The complete fishing gear guide for a beginner

There is nothing more fun than fishing if you are looking to spend some time by yourself or entertain your friends. If you have never been to a fishing expedition before, then we suggest you try it with your friends and family.

However, if you are a beginner, you will have no idea where to start when you are looking for fishing gear. There is some high-grade pro-level gear out there in the market, which will take a lot of spending to get your hands on.

fishing gear guide

 In the following post, we have compiled a comprehensive list of all the fishing gear that you will need if you are a beginner.

The fishing rod and the reel

The very first pieces of gear you will need are the fishing rod and the reel. Make sure that the fishing rod is slender, flexible, and durable. Look for materials like fiberglass or graphite, which will allow you to cast your line further and deeper.

Since you are starting, keep in mind to go for a fishing rod that has average to high tensile strength so that you can fish for more than a few common types. Remember that ideally, the length of the fishing rod should be around 30 centimeters more than your height.

Find the right fishing rod and reel for you, from the necessary budget-friendly to the pro-tools at the ArcticSilver USA.

The line

The fishing reel will come with a fishing line, but keep in mind that you must purchase a new set anyway. Always keep extras handy, since fishing lines are prone to breakage and damage. Fishing lines are categorized based on their strength, length, castability, and visibility. Always be aware of the type of fish you are going to select the right fishing line for the purpose.

About the hooks

You will need a collection of various fish hooks to complete your arsenal. Fish hooks come in different sizes, and there are various types, including the single, double, and the treble. Since you are a beginner, you should ideally try out the single hooks to gain experience.

The bait

The bait is what you attach to the end of the line to attract the fish. Keep in mind that there are live bait options as well as plastic baits that resemble the live baits. There are pros and cons for both types, and according to experts, they come in handy but in widely different scenarios.

Lures are important

Lures are plastic baits that can be used to lure the fish. These resemble various aquatic organisms. Even though many experts prefer using live baits, you will find many fishing enthusiasts opting for the lures as well. Dark-colored lures are perfect for foggy, cloudy, low light conditions and fishing in murky waters.

There are a few other honorable mentions when it comes to fishing tools, and these are as follows.

  • Bobbers or floaters which signal when the fish gets caught on the hook
  • Sinkers or weights that stabilize the line by submerging it in the water
  • Pliers and line cutters to take the hook out of the fish or for readjustments to the line itself
  • And lastly, first aid which is imperative on any fishing expedition

That is all the gears you will need as a beginner fishing enthusiast. Always purchase from a reputed store to get the best deals.

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