Hang Loose! How to Choose the Best Wakesurf Board for Your Needs

Did you know that in the United States alone there are three million wakesurfers?

Wakesurfing is a popular water sport that requires you to have the right wakesurf board for your skill level. 

Looking to have a little fun on the water?

Keep reading to learn what the best wakesurf board is for your individual needs, skill level, and design preferences. 

Understand Wakesurf Board Types

Like most sports, wakesurfing requires some essential equipment. The most important piece of equipment for an individual to own is the wakesurf board. If you want to wakesurf you’ll need a boat and a wakesurf board!

It’s time to learn about the boards. There are three main types of wakesurf boards: skim, surf, and hybrid. 

Skim Wakesurf Board

Skim Wakesurf Board

A skim wakesurf board is great for a rider that wants to perform tricks on the water. Skim wakesurf boards are best suited for someone with some wakesurfing experience. This type of board is very maneuverable on the water and while great for experienced riders, this can be frustrating for those just starting to wakesurf.

Surf Wakesurf Boards

Surf Wakesurf Boards

A surf wakesurf board is the best route to go for a beginner to this water sport. These boards are more stable and buoyant on the water than their skim counterparts. While these boards are easier to learn on, advanced riders will also love the feel of this board type.

Hybrid Wakesurf Boards

Hybrid Wakesurf Boards

Are you a wakesurfer that wants the best of both worlds? Check out the hybrid wakesurf board style. This board is great for performing tricks and surfing the waves.

This type of board is best of intermediate to advanced wakesurfers. 

Select the Design of Your Wakesurf Board

Once you’ve selected the type of wakesurf board you want, it’s time to think about the design elements of your board. We are going to walk you through the main design elements of a wakesurf board so that you can make the right choice for your best wakesurf board.

Tail Shape

Wakesurf Boards Tail Shape

The tail is the back of your wakesurf board and it can come in many different styles. Research tail shapes for both aesthetics as well as the performance in different sizes of waves.

Rail Design

Wakesurf Boards Rail Design

The rail is the edges of your wakesurf board. These edges react differently based on the amount of water that flows past the board. Aim for a thicker rail design if you are a beginner and a thinner rail design if you want more maneuverability. 

Rocker Lines

The rocker lines on a wakesurf board are the curvature of the board. This curve determines how much of your board is touching the water during your ride. 

Buy the Best Wakesurf Board for You 

Now that you understand the best wakesurf board for you, it’s time to get one for yourself. Your wakesurf board should be as unique as you. Join this thrilling water sport today.

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