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5 Best Tactical Pens Reviews – Buyer Guide 2021

What Is A Tactical Pen And, Why Need One?

My Simple answer is..

It is pen that is built with certain tactical Purposes in mind and can hold up to those demands that are put upon it.

What are some of the purposes for carrying a tactical pen?

There are two main purposes

1st Being Self-defense

2nd Being for rescue situations

What are some of the purposes for carrying a tactical pen?

There was a time when it was common for citizens to walk around with their firearm attached to the hip, but today many people leave their firearms at home to avoid causing a panic. While it may avoid a stir, not having a firearm can leave you unprotected.

Here’s the thing: There is an alternative option to lugging around your favorite handgun, and it is a tactical pen!

Read more on the best tactical pen to find the right one for you.

Short On Time? Here is the Bullets…

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Tactical Pen Basics

From a distance, it seems to be just a really cool looking ink pen.

Its most practical use is indeed just that – a really cool pen.

However, in an emergency it can be a major tool, one that should certainly be a part of your everyday carry. 

Most tactical pens are made of hardened metals such as aluminum, titanium, or stainless steel with a protective layer of coating.

Often times they will be manufactured with deep grooves in it to allow for a firm grip.

Some might consider this a self-defense pen, but there is a fairly broad range of utility with these tools.

The most basic feature includes a pointed end, opposite from the ball of the pen, which has a hardened tip.

Should you need to break a window, this tip would easily shatter the glass. This portion of the pen also typically doubles as a knife-like weapon. Should an attacker approach you, it would be a nightmare for him to encounter this tool.

The design is intended to protect you, the user, by offering the ability to puncture the assailants’ skin and cause potentially fatal injuries.

There are other cool features in the best tactical pens on the market. Some may have a fire starter or even a hidden handcuff key. All the extras are for you to choose; however, the basics should not change. 

In short, a tactical pen is a deadly weapon with an under-the-radar appearance that has the potential to provide you with some enticing utility features.

Tactical gear is for those who are always prepared no matter what they encounter. A quality tactical pen could be just what you need in a time of distress.

Tactical Pen Uses

Because they are seemingly harmless, the best tactical pens typically go unnoticed. These tools should certainly not be regarded as your first line of defense. We want you to have the ability to extract as much use as possible from your purchase. These are the three most common uses of a tactical ink pen.


This is the most practical and common use of a tactical pen. Admittedly, these pens are usually not flawless in the writing department. With that said, don’t expect a smooth and effortless motion when using these. However, to quickly jot down a note or two, consider your problem solved.

Breaking glass:

Suppose you drive into floodwater and your car begins to submerge and drift. Nothing is more important for your safety than a quick exit. With the pressure of water on the outside, a window can be almost impossible to break by hand. If you are lucky, you will have this handy dandy tool. The hardened tip can shatter the glass and allow for a quick escape.


With your safety on the line, going hand-to-hand with an attacker seems daunting. If you have a tactical pen, at least you have something to use to protect yourself. As a warning, you won’t scare anyone off when you pull out your pen. But at least this daunting task will seem a little less intimidating if you have a little extra help.

These are only some of the basic uses that you can expect from your pen. If you find one with a fire starter or handcuff key, bravo! You have increased the level of utility. For more specific information on tactical pen techniques, move on to our next section!

How to Use a Tactical Pen

If you buy a basketball goal, you have to shoot hoops to perform better. When you buy your first bow and arrow, setting up for target practice is essential if you expect to knock down some wildlife.

The point is that practice makes perfect, and if you intend to rely on your tactical pen, mastering tactical pen techniques is crucial.

Prepare yourself!

Chances are, you’re not James Bond and you won’t be taking out an army of men with a tactical pen any time soon.

However, when danger crosses your path, the least you can do is have some basic skills loaded into your brain. So, without any further adieu, here are some basic tactical pen techniques.  

The Best Tactical Pen Techniques

Breaking glass: 

The number one rule for breaking glass is to try not to be directly in front of the window. Flying shards of glass is likely, and it will hurt if it hits you.

Try to cover any exposed areas of your skin to help eliminate the chance of glass impaling your skin. 

If your goal is to break a window, then stand with your back against the same wall the window is located on.

Grip your tactical pen with the hardened tip facing outward and simply extend your elbow, with force, towards the glass. It should shatter easily, and this position will reduce the chances of glass hitting you.

Slashing or stabbing:

First, a quick disclaimer: Using a weapon of potential deadly force should never be your first alternative.

Causing serious injury to another individual can raise legal questions, whether you are acting in self-defense or not. Always try to find another resolution!

