How To Clean A Gun Step By Step Instructions

This is by no means intended to be the only process for cleaning your rifle but in our experience it is the best, safest and most practical in maintaining our personal use rifles during non-ideal conditions.

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How Clean your Rifle

Under ideal conditions the average shooter with an average rifle can hit a stationary target that is posing no threat to him or others. At Black Rifle tactical we are concerned with the non-ideal conditions that exist in the tactical scenario.

Every minor detail of a rifle becomes critically important when human life is at stake. We have taken input from our tactical experiences and integrated them over the years in our rifle maintenance and cleaning.

First a few things that you will need:

  1. Shooters Choice MC #7 Solvent
  2. Shooters Choice Copper Solvent- Use periodically to prevent build up of copper jacket veneers
  3. Two (2) Hoppes Bore Snakes matching your bore caliber.
  4. “O” Ring Bore Guide- Prevents chamber and bore damage during cleaning keeps solvents from seeping into your action and stock
  5. Action Cleaning Kit- Facilitates the proper cleaning of the bolt and locking lug recesses in the receiver

Step By Step Cleaning Instructions:


  1. Make sure rifle is unloaded and pointed in a safe direction
  2. Use a rifle cleaning cradle- be sure the cradle is steady and cannot fall
  3. Elevate the butt of the rifle higher than the muzzle
  4. Remove the bolt from the receiver

Bore Cleaning-

  1. Insert “O” ring bore guide into chamber
  2. Cover the buttstock area  with an absorbent cloth or towel
  3. Place 8-10 drops of Shooters Choice Solvent MC#7 to the brush end of the Hoppe’s Bore Snake and run through the rifle bore.
  4. Repeat step #3 and allow the bore to soak for approximately 2 minutes.
  5. Place 16-20 drops of Shooters Choice Solvent MC#7 to the brush end of the Hoppe’s Bore Snake and run through the rifle bore. You should make 1 pass with the bore snake through the barrel for every 5 rounds you have fired since the last cleaning.
  6. Put aside the solvent used bore snake. Take up the clean unused bore snake and run it “dry” through the bore 6-8 times. In extreme “fouled” conditions it may be necessary to repeat Steps 3 through 6.
  7. In cases of long term neglect, or after several normal cleanings it is advisable to use the Shooters Choice Copper Solvent. READ THE MANUFACTURE’S INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE! The Copper Solvent, if used properly will accomplish a thorough cleaning and removal of layered veneers of copper and propellant fouling. USED IMPROPERLY, the product could be detrimental.
  8. Clean The Bolt- Using the special brushes included in the Action Cleaning Kit. Remove all brass chips and filings. Wipe the bolt off using a cotton flannel patch soaked with Shooters Choice MC #7 solvent. Use a clean cloth to dry off the excess solvent.
  9. Clean the Action– The Action Cleaning Kit comes with complete instructions for this procedure. After cleaning the action lubricate the rear area of the bolt locking lugs with a premium bearing grease. Use grease sparingly to achieve a light film coating. Also lightly coat the bolt striker cam surface (underside-rear of bolt).


The metal surfaces of the rifle should be coated with a very light coat of NON penetrating oil such as Rem-Oil or Break Free. Do not use WD-40 or other types of
penetrating oils.


How Clean your Rifle Scope


Treat the scope with the same care you give your fine camera. We recommend using the Leupold LENSPEN for scope maintenance. This device will allow you to properly maintain and clean the scope.

Maintaining you rifle is much like raising a child. It takes time, patience, and dedication for any chance of success!!!

Good Shooting and Be Safe,

Black Rifle Tactical

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