Where To go Fishing In Hong Kong

There are a lot of reasons why people hit the waters of Hong Kong. Surfers look for big waves to ride, deep-sea divers search for new depths to discover, and fishing aficionados toil for their next big catch in the vast water bodies of Hong Kong. Whether you do it to earn a living, as a hobby or a sport, fishing is definitely one of the most rewarding outdoor activities. All fishing enthusiasts should visit Hong Kong for a fishing tour; the place will leave you spoilt for choice on what and where to fish. Even skeptics are sure to get hooked once they’ve done some fishing here. Luckily, airlines such as Cathay Pacific have made it extremely easy to reach this anglers’ paradise. Get flights with award-winning comfort from places as far as Vancouver in the link below.

Where To go Fishing In Hong Kong
Fishing In Hong Kong

When it comes to fishing, there are a lot of moving parts to manage. The gear you use, the boat you’ll be fishing on and the fishing location are some of the most vital things to coordinate in order to warrant a great fishing trip. However, this may be a challenge when you’re looking to fish in new or unfamiliar territories. In order to help you lighten this burden, here are some of the most important things to know when looking to fish in Hong Kong.

Fishing Charters

These are fishing services offered by boat owners where people are taken into a body for a great catch. Fishing charters are advantageous in that they lift most of the load off your shoulders. They mostly come complete with a captain and guide. Some even offer extra amenities such as bait, coolers, fishing rods, and permits. This is definitely the way to go if you’re looking for stress-free fishing. It’s important to note that most of these charters use large boats such as Junks that can fit more than 20 fishermen. But if you don’t mind the company, charters are a great way to have a quick and easy angling excursion.

Boats and Tackle

There’s no doubt that the boat and gear you use to fish will either make or break your whole outing. They are the heart and soul of every fishing trip. You wouldn’t want to lose a big catch because your fishing rod broke or have a large wave topple your boat over, sending your catch and all your valuables to the bottom of the ocean. Therefore, taking time to pick out your equipment is a step you should take quite seriously. Fortunately, Hong Kong provides a variety of retail establishments that are sure to cater for all your fishing needs if you couldn’t get yours through Customs. Fishing One and Tackle Berry in Yau Ma Tei, Po Kee Tackle in Sheung Wan, and WORLD Fishing Center in Causeway bay offer some of the best tackle in Hong Kong, so be sure to check them out.

Now that you have a fueled boat and a tin full of bait, the only thing left is to set sail and cast your nets and lines. To help you avoid returning empty-handed, here are the most decorated fishing spots in Hong Kong.

On the island

Hong Kong is surrounded by the South China Sea, so you can expect to find great fishing spots around the shores of the island. Accessing the harbor also provides great fishing areas from Kowloon all the way to Tsim Sha Tsui and beyond. 

Sai Kung

If you ask local anglers for the best fishing spots, Sai Kung is a name that will definitely come up. The place isn’t as developed as other parts of Hong Kong; thus it remains one of the few fishing villages in the city. You’ll find fishing charters that offer all types of fishing including squid fishing which is quite interesting and popular in the area.

Lamma Island

It’s located a short boat-ride South-West of Hong Kong Island. The main economic activity in this area is fishing. Like most other islands, the shores around provide great fishing grounds that promise to reward you with a bountiful catch. 

Freshwater fishing

Apart from the abundant fishing areas in the saline waters of Hong Kong, the destination also offers 17 reservoirs that are equally good. The most common types of fish in these reservoirs include tilapia, edible goldfish, mud carp, and big head. In order to fish here, you’ll require a license from the Water and Supplies Department. 

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