Scent Control Tips for Deer Hunting

Scent control is the ultimate name of the game when it comes to deer hunting. Deer can smell a hundred times better than a human.

A mature buck has one of the best sniffers in the woods and fooling it is not an easy task. Proper and routine scent control is a consequential element in any hunter’s success strategy.

Deer Hunting Tips for Cent Control

A deer can smell human scent 150-200 yards away and can pick up a hunter’s trail for several days after it was left. Deer communicate to one another using the scent.

Tips to eliminate scent

Anytime you are heading to the woods; scent control should be at the top of your list. When you are attempting to have a close encounter with an animal that possess millions of olfactory receptors, a couple of precautionary steps should be taken to reduce as much human odor as possible. There are dozens of sprays, soaps, deodorants and ozone generators on the market. However, you need to have a consistent scent control regime and not just to buy a bulk of these eliminators.


Scent control begins by a consistent and careful hygiene. Hunters may differ on their preferred brand of scent free shampoo or soap, based on one’s preference. The bottom line is that you need to choose scent free products that work with your PH level. Make it a habit of showering before every single hunt. Ensure that you use a scent-free lotion as the lotion helps prevent dryness when sitting for countless hours in harsh winds and cold temperatures.


After the shower, ensure that every piece of clothing that you put on has been washed in a scent free soap. Be keen on the detergent you use as some may be allergic to your skin. There are many types of laundry soaps for hunters, and even plain baking soda will work. Do not let your significant other wash your clothes with the rest of the laundry. Store all these clothes in a scent blocker bag. A plastic trash bag will also provide scent free storage in case you do not have the scent control storage bags.

Play the wind

The wind is the vehicle that carries the scent. If you can hunt during perfect wind days, you can control your scent’s availability to deer and increase your odds exponentially. You need to approach the hunting area with the wind on your face. Consider hunting from tree stands or blinds downwind from deer and deer trails. If you find that the wind is not so perfect outright, you may consider choosing a different stand location to avoid spooking and alerting the deer.

Become as physically odorless as possible

To achieve this vital precaution, use the following scent free products;

  • – Laundry detergent
  • – Bar soap
  • – Shaving cream
  • – Shampoo
  • – Deodorant

Companies such as Hunter’s Specialists and Dead Down Wind are leading in offering products marketed purposely for hunters looking for scent control. Otherwise, you can just visit your local grocery store.


Arctic Shield Waterproof Durable Rubber Neoprene Outdoor Boots

Boots is one of the most overlooked pieces of gear when it comes to scent control. Boots can hold scent for several weeks, and you need to ensure they are sprayed to avoid tracking of any unwanted scent. Only wear hunting boots in between your truck and stand.

Deer Senses Hunting Tips and Tricks

There are a lot of people who want a deer hunting year after year and they just aren’t successful where there are some guys that every year they go out they seem to be successful and the difference between those guys is not luck.

It just happens every once in awhile but success can be very predictable if you understand the first thing about deer and that’s to understand their senses. They’ve only got three of them and out of those three senses I am going to talk on theses senses in this article.

1. Deer Sight

The first sense that tells you that you need to be aware of is a deer sense of sight now for the serious hunter out there when you say that I don’t think it’s got that great of eyesight. But the truth is that among all their three senses, eyesight is probably the least of valuable to them.

As deer hunter you have to realize that deer have got big eyes. The eyes are kind of located on the sides of their head where the deer see peripherally a lot of more area than a human would because our eyes are on the front of her head so as a deer’s eyes are out here they get to see a lot more vision so what you’re looking for is movement not so much color but movement and as long as the deer hunter moves very slowly they get away with a lot of movement so the vision of deer is very fast and goo.

You can get away with a lot of movement as long as you move real slowly too many times you’ve been in deer stands and you’re coming in and you pick up your bow real slow and you draw you put an arrow right we’re supposed to be you got away with all that movement because you move slowly so that’s the thing to keep in mind.

2. Deer Ears

The next thing the sense of hearing a deer has got incredible ears. Deer’s ears are long and when you’re looking at deer you can tell if they’re really paying attention to what they’re here and they’re not because there’s a perk up go forward they look and it’s interesting to watch this body language and so as you pay attention they’re hearing. So it is good making some noise whether you’ve got a highway or maybe you’ve got some wind blowing  or you’re hunting next to a creek or a brook that make some noise those are areas that will camouflage the human noise.

3. Deer Nose

Now we’re going to talk about is the most important sense to a deer. He absolutely makes a living on his nose and ears. Nose is second to none and ears nose is incredible and so what you have to do is to realize all the senses but especially his nose.

You need to take every precaution there is to minimize your human odor that you pickup from a gas pump or from riding in a vehicle or from a cup of coffee that may have built on you. You have to do everything that can reduce that human odor. Deer sense of smell is so good because their nostrils are so big what you need to do there is take a deep breath and starts hunting.


No matter what you do it seems like the deer always win so the deer senses you’ve got the hearing and you’ve got the vision and then you’ve got the nose and if i were to take those three in that order I want up taking the nose and seeing that is absolutely the number one defense that a deer has against you.

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