How Build A Safe Shooting Range In Backyard

Build A Safe Shooting Range In Your Backyard

You have finally found the best air rifle and now you are ready to get started hitting bullseyes and improving your overall aim.

The only problem is that the local shooting range can get expensive.

Membership fees, dues, and additional costs can build up, making your hobby too expensive for you to enjoy.

There is a solution that only requires a little bit of work, and some empty space outside. In just a few hours you can turn your backyard into your own private target shooting range.

How to Build a Shooting Range in your Backyard

Build a Shooting Range in your Backyard

In four easy steps you can create your own shooting range. It will be fun for you and your friends and family.

An important piece of safety advice is to never point a pneumatic weapon at anyone, even if you know that it is unloaded.

As for letting friends and neighbors use your backyard firing range, that is up to you and your insurance company.

  1. The first thing you will need to do is to find at least 15 yards of open space. The first couple of yards will be used for the target, and you will need 3 to 4 yards to place your extra ammo. This is always where you will want others to stand to make sure that they are not in the line of fire. The remaining 10 yards will be the distance between you and your target. Obviously if you have more room, you can widen the distance or add space for your gun racks.
  2. Now you need a target, and there are plenty to choose from. There are several available for purchase, or you can make your own. On a hot summer day aiming at a watermelon is silly and fun, and you can also use balloons that are tied down to create your own moving targets.
  3. This step is important both for safety and the environment. You don’t want hundreds of pellets or BBs bouncing around behind your targets, which is why you need a type of backdrop. This is dangerous as the lead in the ammo can harm the environment. This is also true for the pellets that are PBA free. A large piece of heavy cardboard or plywood behind the target can help keep the spent ammo contained. Several brand name targets also include a backdrop with your purchase.
  4. Finally, you want to have a clear set of safety rules for yourself and everyone else. These rules should include never pointing a firearm at anything other than a target and wearing the appropriate eye protection. Ear protection probably doesn’t need to be included in your rules. It is generally more a matter of personal preference.
How to Build a Shooting Range in your Backyard

In just a few hours, you can have a fun and challenging shooting range set up in your own backyard. Simply remember to always be safe.

When you are firing any type of weapon and having fun enjoying your private target range.

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