A Hunt To Remember: Taking A Look At Big Game Hunting

There are many different ways to classify types of hunting. Some forms of hunting are based on the kind of weapon you use to kill or catch the animal. For example, you have crossbow hunting, in which you hunt using a crossbow (as you may have guessed by the name); there is also long gun hunting, trapping, and much more.

Another way to classify a style of hunting is by basing it on the prey that is hunted. One of the most popular forms of hunting in the USA is deer hunting. Over the course of this article, we are going to look over one of these types of hunting. We will be going over big game hunting.

It is very likely that you are familiar with big game hunting already. Even people who don’t hunt have heard of a big game hunt, but they may not be entirely sure what it consists of. To ensure that everyone reading this article knows what we are talking about, we will shortly go over big game hunting.

What Is Big Game Hunting?

Big game hunting is a form of hunting that is defined by its prey. As you can tell by the name, big game hunting is when you try to hunt game that is larger than most other animals. While many of the animals that are hunted are rather large; big game is not exclusively restricted to massive mammals.

We will go over the targets that are hunted momentarily. This form of hunting is usually performed in Africa or the subcontinent of India, and these hunting privileges have been historically abused. Due to the prior lack of regulations in many of these areas, hunters from the past have given big game hunting a bad name.

Large Game Animals

Let’s take a look on some of the biggest and strongest animals in this game:


The most well-known animal that is hunted by big game hunters is the elephant (more specifically, the African elephant). There is quite a bit of controversy that surrounds the killing of elephants, mainly due to their ability to empathize and their relatively advanced intelligence.

Elephants have been historically hunted due to a combination of factors. The main reason for hunting elephants has been ivory poaching, but most big game hunters choose to hunt elephants for their tusks as trophies, not to sell them.


Lion hunting

The lion is another animal that is very commonly hunted by big game hunters. Many cultures view the lion as the king of the Sahara, and killing one is an impressive feat for a big game hunter. Lions are ferocious animals that can kill a person in moments, but most big game hunting takes place at long range.

Keep in mind that hunting lions can still be hazardous, no matter how far away you are. When you go big game hunting, you have to be prepared to potentially risk your life. Lions prove that big game hunting is not as much of a walk in the park as some people would believe.


Leopard hunting

Another big cat that is hunted by big game hunters is the leopard. These animals are known for their unique spotted coat, which makes for an impressive trophy for any big game hunter. Leopards tend to be a little smaller than lions, but they are still dangerous opponents.

If you are going to hunt a leopard, you will have to be accurate, as they are fast runners, and it is not likely that you will get another shot at one if you miss. Leopards are more likely to run than attack when under fire, but you should always be on the lookout, regardless.


Rhinoceros hunting

The rhinoceros is well-known as a target of trophy hunting thanks to its impressive horns. Some may be surprised to find that the rhino is one of the most dangerous targets for trophy hunters. Unlike the big cats, rhinos have tough skin that can sometimes shrug off bullet wounds.

Something that makes the Rhino risky to hunt is that they tend to charge. A rhino can weigh up to a ton or more. Even a safari jeep won’t protect you from a charging rhinoceros, so big game hunters who take them on will need to have an excellent shot.


Tiger hunting

The Bengal tiger is another target of big game hunters thanks to the brilliant natural beauty of its pelt. Tigers are risky targets to hunt, especially in the humid jungles of India. A tiger is just as capable of killing a human being in moments as a lion is, so caution must be taken when hunting them.

The hunting of tigers is heavily restricted, along with most of the animals on this list, since they have ground heavily endangered over the course of the last few centuries. It does not seem likely that the tiger will survive much longer as a species if uncontrolled hunting continues.

What Is Trophy Hunting?

Trophy hunting is closely related to big game hunting, but there are some differences between them. Big game hunting is a form of trophy hunting, but the inverse is not true. When you trophy hunt, you are hunting animals so that you may take trophies or souvenirs from their carcasses.

For example, hunting a leopard for its pelt can be considered trophy hunting. Trophy hunting is not dependent on the type of animal you hunt; it is related to the reason for hunting in the first place. You can trophy hunt a deer if you go out and kill it so you can mount its antlers.

Of course, more exotic animals are prized as targets for trophy hunters, so this form of hunting has garnered some detractors. Keep in mind that trophy hunting is perfectly ethical if it complies with hunting regulations.


As you can see, big game hunting is one of the most impressive forms of hunting in the world, but the species it targets are simply getting spread far too thinly. Feel free to let us know what you think down in the comments section.

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