How to Pack a Backpack for Your Vacation Time

Do you plan for the upcoming vacation to travel another city to watch the attractions? Then, you must need a good preparation to enjoy the vacation time with a perfect plan. Packing for travelling is one of the major things that you will need to know. Do you have any idea about this?

Pack a Backpack

If not, you have entered to the right place. We are offering you a complete guideline to pack the best backpack for travel perfectly. This is actually an art where you will need to use some tricks efficiently to get the maximum support.

Any wrong packing idea or method can ruin your full vacation plan. For that reason, we closely investigate some of the travelers’ packing problem for vacation and make a guideline to avoid those.

The first and foremost duty is to buy the best backpack for travel, set a good amount of money for purchasing, selecting the right backpack for you and others. Moreover, the size of the backpack is also important and this should be dependent on your vacation duration.


In the first stage, you will need to take everything out in one place. Take the biggest room of your home so that you can easily manage to keep everything. Here everything means everything that you might need in the vacation. Starting from your clothes and ends to your hair brush, you need to collect everything.

You can also try this by making a list of the items that you want to carry for the vacation trip. This would be a better idea and then, cut one by one as far you add an item to the room. It looks like a mess when you keep everything one place, right?


Now, it is time to be cruel for packing the items for vacation trip. Whenever you pick the items, you will surely choose something that you will not use in the trip. For example, there is no need to take any shoe shiner in the vacation. But, you might add the item in the list to carry for the vacation.

There are also many other items that you have chosen for the vacation and make a pillar of items. For that reason, you will need to eliminate the items from the list and the room as well. On the other hand, you should also think carefully to bring some additional items depends on your plan.

For example, you are going to spend a good trip with your girlfriend. Then, taking chocolates and flowers are very much important to show your love during the vacation trip too! Therefore, don’t eliminate the items by mistake!


In this case, you will need to make a well-organized way to pack the items into the backpack. Remember that you will need to use different compartments properly in order to pack the items. If any of the items goes wrong, you may face shortage of place in the backpack.

Another thing you will need to consider for electrical items like laptop, your backpack may have different place for this. Therefore, use the compartment for laptop and camera to ensure full safety. Moreover, don’t enter your random items on those compartments; otherwise, your items may cause unexpected damage.


When you start your packing in a small travel backpack, you will need to start from the bottom to top. In this case, start with the sleeping bed cover and big items. Remember every big and wide item should be in the bottom of the travel bag to get advantage.

Most of the people do not start from the bottom and wide items. As a result, they face space shortage, even though; they have selected a big backpack. Keep the top part for the small items like hair brush, body spray, mobile phone and other items.

When choosing the t-shirts, you should keep the branded t-shirts. If you choose a small backpack, you should think to buy more during the trip. This is another strategy of packing in order to reduce the weight of the bag and get other items in.

Bottom part

  • Shoes (Wrapped in a packet)
  • Clothes
  • Sleeping bags
  • Sleeping pads

Core/ Middle Part

Pack heavier items there for a better center of gravity.

  • Foods (unless it is snacks)
  • Stove
  • Cooking equipment
  • Water pack

Top Part

Keep the items you need frequently.

  • Toilet supplies.
  • Snacks.
  • Water purifying tablet.
  • First aid box.
  • Rain gear or jacket.

Accessories Pocket

Make full use of them without filling the main compartment with delicate items.

  • GPS
  • Compass
  • Sunglass
  • Tablet
  • Smartphone
  • Camera
  • Sunscreen/ Bug spray
  • Keys and IDs

Side Loops and Straps-

Use them to store tall and rigid items which cannot be contained on the backpack.

  • Tent Poles
  • Ropes.
  • Axe for cleaning the road.
  • Hiking poles


Everything is packed properly and still some space in the backpack! Then, you should think some extra items for packing to get extra advantage during the trip.

For example, you should take camera film or extra memory card for the trip. Don’t forget to use a freezer bag to cover the items because this can easily damage during the trip.

You should also carry small knife to use for quick recipe making. In this case, you should keep in mind knifes and other similar items may not be acceptable for air journey at all. For that reason, avoid any risky items that are highly prohibited.


There are some additional things that you will need to know as warning. Most of the travelers are not serious about packing the items for the trip. Usually, more than 60% people consider packing the best backpack for travel just the day before trip.

If you are also planning so, then, you will surely suffer in the trip. Packing before the trip means missing many items to be packed. For that reason, a proper plan is required for a long time trip.

Do you have determined how many of days you will spend in the trip? This is also important for packing and fixing the budget. If you have not planned, then, you should determine to avoid any budget problem.


At last, you will need to be ready for the trip with your backpack. Before approaching to the backpack packing, you should have clear idea about how to choose the best backpack for travel too.

If you failed to buy the right backpack, you would face trouble for packing. For that reason, try to have a clear idea about the backpacking selection and pack the bag according to our guideline. Then, you will surely have a sunny and enjoyable trip, no matter it is for 6 weeks trip or 6 months.

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