How Can I Boost My Cell Signal When Camping?

One can easily boost their mobile signal while out for camping, it is possible through the antenna or signal booster. Both the options will yield the same results, although the antenna will be a bit cheaper option to go with. Technically, the signal booster works a bit better in most situations, where you will be able to go for in play bets.

After traveling for several hours, you pull into the campground. Set up your tents and put on your sleeping bags and take a deep breath and hear the wild calls. So, what’s next? Some campers are quite relaxed and happy in nature, but some, especially with kids, need more stimulation like in-play bets. Such games really help when camping.

How does a Signal Booster Work?

A cell booster or signal extender works just by pulling in the weak outside signal and boosting and rebroadcasting its boosted signal in a desired location. They can go in reverse mode too: this signal booster will get their signal from your cell phone and will send it to the tower back.

There are different boosters that target various needs:

  • In-Building Boosters – They’re made for office buildings, homes, commercial buildings, or other buildings that require signal.
  • Car Signal Boosters – They’re specially made for trucks, SUVs, RVs, boats, and other fleet vehicles.

Remember that for the cellular amplifier to function in the right way, there should be a current signal outside the home, office, and vehicle. The signal booster improves the existing signal, but won’t create it.

Why is my signal very weak while camping?

Let me first explain how the cell signal functions: in the basic form, the phone is the two-way radio form between the radio transmitter and the radio receiver. Whenever you talk on the cell phone, your voice gets converted into the radio waves that get transmitted to your nearest cell phone tower.

Just think of the long drive through your countryside: Suppose you are in the middle of nowhere, then any radio signals that you get are weak at best. And the same goes for the phone: suppose you are away from the tower or in the middle of nowhere your phone signal will get weak–maybe one or two bars. It will have all the problems that the car radio has: difficulty listening to voices, voices not clear, and having to turn up the volume to know what they are saying.

Cellular Internet Devices

Most of the 4G Internet devices have got external antenna ports. Such ports allow you to connect the external antennas and improve the cellular reception. We have got external antenna adapters especially for the devices such as Hotspots, USB Adapters, and other devices. Most of the cellular routers generally come with external connectors.

Antenna Mounting

There’re various antenna mounting options out there. Magnetic mount antennas are quite common antennas that are used on vehicles. They’re easy to install and even remove. They’re used in a fixed place at your office or home. Mounting close to your window – wherever you find the signal is good. Some antennas can be mounted on the truck mirrors and pole mount antennas can be installed on the mirror posts, PVC, or pipe. These are used on the buildings and hole mount antennas can be installed through the hole in a car’s roof.

Which Cellular Booster is Good for You?

Suppose you stay at one location for several days and do not mind going for spotty service, then the stationary RV will be the right choice for you. It takes around 30 mins to install and 10 mins to re-mount necessary equipment each time you change the locations. Although you’re assured a much better signal when stationary, it will get a bit annoying for people who change their locations constantly. Alternatively, if you want much better coverage when driving and parking, the mobile booster is the best choice for you.

Want Help Finding the Best Cell Phone Booster?

Cell phone boosters or signal booster is the best choice for the commercial, home, as well as mobile boosters. You can find consumer-friendly kits and personalized systems for cellular and public safety DAS, radio, and WiFi. This will help you especially when you are looking for in-play bets and looking for strong connectivity.

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