Light up you camping tour with Camping Lanterns

Camping is the great outdoor activity which is always full of joy and adventures.  Camping need certain types of equipment to fulfill various type of outdoor activities needs. Camping Lanterns is important camping equipment that brings together all enthusiasts of outdoor activities because it is what everyone needs. When buying a camping lantern, you have a relatively hard task ahead of you.

Camping Lanterns

Types of Camping Lanterns

There are many different types, designs and varieties for you to choose from. It is important to find the right camping lantern to suit your needs. Because of the large range available for you, it is important that you are informed of the different types.

There are four types of camping lanterns to choose from:

  1. Solar Powered Camping Lanterns.
  2. Battery operated Lanterns.
  3. Gas Camping Lantern.
  4. Candle.

All above four types are useful in their own ways.

1  Solar Powered Camping Lanterns.

Solar Powered Camping Lanterns are new and special type of camping lantern that will not need electrical energy as a power source. Solar Powered Camping Lantern is environment friendly and utilized the energy from the sun, not need any other type of energy source. Each lantern comes with a small solar panel that you can let charge during the day. Solar camping lantern comes with a battery backup in case your power runs out; therefore you won’t be left in the dark. They are easy to store and transport since they do not use fuel.

2.  Battery Camping Lantern

These styles of camping lanterns obviously use a rechargeable of disposable battery for power. A battery camping lantern is very easy to use, it is quite dependable and of course is quiet while it is running, which is often a clincher when people are choosing which type to buy. They are pretty safe because there is absolutely no flame, which can become dangerous especially around kids. So there is no fire or burn risk.

3.   Gas Camping Lantern:

Gas Camping Lantern is another type of camping lantern which offers various useful features. Gas fuel has its advantages, it is extremely convenient to buy and it is also really bright in the lantern. Mostly it utilizes fuel, unleaded gas, and kerosene oil. These fuels are very cheap and you are able to keep the lantern light for the whole night.

4 Candle:

The candle is not a special type of camping lantern, but can be used and has its advantages as well. It gives light and can also work as an insect repellent which as we know is pretty important when camping. This is done through the citronella components of a candle. It is obviously the simplest kind of lantern that is available as there is no fuel or battery required to keep it running.

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