Best Sports Backpacks Reviews

Today, we’re covering the best sports backpacks of 2021 and making sure you are on the path of greatness with the right gear.

Tossing all your sports goodies (sweaty smelly socks and jersey, clean towel, clean set of clothes, a racket, helmet, a basketball or your sports shoes) all in one bag doesn’t add up to the motivation you are envisioning for as a sportsperson.

Well, unless you are into some freaky sports that involve a lot of dirt and demoralization.

Best Sports Backpacks

Having that dedicated bag that suits your sporting activity goes a long way in ensuring that you will have a successful session whether at the gym, rink or court depending on your interests.

Factors to consider before buying sports backpacks

A bag that separates your wet swimsuit from your shoes, keeps the smelly socks from your towel and so on is very crucial.

Handy compartments are a great feature too so that you can easily carry your laptop with you without carrying another bag.

A bag that fits your style and comfort is another major factor to consider while selecting your ideal sports backpack. Well, we’ve considered a lot of factors and are quite confident that we have you covered. Before buying sports backpacks, consider the following factors:

The capacity: This can be personal depending on your choice of sport. Some sports require a bag with a large capacity that can hold a lot of apparel and equipment while some are basic.

The straps: It is better to look for sports backpacks with straps that are durable. The straps with good padding ensure too much weight is not put on the shoulders, thereby limiting exhaustion.

The number of pockets: The number of pockets a sports backpack has is another great feature since they serve as compartments for your personal stuff. You can easily apportion your sensitive items from the rest as well as use the backpack for multiple purposes like a laptop bag as well as a gym bag too.

Backpack material: You should look for a high-quality material, preferably water-proof in challenging weather conditions.

Adjustments: Some sports backpacks will fit people better or worse when size and height are factored. You should find out the length to which the bottom straps will extend.

Ease of access: You should look for sports backpacks that can accommodate small items within reach even when the bag is filled to the maximum.

Pacsafe Metrosafe LS350 Anti-Theft 15L Backpack

The Pacsafe Metrosafe LS350 is a great anti-theft backpack with a fantastic size and style, providing functionality and integrated security technology. If you are looking for a backpack that is lightweight, this can offer a solution due to its light weight of 1lb.

Factors to consider before buying sports backpacks

This is one of the bags that can help keep you a step ahead of the game by keeping it secure from opportunistic thieves.

This backpack’s fabric is fixed with eXomesh Slash guard, which is a lightweight stainless steel wire mesh which ensures protection from petty and quick slash-and-run thefts.

The bag also features a Security Clip as well as a smart zipper which enhances the security of the bag by having multiple lockdown points on the zipper to keep off pickpockets.

The interior is about 15 liter in size which is ideal for daily commutes as well as a good carry-on partner.

The interior main compartment contains a sleeve for a 13 inch MacBook and an RFID-protected pocket that prevents hackers from stealing your personal information.

The quick access front pocket provides a safe landing for your phone, keys, tickets and other small items.

Pacsafe Metrosafe LS350 can guarantee your items will be protected by its added security. This is made possible by carry safe strap that is embedded with stainless steel wire to prevent bag slashers from running off with your bag.


  •         It is lightweight
  •         Durable due to its fabric and construction
  •         Spacious with several organizational options
  •         Anti-theft technologies keep it safe from being stolen


  •         The strap is a little too rigid
  •         Small size cannot accommodate many items.

Teton Sports Oasis 1100

TETON Sports Oasis Hydration Packs; 2-Liter Hydration

The Teton Sports Oasis 1100 backpack is among the most popular and versatile sports backpacks with some unique features, which has been in the market for a long time. If you are worried about extreme weather conditions like rain, this backpack has a rain cover. This ensures your sensitive items like electronics are safe as the water cannot leak leading to any damage.

Even with the considerable space that you will have available with this product, the design of the backpack was built to compliment the shape of the carrier’s body. You could feel little to no irritability on your shoulders, even after a prolonged walk with the bag. The straps are designed to help you keep your posture stable and reduce slouching over from an uncomfortable strain. Furthermore, back panels help keep the air flowing in the interior, a good attribute to reduce body heat.

