How to Take Good Care of Your Hunting Dog

Taking your dog along for your hunting getaway is one of the most gratifying feeling. Your dog will not only serve as a company but will also help you in tracking animals, scare them off if necessary and also retrieve them for you, after you have landed an accurate shot.

Take Good Care of Your Hunting Dog

​However, before taking them out for your hunting trip, make sure they are adequately trained and good on health. Here are the five steps to take care of your hunting dogs.

​1. Maintain a proper diet

  • A high Protein/fats Ratio is good for overall performance. As hunting dogs burn a lot of calorie and energy at the same time, they need a good quantity of protein and fats to maintain their health.
  • Keeping your dog away from surprising adjustments in their meals is important. Drastic food modifications can affect your dog, further resulting in regular gastrointestinal problems.

2. Scheduling Vet Appointments

  • Make sure, your dog is regularly on the vaccinations. Skipping even one, in case of a hunting dog can be hazardous to health.
  • Other regular check-ups are important if your hunting dog is aged, as aged dogs tend to fall to health issues like diabetes, thyroid problems, kidney failures and other in their late years of life.

3. Exercise your dog

  • A healthy hunting dog will need regular work out sessions. Exercising daily will keep them in shape and good health.
  • Daily running sessions is important for your hunting dog, as it is the most important work out you will need during your hunting trip.
  • Your dog should, in all terms be adequately hydrated before leaving for hunting. Make your dog drink plenty of water, after exercising.

4. Training for your dog

  • Collar and cord training for your hunting dog is important to make him do all the activities off-leash. You may start by putting a GPS in your dog’s harness or collar and let him loose for more than the usual distances he covers.
  • Searching Dummies is an integral part of your hunting dog training. This will help him train for bringing back the prey in your hunting trip.
  • Scent training is also a vital part of your hunting dog training. Buying a scented wax or spray will help you train your dog efficiently.
  • Training Treats for your dog comes as a prize. Treat your dog regularly to keep him motivated, or he may lose interest in your hunting soon.

5. Soothe arthritis ache

  • Your dog can also experience osteoarthritis regularly due to the excessive running. Make sure to always carry first aids and sprays and feed your dog with food rich in Omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Providing your dog a comfortable bed is also essential for a good night’s sleep. In this case orthopedic dog beds are the best option to soothe arthritis pain of your dog.

Dogs have always been man’s best friend and best companion. To keep them at their best, it is necessary to maintain their health and take proper care of them. Especially for hunting dogs, as they are the most active ones, it is important to take proper care by providing them with the best food plans, best exercises and timely vaccinations.

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