With an awesome new air rifle, you must have an air rifle scope for perfect hunting . Whether you’re a beginner or expert in using an air rifle best scope withstand the unique vibration and double recoil of an air rifle.

With lots of options in the market to choose from, getting the best is quite hard and unless you’re really lucky, you will have to spend lots of hours researching for the best air rifle scope that also have fair prices and that’s where we come in.

To make things easier for you, we've rounded up 10 of the best airgun scope for 2021 with pricing and performance factors and durability all taken into consideration.

With the guide and reviews below, there’s no way you could go wrong as far as making an informed choice on an air rifle scope is concerned.

Why get an air rifle scope

  • It’s able to withstand the vibrations of air rifles
  • You get a higher level of accuracy
  • They’ve got a higher magnification

Top 3 Comparison chart

To save you the hassle of reading through each of the 10 air rifle scope reviews, we've put together the comparison chart below that is a side by side comparison of the best-priced scopes with the major features on each one of them outlined.

Best Value

Simmons Scope

  • 8-Point 3-9x50mm
  • 50-millimeter objective lens
  • Water, fog, and recoil-proof
  • Weight 3.2-ounce

Hunter Scope

  • 3-9X40 1"
  •  36 Colors in Multi-Color Mode
  • Water, fog, and recoil-proof
  • Weight: 21. 1 oz 

2020’s 10 best air rifle scopes for the money

From our reviews, you’ll have a look at the kind of pellet gun scopes that are worth pairing up with your air rifle. There’s no better way to find the best scope for air gun- you deserve the best.

1. Hawke Sport Optics Sidewinder: 

(Most durable rifle scope)

When budget is not a problem and you’re all about getting the ultimate air rifle scope, perhaps you should try this one out. It has got a large magnification range, an amazing objective diameter, and long-lasting construction.

Features a low position mounting

The scope comes with a smaller 42-millimeter diameter objective lens that allows it to be mounted on a lower position on the rifle which allows you to keep your head low so as to achieve better alignment with the barrel.

Comes with a 30-millimeter monotube body

For the build quality, the scope has got a 30-millimeter mono-tube body. The body has got a shockproof, waterproof and fog proof construction. This way, you can always count on the scope in wet environments and with the shockproof design, it will be able to withstand the recoil of the air rifle.

Includes fully multi coated optics

As for the optics, it has got an optical system that is fully multi coated which provides both bright and clear images even in low lighting conditions. To add on to the brightness of the image in low lighting conditions, the large 42mm objective lens will ensure optimal light intake.

The scope also features an illuminated red/green aiming dot which gives you 5 levels of brightness so that you get to have optimum performance in different lighting conditions and with the fully floating 20X ½ mil-dot, you get aiming precision. 


  • Includes a fog proof, waterproof and shockproof construction
  • Features multi-coated optics for bright images in different lighting
  • It’s got an aiming dot for optimal performance in different lighting and precision


  • It might take some time to get the adjustments right for first-time users

2. Visionking Rifle Scope 10-40x56 Red & Green Illuminated

The accuracy of the Visionking Rifle Scope is amazing, it comes with durable build quality, the magnification is adjustable and with the amazing optics, there’s no way you could go wrong with this scope

Features a durable build quality
By incorporating one of the strongest constructions you could get on an air rifle scope, the Visionking Rifle Scope will be giving you one of the best experiences.

It is nitrogen filled, waterproof and fog proof all of which make it moisture resistant and can be counted on in wet conditions. When it comes to taking in the recoil of your pellet rifle, there is the 3000g shock proofing that makes this happen.

The scope also has a high-grade aluminum body tube with a matte black finish for superior ruggedness.

Extreme distance target
For you to have a better chance of hitting far away targets, there’s the 35mm main tube. The scope offers a 10x-40x magnification that brings the image closer than most scopes and the optics are fully multi coated so you can use it in different lighting conditions.

Has a high level of accuracy
For pinpoint accuracy, it's got a super accurate glass-etched illuminated military reticle with thin crosshairs. The wind age and elevations turrets with 1/8 MOA clicks hence providing a more accurate performance and they also ensure that the scope is zeroed for better long-range shooting experience.