There is a separate external zippered water bladder compartment that is insulated. There is also a Velcro tab on the top to hang the included water bladder. The water bladder is 2 liters, allowing you to satisfy your thirst at any time.

You will also notice a bungee cord on the front, where you can comfortably store pieces of clothes or a helmet. Again, on the bottom front section, there are reflective flops for equipment attachment. With all mentioned facilities it is often used as a hiking backpack.


  •         It is lightweight
  •         Versatile
  •         Smart design
  •         Rain cover
  •         Water bladder


  •         Very simple hip belt
  •         No frame of any kind

Under Armour Undeniable 3.0 Backpack

Under Armour Adult Undeniable 3.0 Backpack

This backpack is at its third revolution and continues to improve every year. This can be one of your best backpack for travel marked with classic oversized UA logo and built with great durable materials. Mirroring the conspicuous UA logo is the strong and durable straps for added comfort and stability. The backpack is completely waterproof and cannot leak, drip, or absorb any liquids into the insides of the backpack when the weather is not in your favor.

If you wish to carry around lots of stuff that are sensitive to water such as electronic notebooks, paper, and textbooks, this sports backpack might be a great choice of purchase. The water-repellent front valuables pocket could ensure your kinds of stuff are safe.

The backpack has adjustable Heatgear shoulder straps for extra comfort. This can also reduce exhaustion, especially on the shoulders. This backpack has an extra-large main compartment with easy top loader access. You can comfortably arrange your items and also access them easily. Surprisingly, this backpack can fit a size 5 soccer ball or an NBA-sized basketball.

The deep mesh side water bottle pockets on the side ensure you carry a drink of your choice thereby getting rid of thirst. The tough and abrasion-resistant bottom panel allows you to carry maximum weight comfortably.


  •         Big size
  •         Waterproof
  •         Dual handles for an easy carry
  •         U-shaped zipper feature provides easy access to all contents
  •         Lightweight and durable


  •         A bit expensive
  •         Limited color options
  •         Lacks versatility as other products in its price bracket

Bagland Sport Backpack

Hard Work Sports Basketball Backpack With Ball Compartment

Just by appearance, the Bagland Sports Backpack is a bag that is dedicated to sports and outdoor activities and is a great choice of bag for sport lovers and hikers. The most noticeable aspect of this bag is the large mesh pouch that easily accommodates your basic sports gear; it could be your helmet, shoes, dirty clothes, basketball or even football.

This bag is made with a high-density canvas material that is water resistant. This could help keep all your items safe in case of rains. The multi-panel airflow design provides extra padding for comfort, maximum back support and keeps the back cooler.

If you like to carry a sizable portion of goods or enjoy having everything laid out neatly when you travel, the abundance of pockets in the backpack will be used multiple times. Additionally, the Bagland Sports Backpack has a sleeve made for your laptop and is big enough for medium to large size screens.

Air mesh on the shoulder straps and lumbar pads provides comfort when carrying heavy items on your shoulders. Adjustable shoulder straps ensure people of different height and sizes can carry this sports backpack with ease.

The USB port is another great aspect that this backpack has. It ensures that you don’t drain off your phone’s battery while on the field or court.


  •         Ample space, it can fit 17-inch laptop with heavy books and still have room for more. Also holds a basketball securely without worries of falling out.
  •         Beautifully made with durable material
  •         Lightweight
  •         The shoulder straps and panel area is extremely well made and padded


  •         Zippers are on the cheap side

Hard Work Sports Basketball Backpack with Ball Compartment

Under Armour Storm Hustle II Backpack

From the moment you lay your eyes on the Hard Work Sports Basketball Backpack, you will understand why it has easily become a sensation among basketball players. A meshed ball holder that is dedicated to the basketball is a great attraction for this backpack making it a considerable must-have backpack for basketball lovers.

Apparently, it comes in one size with the main compartment spacious enough to place major items like shoes and books. This big space of 70 liters might enable you to pack more items and in an orderly manner for easier access.

The Hard Work Sports Basketball can be said to be built to simply complement the users’ body. This sports backpack has adjustable shoulder straps for a more comfortable carry. You can reduce the risk of shoulder pains by adjusting the backpack depending on the weight you carry and the terrain you are walking on. The stylish look could attract both men and women in athletics.

