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Best Sports Watches For Hunting [Reviews and Buyer Guide 2021]

Just because you are a tennis player, a swimmer, a mountain climber, or an all-around sportsman, you should not have to forgo the basic need of telling the time without wearing your day to day watch.

Your dress and style watches are not made to deal with what the best sports watches are designed to deal with.

Your day to day is certainly not durable enough to work within any of the circumstances you place yourself in sports-wise, no matter how good.

The sports watch goes way beyond the basic realms of the stopwatch. Especially with the developments in smartwatch technology bringing new features, functions, and durability to the classic watch format.

Watches that can follow you down into the deepest depths of the ocean like the Citizen Promaster diver, or pieces that help you around the track with real-time details on your laps like the Polar M400 watch.

These are just some examples of sports watches that have niche specifications, but you need to be on the lookout for a watch that suits your specific needs.

Things to Consider when looking for the Best Sports Watch for you

There is so much more that goes into the making of a fine sports watch than many people are actually aware of. The designs of many watches made for the purpose of swimming or tennis or running laps puts the general consumer off of the product in a lot of cases.

Thanks to sports stores making cheaper timepieces that are merely just stopwatches with a watch band. Do not be dragged into this scam.

Below, we address all the things that make a good smartwatch an amazing addition to your collection for active use. We believe that when you are putting in the time to take care of yourself, time should be working on your side.

Telling the Difference

The marketplace today is filled with a ridiculous amount of cheap plastic timepieces that are just digital watches with a stopwatch feature. Again, do not get pulled in by these. They are cheaper than the best sports watches around for the simple reason that they do not fall into that category.

The same can be said about the smartwatch sports pieces. There are many cheaper alternatives around. The best way to tell the difference between the great pieces and the cheaper knock-off products is to look into the lens that they come encased in and other functions that are available.

You need to make sure that these lens’ are durable and will last. And the watch needs to have more than a pedometer and a stopwatch. It is that simple.

Advantages of the Sports Watch

The sports watch is for the out and active sports person within you.

A great sports watch should have features that are beneficial to its wearer. So keep that in mind when you are deep in your search. There are watches out there that work to specific specifications for a multitude of sportsmen.

If you are a swimmer, make sure to look out for a watch that has the largest measurement of water resistant depth. Watches that are branded more toward divers will give you the best water resistant hold out of any timepiece on the market.

The closer to being waterproof, the better.

Runners need a watch that is as close to being perfectly accurate as it is possible to get. Stopwatch capability, lap rendering statistics, and heart rate monitor are all needs and wants for a runners watch.

We would say that the most important feature of the watch of a runner is to get a piece with a breathable watch band. A tight clasp of course, but something that will reduce the inevitable sweat build-up on the wrist. If you are not sweating, you aren’t doing it right.

Many of the best sports watches, the real high-end pieces, come with apps for your phone to track your workout statistics and general health.

Those can also come with workouts, step-by-step personal training assistance, with tips and instructions to aid your routines. When looking for a watch to guide you through your workout, these app paired personal trainers are the only way to go.

What makes a Great Sports Watch

  • Bezel

Dependent on why you are looking for a sports watch (i.e. for a swimmer or a hiker) the bezel can be the make or break for a good catch.

Having a sturdy and easy to read bezel on your watch is a necessity for any swimmer who wishes to know the time underwater.
A well-marked bezel in any watch is a good standard of its worth.

  • Display

The big difference between a sports watch and a regular watch can be determined straight away by its look. The digital time display is a big giveaway.

If you are a swimmer or a diver, the classic watch display is perfect for you, coupled with a great bezel. As a workout watch, you are better with a digital display.

  • Stopwatch

Yes, yes, we said earlier how you need more than just a stopwatch to make a great sports watch, we know. But you do need one.

A solid stopwatch is the make or break in a sports watch, so make sure that you get one that will treat you right and stay accurate for as long as you need it to be.

Analog watch vs. Smartwatch

With the rise of the smartwatch wearables this last decade, the marketplace has opened up. There are so many options to choose from and different features to adapt to your style and routine. It is forever a great thing to work at staying in shape. And now it is amazing to have such a comprehensive tool to help us all in doing just that.

  • Analog

The analog watch is tried and tested. Durable design and keeps you on time as well as it can. Very low-tech, but it does the job even now when new technologies are available.
Moon and tide graphs, pedometers, and the ease with which they can reach deep under water. Solid water resistance in any you find on the market. But what you buy is what you get.

  • Smartwatch

Whereas with a smartwatch, paired to your phone, you have everything that an analog watch can offer and so much more. Workout statistics sent in real time, a personal trainer there on your wrist, and the ability to answer calls, texts, and emails whenever you please. This smart wearable tech helps to keep your world organized regardless of what you are doing or where you are.

The choice is yours.

Old school or new school.

Best Sports Watches on the Market

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