  • Has got multicoated optics for use in different lighting situations
  • It features a 3000g shockproof design
  • Has nitrogen filled waterproof and shockproof construction


  • The instructions on getting it to focus are unclear

3. Monstrum Tactical 4-16x50 First Focal Plane (FFP) Rifle Scope

Intended to give you a bang for your buck is the G2-FFPS41650-R line of the Monstrum tactical scope. As simple a design as it has, it packs a lot more power in addition to having an amazing build quality for use on an air rifle.

Includes an illuminated Mil-dot reticle for accuracy

For the fastest estimation, the reticle is always visible without any illumination but in addition to this, for low light environments, it can be lit either red or green for better visibility. The reticle also features a touch button-controlled illumination for both the red and the green with multiple brightness intensities.

To add on to the accuracy, the objective is adjustable. This is a 50mm-diameter objective lens which lets in enough light and for precision, the magnification range is from 4-16x

Durable aluminum constriction

For the build quality, it features a durable 6061-grade aircraft grade aluminum that's going to hold up quite well in protecting the optics on the inside as you use it on your air rifle

Additional features

Other than the amazing build quality and good optics, the air rifle has got a spring-loaded flip-up lens cover, there's a detachable honeycomb sunshade, it comes with a carrying bag and there's a CR2032 3V battery already installed for the reticle.


  • Features a 6061 aircraft grade aluminum
  • Has got illuminated reticles for better precision
  • Includes a 4-16 zoom with a 50mm objective lens for clear images


  • You might need alternate heights for the mounts as they’re a little taller

4. UTG 4-16X44 30mm Scope

For a mid-range, this might just be the best scope for air rifle you've been missing out on. The magnification is dependable, it's got a strong construction and with the flexibility to use it in different lightings and weather conditions, it's worth taking a look at.

Features a quick power selector ring
So as to give you accurate target acquisitions and zooming in it not only has a 4X-16X magnification power but there is also a selector ring present. This way, you get the accuracy setting correct quite fast


There’s premium zero lockable and resettable target turrets that've got a consistent and precise ¼ MOA per click adjustment. There is also a side wheel adjustable turret for parallax adjustment that starts at 10 yards all the way to infinity.

Features a mil-dot range estimating reticle
There is also a mil-dot range estimating reticle which also has got a built-in integral sunshade for optimal aiming and shooting performance.

Includes a reliable illuminating system
The scope also features an innovative EZ-TAP illumination enhancing system with red/green in dual color modes and 36 colors in multi-color modes for use in different lighting conditions


There is the 30mm main tube, you get room for a large range of elevation and windage adjustment which adds on to the accuracy. The tube is nitrogen filled and has multi-coated lenses while at the same time being shockproof, fog proof and rainproof


  • Has got an illumination enhancing system for different lighting conditions
  • Features a mil-dot range estimating reticle
  • Features a shockproof, fog proof and windproof 30mm tube


  • The illumination lights up a portion of the interior tube

UTG EZ-TAP Outdoor MS Rings Scope: (The runners up )

We're nearly halfway done and with this one, you get a lower magnification power but it’s equally a dependable scope for air rifle as the previous one. Here’s what you should look forward to.

A strong build quality
The scope has a 30-mm tube that is sealed and nitrogen-filled with a shockproof, rain-proof and fog-proof capability. For optimal performance, the impact of each scope is analyzed based on different test parameters hence making it one of the best pair ups on your air rifle

Has got lockable and resettable turrets
For consistent and crisp windage and elevation adjustments, the turrets have a locking and resettable feature which also contribute to proper zeroing of the scope.

There is a side wheel adjustable turret for parallax correction in views from 10 yards to infinity.

Includes a range estimating mil-dot reticle
The UTG EZ-TAP has got a 36-color mil-dot which is precise and allows you to hit almost anything you aim at, the optics are also colored for use in different lighting conditions.


  • Features a shockproof design
  • Has got a 36-color mil-dot for different outdoor applications
  • Waterproof & rainproof design for performance and durability


  • Though it’s short, it’s a little too heavy