Tactical pens that are contoured for your hand to be gripped around it are a must. Losing grip on your pen, your only weapon, could prove to be fatal. While flailing arms with a tactical pen in hand could certainly do plenty of harm, it isn’t ideal.

You want your movements to be quick and decisive. If your life is on the line, always aim for vital portions of the body to truly debilitate your attacker (chest, neck, stomach, head).

Of course, it would be easier to understand if you were shown directions rather than reading directions.

So take a look around the Internet and find some videos out there that put the basic techniques into action! And remember, you should not underestimate how important it can be to be competent using your tactical pen.

Necessary Tactical Pen Features

Sometimes buying a product you know very little about can be fun. However, we recommend you to spend a bit of time thinking about what you intend to do with your tactical pen. 

Know what features are available on the market and then compare that with what you may need from your tactical pen some day. Allow us to provide you with a few things you can look for when making your final decision.


You will want your pen to last for a long time. Choosing heavy-duty materials like titanium, aluminum, or even stainless steel should help you get years of use from your purchase.


Keep an eye on the general construction of the product. Is it big and bulky, or small and discreet? Is the pen contoured enough for you to feel comfortable gripping it? Maybe you want a clip on it so it will stay secured in your pocket. Paying attention to the smaller details can help you make a smart purchase.


There are tons of special features available with your tactical pen. Some may have the fire starter like we mentioned above. Others may have special ink that will write in just about any condition, or carabiners that allow you to clip the pen together with other tools. Identify your need and be sure to match it with the product.


Be aware of the purpose of the pen or what you are going to use it for. If you will want to write often, lean towards a pen that is geared for that more so than survival. If you are a survivalist prepper, you may want a tool that will offer more advanced features.

Obviously, you will have to make the final decision on what fits your style the best. Keeping an eye on these four things will make you a happy camper as you open your package in the mail. Choose wisely!

The Best Tactical Pens on the Market

The Best Tactical Pen for Writing:

Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen

Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen

Gerber has spent years collaborating with law enforcement and military personnel in an effort to design only the highest quality tactical gear.

This multi-use pen is efficient enough for you to jot down notes in the field and tough enough to fend off danger when it comes your way.

Crafted with machined steel and matched with a quality ballpoint pen, this should fit your daily routine.

What’s to like:

  • Tempered steel glass breaker tip
  • Rite in the Rain ink cartridge for writing in wet conditions
  • Sturdy stainless steel pocket clip
  • Ballpoint pen with push button mechanism

What’s not to like:

  • Lack of durability with push button feature
  • Coating of pen can chip easily
Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen

The Best Tactical Pen for Police: 

UZI UZI-TACPEN2-GM Aircraft Aluminum Defender Tactical Pen

Aircraft Aluminum Defender Tactical Pen

Uzi has been in business for 25 years due to their commitment in manufacturing innovative and modern product designs.

This tactical ink pen was crafted using heavy duty, lightweight aircraft aluminum.

This pen dons a stylish appearance that leans more toward tactical than practical.

However, law enforcement typically does not need to be discreet with their weaponry, so this pen comes in as one of the best tactical pens for self-defense for police.

What’s to like:

  • Durable carbide glass breaker tip
  • Lightweight pen weighing 1.6 ounces
  • Other models with unique add-ons
  • Large spring steel pocket clip

What’s not to like:

  • Rotating barrel to extract pen
  • Bulky design fails to allow discretion
 UZI Tactical Pen

The Best Tactical Pen – Overall: 

CRKT Tao Pen

CRKT Tao Pen

The CRKT Tao tactical pen, designed by Allen Elishewitz who is an award-winning knife designer, is awesome on three different levels.

Integrated in the design of this aluminum body is the ability to fend off an attacker at a non-lethal level with the impact crown in the cap.

Should your enemy continue to assault you, the highest defense level is achieved by using the pen point itself, which is made of tungsten carbide, to puncture the opponent.

This pen, chosen by yours truly, is a legitimate combat pen that poses a legitimate threat to your opponent.

Oh, and it happens to write in any condition, whether you are freezing or boiling.

If for some reason you get a sudden itch to write underwater, you are covered for that also.

What’s to like:

  • Thixotropic ink will write in any condition
  • Durable tungsten carbide ballpoint
  • Three levels of defensive force
  • Threaded ink pen cap
  • Machine grooved barrel for grip

What’s not to like:

  • Too long to pass as a normal person’s pen 
  • Threaded cap is too difficult to take off and put on

The Best Tactical Pen Final Thoughts

Choosing the right tactical ink pen could be the difference between life and death. Always be sure to make your selection with your own intentions in mind.

Whether you need a combat pen, a survival pen, or an awesome-looking writing utensil, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. Remember to make it work for you – you want to get the most of your purchase. 

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