Choose the Right Times for Deer Hunting

Deer hunting party can be either survival hunting or sport hunting for deer. In the past, hunters hunted for food or earned for living. Nowadays, while life becomes more and more modern, deer hunting animals is like an entertaining activity for those who want to experience the spirit of wild life.

Choose the Right Times for Deer Hunting

To have a successful deer hunting party, it is very essential to have good weapons. There are a lot of kinds of hunting weapons such as: Air Rifle/Pellet Gun, Crossbow, Recurve Bow, so forth and so on. Alongside the good weapon, you also need to choose the suitable period of time to go hunting.

People usually call it “hunting season” or “hunting time”. Depending on where you and other archers intend to hunt. And in this article, we will give you some worthy information to get the best hunting times.

In nature, there are many species of deer such as:

  • Red deer
  • Fallow deer
  • Sambar deer
  • Sika deer
  • Rusa deer
  • White-tail deer

Among them, up to now, many species has become extinct. Therefore, to control the population of deer as well as the natural balance, many countries has established laws to protect some of these species. Deer hunting nowadays become a recreational and organized activity.

In United States, the most popular species for hunting are white-tail deer and mule deer, and it is called “deer hunting”. Besides, other species of deer that some archers choose to play the animal game are moose and elk. However, hunters do not call it “deer hunting” like the other, but call “big game hunting”. They are much larger than white-tail and mule deer and for every species; there is usually a different type of hunting.

Deer hunting is different across the United States and deer hunting season is set in law by the government which is the Department of Fish and Wildlife. Usually, its lengthdepends on many elements like the number of hunters, the health as well as the population of the deer herb. In many states, DFW set the different time frames for each kind of weapon to hunt.

For example: during bow-only season, hunters are allowed to used Recurve Bow, Compound Bow, and Crossbow to hunt. The other weapons are banned and have to wait until their hunting season gets started. The purpose of this law is to limit the amount of hunters and avoid the cases that there are too many hunters go hunting in the same season because that will cause the sudden decrease in the population of deer.

Best Hunting Times for Deer Hunting

Here are the time periods of antlered or antlerless deer hunting for every weapon in Florida:

Best Hunting Times for Deer Hunting

mage source: TheLedger

Archery season:

  • Zone A: 1st – 30th Aug.
  • Zone B: 17th Oct. – 15th Nov.
  • Zone C: 19th Sep. – 18th Oct.
  • Zone D : 24th Oct. – 25th Nov.

Crossbow season:

  • Zone A: 1st Aug. – 4th Sep.
  • Zone B: 17th Oct. – 15th Nov and 16th – 20th Nov for antlered deer only
  • Zone C:19th Sep. – 18th Oct. and 19th – 23th Oct. for antlered deer only
  • Zone D : 24th Oct. – 25th Nov. And 30th – 4th Dec. for antlered deer only

Muzzle loading gun season:

  • Zone A:5th -18th Sept.
  • Zone B: 21th Nov. – 4th Dec.
  • Zone C: Oct. 24th – Nov. 6th
  • Zone D : Dec. 5th – 11th and Feb. 22th-28th

General gun season:

  • Zone A: Sept. 19th – Oct. 18th and Nov. 21th – Jan. 3th
  • Zone B: Dec. 5th – Feb. 21th
  • Zone C: Nov. 7th – Jan. 24th
  • Zone D : Nov. 26th-29th and Dec. 12th – Feb. 21th

Deer hunting method

Basically, there are five hunting methods which are:

  • Stand hunting
  • Still hunting
  • Deer drive
  • Stalk hunting
  • Dog hunting

The most popular method is stand hunting because all you have to do is wait for deer come across and shoot. To avoid the available eyesight of deer, you need something to hide; it is called “blind”. It is perhaps a tree or a huge block of rock on the ground, depending on the terrain to choose the best hiding place.

With still hunting method, hunters are in the active situation; they walk and look for deer to hunt. Usually, they will keep going for a determining distance and stop to spy the surroundings and then continue this series of acts.

Deer drive is a tactical method that needs at least 2 hunters. One will take the responsibility of attracting the concern of deer while the other will be hidden in the different line and move lightly to approach it. When it has a suitable distance between the hunter and deer, he will shoot.

Stalk hunting is usually put into practice in the large visible places such as mountains. This method requires the skill of moving of the hunters. They have to stalk and move gradually to get close to the target and shoot.

Dog hunting method uses dog as a partner to chase deer. The hunters will hide in the previously intended places while their dogs chase deer. If fortunately, deer run closely to them, they will shoot. The weapon used for this method is usually the Air Rifle/Pellet Gun or short gun.

Deer Hunting

Alongside a healthy dear herb, the other factor leading to the successful Deer Hunting party is choosing the best Hunting Times, how exact and meticulous of the plan before starting.

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