How to Hide and Use Camouflage

Camouflage is a term used when you are concealing yourself from another entity. Camouflage is a sneaky trick that anyone can achieve if he is aware of all the things that needs to be considered.

If you want to conceal yourself from someone or from an animal, you need to check on a lot of factors. You need to see if the blend of materials and coloration is being done properly.

How to Hide and Use Camouflage

The key to proper cover-up lies on how you position yourself and what you are wearing when hiding. Before, camouflage is commonly used by the army, but today, people are extending its use every time they engage themselves in any hunting activity.

Hunters nowadays are really enthusiastic about the chase, especially when the season of hunting gets closer. Hunting for them means getting away from their usual routines at work and at home. This means being able to venture out to the wilds and spending time alone or with few close friends or family.

For them, hunting is a form of relaxation, and it is best achieved if they are fully equipped with the right stuff. For those avid hunters, hunting is not just a plain activity to let time pass by.

Some are so into it that they even invest tons of their money in buying a lot of gears and camouflage. Gears and camouflage is certainly a big thing in hunting; you need to have the right clothing to be able to efficiently hunt.

Aside from perfecting your sharp shooting skills and your top notch gears, give time to consider your camouflage to have a high chance of bringing home some dinner. Here is a guide on how to hide and use camouflage to outwit your prey:

  • Color schemes are important

Before you start stalking and shooting randomly at your prey, scout on your site first. See the terrain and the color around the place. Make sure that your camouflage blends well with the environment.

As much as possible, your camouflage should merge with the dominant colors in the area. Also, take note that you check the place on the day that you scheduled your hunting.  Colors tend to change all throughout the day due to certain factors like lighting and climate, so consider this tip.

  • Temperature changes

Be sure to wear a camouflage in every layer of your clothes. Temperature varies throughout the day; because of this, you tend to take of or put on some clothing.

In order to conceal yourself consistently, you must be ready for whatever climate changes by wearing camouflage under or over your clothes.

  • Preys are sensitive

Preys are easily disturbed, for they are keen creatures with sharp senses. In order to keep yourself from being detected, aside from depending on the use of camouflage, you are advised to use unscented soap and shampoo.

Make sure that you are clean before you venture out to the wild. Lastly, once you are ready, cover your outfit with some baking soda. Baking soda will control your scent dramatically.

  • Snow camouflage

Preys can detect a hunter from a great deal of distance, especially when it is snowing. Imagine a field that is covered in plain white, and you see a tiny speck of black just over the corner. You will surely feel suspicious or curious about what that black speck is.

In hunting, to prevent this, you must cover your gear and clothes with white clothes and white tapes. In this way, your prey will be mindless of your presence.

  • Don’t paint your face with a symmetric design

Preys don’t care about how lovely your face paint is. They only care about getting away from your deadly guns. If you want to blend as much as you can, forget the face paint designs. Smudge your face with the right mix of browns, greens, and grays in a random fashion. As much as possible, don’t mirror any design on one side of the face to the other. In this way, you will look much more natural.

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