How Choosing the Crossbow Scope

All professional bow-hunter cannot deny how essential the scope is. Having all the shooting skills means you have held a large part of the success of your hunting-party.

To have the full, you need to prepare all the useful equipment that you can have, especially a  Crossbow Scope.

A high quality scope is able to bring into play all of your efforts. Besides, its price is not cheap at all. Thus, you have to think clearly to spend your money on the right place.

Crossbow Scope

Alongside some crossbow sets including their scopes, there are still others which do not have. Therefore, you need to buy it separately from the third party options.

Here is some dispensable information for you to make the errant choice.

Nothing is better than you already know exactly what you need. Before getting started, you may keep in your mind these terms:

  • Magnification: One basic function of the scope features which is not lack of is the magnification. This tool allows you to enlarge the objects from far in many times that the naked eyes cannot have the ability. There is a wide range of magnification with the maximum instance up to 32x.
  • Field of View: In each determined instance, the scope will allow you to watch the sight picture with particular width, which is called “field of view”.

For instance, if the distance is about 150 yards, a scope will release the picture which has 15 feet wide. It is not only a magnification, but also the focal lengths of the lenses.

A general rule of thumb is that if the magnification is high, the field of view will be narrow.

This tool is maybe unnecessary for the new folks who still need to practice to hone skills, but very important for hunters, especially for varmint hunters.

  • Stray Light: This is actually an internal coating of the scope in order to disperse the light entering into it and resist the light from reflecting off of the metal. Therefore, this function helps you to get the highest quality image of the goal.
  • Eye Relief: It is just the space from your shooting eye to your eyepiece lens. It prevents your eyes from many accidents that may occur while shooting, like hitting your eye with the eyepiece lens, for example.
  • Length: The length of the scope is the distance from the leading edge of the objective lens to the back edge of the eyepiece. The longer the scope is, the greater the magnification will be. However, the longer the scope is, the heavier it will be. Thus, choosing the good magnification or the lightweight crossbow scope? Your choice will lead to the length of the scope.
  • Center Tube Diameter: The center tube diameter allows you to know what size of rings as well as base of the scope.

How many types does the crossbow scope have?

After getting acquainted with some specialized terms in bow-hunting, this is the next step to find out what you want while looking for a Crossbow Scope. Primarily, there are 2 main types of the scope: the red dot scopes and the optic scopes.

1. The red dot scopes:

This is the most basic type of scope with no magnification but just the red dot(s). All you need to do is adjust that red dot to lie in the target and then shoot.

There is also a wide range of the brightness settings as well. For the places where have enough light, you may not need to adjust these settings. However, on the contrary, a dimmer is rather essential to have the errant sight.

Moreover, for those who want to shoot at different ranges, you can choose the scope with many red dots. Each dot is used for a determined range. For those who are new bow-archery and need more practice, this type is the best choice.

2. The optic scopes:

A contrast to the red dot ones, this type has the magnification. If the red dot scopes use the dot(s) for one or more ranges, the optic ones use the reticle(s). So, there are two kinds of this type: the single crosshair reticle and the multi-reticle.

Also, it provides you the illumination settings to help you get the most accurate sight on the lacking of light condition.

For hunters, this type is an awesome scope as the hunting-party usually occurs early in the morning or lately in the afternoon when the light is poor. This type allows the hunters to have the best light transmission by capturing as more as possible the light available.

When considering which scope is the best for you, you also have to find out the answers to these questions:

  • Is it suitable for your budget?
  • What is your purpose when buying a scope?
  • How it work?
  • Does it easy to sight in the scope?
  • Is it durable?
  • What is the intended range of my targets?
  • Is your Crossbow Scope fog proof and waterproof?

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