and FastFlight Flemish string, but the second one allows arrows go faster. Arrow rest is flexible, you can set it up if you want or throw it away.
The Bear Grizzly gives best performance. Wood is very resilient, very comfortable while holding. String is very hard and durable. The shelf design helps tuning the product easier so that you can use wider range of arrows. Thanks to resilience of materials, while shooting, the unit causes no distraction. Moreover, when arrow is released, limbs don’t shake. This improves the shooting result.

The Bear Grizzly seems suitable for female shooters. It’s really light (2.2 lbs.), fits with medium hand and easy to practice. But maybe new comers don’t like it because it doesn’t have a take-down design, neither acceptation of pin sight and stabilizer. On the whole, at this affordable price, the Bear Grizzly is a good choice.


  • 58 inches of length, 2.2 lbs. of weight
  • Ideal draw weight: 50 to 60 lbs.
  • No take-down ability: inconvenient to transport, carry on
  • Durable and resilient materials
  • Two appropriate strings: Draco and FastFlight