Different Types Of Sharpener For Pocket Knives on Market

Pocket knives are convenient to use for multi-purposes. People keen to hunt, camping or fishing understand the importance of a sharp pocket knife. To make your blunt pocket knife razor sharp instantly you definitely need knife sharpener. In this article we will discuss the best pocket knife sharpeners.

There are also other tools and techniques to sharpen knives but pocket knife sharpeners are quick, cheapest and easiest among all of them. Pocket knife sharpeners come in various types and shapes with different prices. We will briefly tell you about some of the basic factors of the best pocket knife sharpener.

Sharpener For Pocket Knives

What is grit?

The hardness of the surface of the pocket knife sharpener is measured in grits. It means the higher the grit of the pocket knife sharpener is the finer the surface is. Therefore the best pocket knife sharpener must have an abrasive hard surface of high grit.

Types of pocket knife sharpeners

There are many different kinds of pocket knife sharpeners available in the market. Some of the most commonly used pocket knife sharpeners are:

Ceramic stones sharpeners: They are high-end sharpeners used by professionals made with reliable and durable high quality corundum, silicon carbide or alumina.

Whetstone sharpeners: They are most widely used and easy to use so they are perfect for beginners. They are more durable than ceramic stones and they don’t require any kind of lubricating oil.

Oil stone sharpeners: They are similar to Whetstone sharpeners but harder and they require oil for lubricating.

Diamond stones sharpeners: They consist of the hardest sharpening material and are the most expensive ones.

Advantages of pocket knife sharpener

Below are some main advantages of pocket knife sharpeners:

Very handy to use

Lightweight and versatile

Compact and Ultra portable

Cheaper than a sharpening service

Safer than stones

Make cutting easy and safe

Shape: Shape of the pocket knife sharpeners can affect the performance. A well constructed and ergonomic design is easy to use. Complicated design is less safe, it can damage the knife and can also cause injury while sharpening the knife.

Weight: Pocket knife sharpeners are basically used for portability so it could be lightweight to carry easily wherever you want.

Angle: Adjustable angle between the sharpening stone and the blade is crucial to get required performance as well as safety point of view. Good quality sharpeners provide excellent adjustable angle capability.

Material quality: Those pocket knife sharpeners can give high performance, which are made with high quality material.

Versatility: Pocket knife sharpener should be versatile. It should be capable of sharpening all kinds of knives whether they are straight or serrated. They could also have the ability not to just restore the blunt edges but also polish them. Besides this some pocket knife sharpeners also come with other features like fire starter.

Safety: Safety is one of the important features of every pocket knife sharpener. It could be safer both for your knife and yourself. Some high-end pocket knife sharpeners come with extra security features.

Sharpening stages: Most of the knife sharpeners consist of 2 or more sharpening stages. Every stage of the knife sharpener has its particular use. Stage 1 is usually used to restore the edges of the blade while stage 2 is used to polish them.

Surface of the sharpener: Surface of the pocket knife sharpeners should be abrasive hard to get the better sharpening results.

Size: Pocket knife sharpener should be compact enough to fit into the pocket comfortably.

Price: Price really matters but keep it mind that you should never compromise quality and performance over price.

Final thoughts

We are sure that after reading the above information your concepts about pocket knife sharpeners will be much clearer. Now you are able to differentiate between high quality and low quality pocket knife sharpeners which will ultimately allow you to easily select the best knife sharpeners.

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