How To Build A Deer stand Even As A New Hunter

Build A Deer Stand

No matter what you’re hunting, being able to stay completely hidden will give you a shot at the biggest game. Hunting deer successfully is helped greatly just by your ability to stay completely concealed.

How do catch the prize deer? One way is to build a deer stand, a standalone structure built onto the property. Even as a new hunter, knowing how to build a deer stand is your chance to knock down that prize game.

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Table of ContentsBuild A Deer StandThe SolutionBuild a Deer stand Even As A New HunterStep 1: The FrameStep 2: Choose The Best Place!Step 3: Building Your LadderStep 4: Building Your PlatformStep 5: Build Your floor!​Step 6: Place Your Floor On Top Of Your StandAnswer Question#1: Don’t Build Your Deer Stand On State-Owned Public Hunting Land.#2: Make Sure For Your First Day Setting Up Your Deer Stand, You Head Out Early.#3: What Do You Do If You Shoot A Deer And Then You Can’t Find It?#4: Who Is Liable?How do catch the prize deer?

How do catch the prize deer?

Build a Deer stand Even As A New Hunter

You’ll Need The Below Materials:

  • Choose a great place to build the deer stand (Careful on location- It’s permanent!)
  • Two 4×4’s (This is you foundation)
  • Hammer and nails (Cordless drill, if you’d like to use this instead of a hammer)
  • 8 more 4×4’s for the rest of the stand


Step 1: The Frame

Step 1: The Frame

Measurements are completely different for everyone. Cut 3 of the frame 4×4’s to your specific height when you’re crouching down with your rifle.You’ll want to make sure that you can comfortably stand on one knee while your rifle still easily points out the window of the deer stand.

  • Do note that your platform is going to be beneath you so don’t measure the 4×4’s too short.


Step 2: Choose The Best Place!

Choose The Best Place!

If you’re a seasoned hunter you already know the best places to shoot your prize game. As a new hunter, however, you may have a lot of questions about where to build. Do a lot of research before begin your deer stand.Go to different areas and observe how many deer you see and what time of day they appear. You’re not able to remove your stand after you build it.Doing so can take a long time, it can damage the wood materials and it can even be dangerous.

  • Choose your location carefully and get other hunters to agree with the location. You may also want to make that you’re allowed to build there. There may be legal limits in that area for building.


Step 3: Building Your Ladder

Building Your Ladder

You’ll want to first build a sturdy ladder that you’ll use to climb up to your deer stand. Making this out of wood is a great idea because it tends to be quieter than a metal one when you’re climbing up or down.You can build the ladder at home and bring it with you to the area the deer stand is actually going to be built.


Step 4: Building Your Platform

Step 4: Building Your Platform

On the ground, you’ll want to put together your foundation. All this requires at first is six 4×4’s. Make a square with four 4×4’s and then make an ‘X’ in the center. Use nails to secure the 4×4’s down.If you’re using a drill, make sure you bring one that doesn’t need to be plugged into a wall! Cordless is best out in nature. Build 4 of these platforms and make sure they’re the same size.


Step 5: Build Your floor!

Build Your floor!

After you place all four of the platforms that you built into a large upright square, nail them together and ad your ladder to one side. Now you’ll want to climb up and climb down rather roughly, just to make sure that your deer stand isn’t going to fall.Next you’ll want to build your floor. Lay four 4×4’s on their edge and nail them in a large square. Then lay the rest of your 4×4’s flat on top of the square you just built. Now you’re almost done!


​Step 6: Place Your Floor On Top Of Your Stand

Place Your Floor On Top Of Your Stand

Place your floor on top of your stand. Make sure that you nail it to the stand at least every six inches so that it doesn’t fall while you’re standing on it. At this point, you may also want to nail down your wall 4×4’s onto the floor.This is so that you’re able to lay your rifle down on something else if you can’t get a proper shot from the floor. Only build your wall on one side so that you can still have the option of leaning down on the floor.

Now you’re finished building your deer stand. Even if you aren’t a seasoned hunter or even if you’re a new hunter, this deer stand and the steps to build it will work for you, just as it would a very experienced deer hunter.

Answer Question

Many of you have asked great questions about building your deer stand. Here are are a few of the important questions that you should understand before you begin building your deer stand: ·

#1: Don’t Build Your Deer Stand On State-Owned Public Hunting Land.

The reason for this is you will have to take down your deer stand usually before midnight of the same hunting day. Rules and regulations are the same in every state, so be sure to call your local departments and get the answers.

The last thing that you want to do is go through all of the below steps to set up a great looking, sturdy deer stand and then just have it get torn down. ·

Either way, try to build most of your deer stand at home and haul it to the location of setup. This will make your life a lot easier. You can come to your location, set up quickly and then get to hunting.

#2: Make Sure For Your First Day Setting Up Your Deer Stand, You Head Out Early.

The reason for this is simple. What if something goes wrong? I’ve heard all the stories, and most of them go a little like this: You come out to your prime deer stand location. You start to set up your foundation and then you set the floor on top.

And then it suddenly breaks and you’ve got five 4×4’s on the ground with loose nails in the grass and once you fix that, the ladder falls and it breaks and then guess what? You’re losing daylight and you’re now sitting with a pile of wood, a darkening sky and hours ahead still until you can even think of starting to hunt.

#3: What Do You Do If You Shoot A Deer And Then You Can’t Find It?

What do you do if you shoot a deer and then you can’t find it? You look and look and finally you do locate it, but the hind-quarters of the deer have been eaten by wolves or coyotes. What do you do about registering and tagging the game?

The answer is this: you still have to register your deer. If you kill a deer and you intend to eat that deer, in most states the only possible and legal way there is to have a deer hunting license.

If you don’t have a hunting license that is approved for deer, you cannot even legally shoot that deer, let alone eat it. Again, check your local law enforcement and fish and game departments to understand the details with attaining the license and what it allows you to. ·

#4: Who Is Liable?

If you have permission to build the deer stand on either someone elses property or land owned by the state and then you fall from your deer stand or somehow injure yourself in the process of hunting, Who Is Liable?

In most states, the landowner, including the state, is not liable for any injury occurring in the process of hunting up to and including the use of your deer stand in the event of injury unless the entity who owns the land is receiving more than a certain amount each year in revenues garnered from allowing hunters to hunt on that land.

Check with your local fish and game departments to understand what numbers to call to make sure you know all the details!

Did you find this tutorial helpful? Write in the comments below what you think about building a deerstand – even if you’re a new hunter!

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