Buying Property in Northern Ontario for a Hunt Camp

Ontario is famous for family hunting and fishing holidays. Millions of visitors from different parts of the world book Ontario hunting camps for holiday family trips. Thus, hunt camps are in high demand of accommodation.

Therefore, buying property in Ontario to set up a hunting camp is a sensible investment. If you love the recreational activity, it would be a good idea to build a structure to accommodate your family in Northern Ontario during the hunting seasons.

If you are looking for hunting land for sale to build a hunting camp, here is what you need to know.

1. Vacant land would be ideal

While there are different types of land you can buy in Northern Ontario, such as raw land, vacant land, and crown land, vacant land would be the best pick for a hunting camp. Vacant land is privately owned and has some amenities. In addition, the down payment requirements for the property are considerably lower than those for raw land.

Most vacant land in Northern Ontario can be serviced or partially serviced, meaning you would enjoy amenities such as electricity, water, and road services. However, while the amenities may be available, vacant land usually doesn’t have permanent structures, giving you the perfect opportunity to develop a hunting camp the way you prefer it.

The absence of permanent structures also makes vast tracts of land available for hunting.

2. Put into consideration everyday conveniences before buying the property

If you are looking to build a structure on the property, you must consider the availability of amenities like water, electricity, and conveniences such as grocery stores and emergency medical services.

The remote nature of most recreational properties calls for the availability of clean drinking water. Electricity is also critical, and if there is an absence of electrical lines on the property, then off-grid power sources such as solar and wind should be available.

3. Understand the restrictions placed on the use of the recreational property

It is worth noting that recreational properties in Northern Ontario come with several restrictions. For instance, you should find out if there are any restrictions on using the property for residential purposes. Often, there are restrictions on using the property for activities other than seasonal hunting and fishing.

More so, if you are looking to set up a hunting camp, you must find out the type and size of the building that is allowed on the property. The recreational properties also have limits on the number of days you can spend there annually.

Speak to the relevant zoning agency to understand what is expected of you and the restrictions on property use.


Buying recreational property in Northern Ontario is a good investment for your family. However, it is essential to understand the kind of land you should look for to set up a hunting camp and the availability of amenities such as water and power on the property.

Also, familiarize yourself with the zoning restrictions on the property to avoid fines and other inconveniences.

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