Maintenance of the Binoculars: Tips for easy and fast maintenance

Maintenance of the Binoculars

No matter if you’re a hunter, a traveler, a bird watcher or a sky watcher, you do need a suitable binocular for your own purpose. You might’ve bought a normal mid-range binocular, or maybe you’ve opted for a fancy heavy duty expensive binocular.

No matter which one it is, it’s an investment. You’ve bought your binocular to use it for a long time, right? To ensure that, you need to maintain your binocular properly. Proper maintenance is as important as anything for binoculars.

If you don’t maintain your binocular properly, you will face a lot of difficulties with it. Your binocular may not give its best performance, it may lose its optical capabilities, or worse, it can become totally unusable.

So maintaining your binocular properly is a very important thing.

Cleaning Tips

There are different types of binoculars in the market right now. Each one has been made for different purposes. As a result, the maintenance of them are also different. Different types of binoculars require different maintenance. You’ll get the maintenance instructions in the box with every binoculars. Here, we’ll talk about the most common binocular maintenance tips which are applicable for every binoculars. So let’s get right on to it.

Cleaning Tips

Cleaning tips are some of the most asked questions about binocular maintenance. Your binocular needs proper cleaning to perform perfectly.

But just washing your binocular with water isn’t called cleaning. There are different methods of cleaning the binoculars.

If you don’t use the right method, then your binocular can get permanently damaged. Let’s check out some of the most common binocular cleaning tips.

  • The first and the basic cleaning tip for any binocular is to follow the cleaning instructions in the instruction manual provided in the box. Different binoculars require different cleaning methods and it’s usually clearly mentioned in the instruction manual by the manufacturers.
  • Don’t clean your binoculars too often. If you clean your binocular too often, then it can damage the lenses. Only clean the binoculars when they start to get blurred.
  • When you need to wipe off some dirt or any other thing from your lenses, then do not use your sleeves, bandanas or any rough fabrics. They can leave a scratch on your lenses which will hamper your viewing experience. Soft camel brushes are the best for wiping lenses.

Other important maintenance tips

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Besides cleaning, there are some vital maintenance tips for binoculars which you need to know. Let’s talk about them.

  1. When you’re not using your binocular, make sure you carry it in the protective case. The lenses of the binoculars are delicate. They can get damaged easily. The chassis can also get damaged. So don’t take the risk. Use the protective carrying case.
  2. Never leave your binoculars under direct sunlight. The heat coming from the sun can damage the optical capabilities of your binocular. The lenses can get damaged in too much heat.
  3. When you’re out in the wild, or in the harsh weather conditions, it’s normal that you might forget about your binocular and lose it. If you lose your binocular in such a situation, then you may face a lot of problems. In this case, use the strap and keep your binocular with you always. It will protect your binocular and also you won’t lose it.
  4. If you face any difficulties with your binocular, or if you need to replace any part of your binocular, then it’s best to contact with the manufacturers. All of them have dedicated customer services. Their binoculars also come with warranties. So don’t try anything yourself. Your warranty can become invalid. Contact with the manufacturer for any difficulties. They’ll help.

These were some quick maintenance tips for your precious binoculars. Binoculars are one time investments. So proper maintenance of them are very important. Follow these simple tips to maintain it nicely. But make sure you always follow the instructions provided with the binocular itself.

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