Montana Travel Guide

If you are a nature lover and appreciate amazing destinations of the places then you would love to visit Montana, it is a place with great beauty, amazing outdoors where you can explore a variety of adventure sports.

Montana boasts ownership of a spectacular and wide range of wildlife creatures and scenic places. You will also be impressed with the vibrant city culture.

Montana Travel Guide

Make it the next Getaway for an enthralling experience to discover awesome places to visit in Montana

As you are in Montana don’t forget to visit the best 10 places:

The Great Falls:

Standing on the walkways to watch blue waters passing on both the sides with lovely plants underneath; the great falls is located in the centre of Montana. Mostly known as the stopping point as you have many other points to visit nearby like national parks also you can explore hiking trail at Ryan Dam, walk through the banks of the Missouri River.


It is the second-largest city of Montana; this is the place where you can find the University Campus of Montana. Missoula used to be the rail hub; now the city has preserved the historical railroad station which is an interesting exploration.

In the city, you might want to look at the iconic caras Park Carousel, art museum, and Roxy Theatre. There are other recreation places in Missoula like the Clark Fork River where you can experience rafting or just stroll along the waterfront Kim Williams trail.

It is a beautiful city that allows you to enjoy and relax with different types of places to visit that includes art, culture, fun, and recreation.

Also, the city is popular for local breweries and boutique shops where you can get a variety of souvenirs and also independent restaurants.

Lewis and Clark caverns state park

If you are a person who would want to watch the oldest and rugged forms then this is the place you want to visit. The caverns give you goosebumps, they are made of limestone the columns and stalactites are interesting.

You can also get tour guides for the caverns, not only does a state park have caverns that are open and free to visit but it also has spots for hiking, picnic areas, and also canoeing spots where you can explore wildlife and natural habitats.

Little bighorn battlefield National monument

As history says the famous military battles in American history which took place here in the little bighorn Battlefield is one of the most popular ones. The re-enactment that happens every year continues even today creating big attention to the area.

You can either pay a personal visit or go for a guided tour to view the monument and also head to the nearest towns- crow agency for a brilliant dining experience along with shopping and water sports


Helena is one of the famous tourist spots and it is the place where most people start the adventures. Make the visit purposeful by visiting the Montana state Capitol building you can have a guided tour and as you are in Helena you might be interested to check out the Missouri river banks.

Explore and relax while you spend quality time on the cliffs which allow the water to flow. The city has also a remarkable history mining district which is the Reeder’s Alley, the intricately designed northern Carousel which showcases delicate craftsmanship, and the 19 century-old fire Tower.


When you head north of Kalispell you can explore the beautiful gateway to the Glacier National Park which is the white fish. A beautiful tourist place with charming Resort destinations, white fish is made by a Glacier activity it is located in flathead valley. Though you find snow there is a lot of fresh water in the nearby areas.

The place has scenic views with pristine lakes and dazzling streams, it is a popular spot for nature’s best due to which it has many outdoor activities. The outdoor activities include fishing, skiing, kayaking, and boating. Also, you can enjoy golf in golf courses in the area.

Flathead river

One of the best natural places for freshwater is the lake that lies to the west of the Mississippi river is the flathead lake. It is to the south of the city of Kalispell. The beautiful river is made due to the glaciers which is why it is one of the famous places to visit for sightseeing and recreation.

The tourists love to explore adventure activities like horseback riding and hiking. Flathead is a place where you can also find fresh cherries direct from the farms in the markets. The lake offers beautiful sails and you can also have rentals and lessons for sailing in many areas throughout flathead lake.

West Yellowstone

Yellowstone is one of the famous national parks which actually has an entrance situated in the state of Montana. It is home to famous attractions like old faithful; the Yellowstone is one of the beautiful attractions all over the world.

West Yellowstone also has a beautiful collection of Yellowstone museums, the Faithful Street is one of the best affordable places to experience rich and tasty local cuisine and get souvenirs. The place is quite affordable both for food and shopping.


Visit Bozeman which is a famous city in Montana with the highest number of tourists visiting because of the attractions like Montana state university and gateway to Yellowstone National Park. You can explore natural scenic views in the city along with experiencing culture, history, and diverse art. The city has many museums for history buffs like the pioneer of museum, museum of Rockies and Emerson centre of Arts and culture, also a notable impressive Museum known as American computer museum.

The city always bustling with urban culture and high-end market also has a beautiful river Gallatin that runs through the city which makes the tourist explore wonderful water sports like swimming, fishing, and kayaking you can bask in the sun or play with family and kids. If you are downtown you can visit many bars and breweries which offer a great and unique taste.

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