The zipper pockets on the sides can enable you to pack small items of your choice. Again the backpack has mesh pockets on the sides where you can pack your water bottle.

The price of this bag is also very reasonable aside from its features. It comes in at a great budget for anyone who is in love with the sport of basketball.


  •         The quality of the materials is great
  •         The design is awesome
  •         Adjustable shoulder straps


  •         The backpack space may not accommodate all the items at a go.

Under Armour Storm Hustle II Backpack

Under Armour UA Storm Hustle 3.0 Backpack Laptop Book Bag

Combining durability and style in one awesome and appealing bag is the Under Armour Storm Hustle II Backpack. Good news is it comes very fairly priced! This backpack offers unmatched versatility because it can be used in a variety of settings. It can be used by travelers, sportsmans, hikers, tourists, and campers among many more. The Under Armour Storm Hustle II Backpack can, therefore, be considered a popular choice for packing the essentials for your sport of choice.

The Under Armour Storm Hustle II Backpack is custom designed for athletes hence made to be strong and durable and will service you for years. Infusing the UA storm technology, a water-resistant material, it keeps of any moisture dripping into your sports gear.

It is built to be used frequently with a bottom panel that is resistant to abrasion. This could make the backpack remain new for longer and is resistant to wear and tear for a long time.

You can stay hydrated with two side pockets that accommodate any beverage. The heat gear shoulder straps are adjustable thereby maximizing comfort while in use.

There is spacious storage for packing light or many essentials. The cubic volume capacity is 1875 so you can pack as much stuff as possible. Pudding in the back area ensures extra back support, thereby protecting you from back muscle strain and fatigue.


  •         Unique design with high-quality material for durability
  •         Waterproof makes it great to use in rainy weather
  •         Spacious storage
  •         Lightweight for easier carrying


  •         The material feels thin
  •         Stitching at times comes undone.

High Sierra Access Laptop Backpack

High Sierra Access Laptop Backpack

First, a great sports backpack should have a lot of capacity, and the High Sierra Access laptop backpack is a great match. Though it is known as a laptop bag, it is a large capacity bag for the laptop kind of guy that is coincidentally into sports. The large main compartments and multiple pockets allow you to keep all your items well organized for easier access. A fully padded Cushion Zone laptop compartment accommodates 17-inch models. In addition, a dedicated TechSpot sleeve provides better space for your tablet.

You can comfortably use the camera backpack in a rainy environment. The backpack contains a rain cover that is stored in a hidden compartment at the bottom of the bag. This ensures your items are safe from water damage.

The shoulder straps provide you with comfort especially when carrying heavier items. This is made possible by dampening the shock of weight transfer while transporting your gear. The padded back panel with airflow ensures maximum airflow between you and the pack.


  •         Easy to load
  •         Enough pockets for better organization
  •         Compression straps to keep the weight from shifting
  •         Durable material


  •         The hip belt is too long for some
  •         Poor stitching and straps

Speedo Large Teamster Backpack

Under Armour Storm Hustle II Backpack

This may be one of the best backpacks, especially for swimmers. You can store anything for your next practice in the spacious and durable Speedo Teamster Backpack that is designed to hold all your swimming costumes to and from the pool. It features a water-resistant bottom, a removable compartment bag to keep wet clothes separate from dry items.

It features a durable and abrasion-resistant shell and a water-resistant bottom. You can, therefore, go anywhere with your items being safe. The raised 15-inch laptop backpack and tablet sleeve that protects the corners of your laptop.

The bag has very comfortable padding throughout the portions, where support is needed along the shoulders. You can choose the best color from the varieties that are provided.


  •         Quality material
  •         Plenty of pockets and space
  •         Water resistant
  •         Variety of colors and design


  •         The bottom material is a little thin and could be more durable


No more getting all your sports equipment mixed up together. From the bags we’ve reviewed above, you clearly get a good picture of what backpack excels best in what kind of sport and environment. Whether you are into basketball, soccer, football, swimming or just need a very versatile bag, there are plenty of sports backpacks for you.  With the products mentioned, you will no longer have buyers’ remorse when purchasing your sports backpack so feel free to check them out by exploring the product of your choice.

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