The Top 4 Family Fishing Vacations of the Decade!

Vacations create plenty of memories, but fishing vacations with your family create memories that your kids will hold dear for the rest of their lives. While fishing at your local river or lake is great, fishing with your family at a unique spot is the stuff of dreams.

So where are these amazing fishing spots? We’ve got you covered! Read on to learn all about them!

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It is so big! Father and son stretching a fishing rod with fish on the hook while little boy looking excited and keeping mouth open

1. Steamboat Lake, Colorado

Situated 26 miles north of Colorado’s skiing hot spot, Steamboat Springs, Steamboat Lake is a wonderful spot for fishing if trout is your thing. Steamboat Lake has over 1,000 surface acres of water and is packed with giant rainbow trout. Photo opportunities galore!

Come prepared to fly fish or use artificial lures as bait is not permitted. Expect to get lots of peace and quiet on the lake since it is wakeless boating only. The best time to visit is late August on through the fall.

2. Oahu, Hawaii

Prefer to fish in a spot that has plenty of activities for the members of your family who aren’t into fishing? Then Oahu, Hawaii is a great spot for you. Oahu is a deep-sea fisherman’s paradise, you can expect to catch lots of yellowfin tuna, wahoo, Pacific blue marlin, and mahi-mahi.

Book a fishing charter and get out on the water with your kids and reel in some super stunning fish. Don’t forget the camera, since these catches are truly photo-worthy.

3. Everglades City, Florida

Have you ever dreamed of fishing in the Everglades? Well, if you can take the heat, you can make your fishing dreams come true in Everglades City, Florida!

Everglades City is located just outside the Everglades and is home to saltwater flats for anglers in search of snapper of snook. You can also catch freshwater fish without ever leaving your boat. It truly is the best of both worlds.

To top it all off, you can stay in waterfront cabins, explore the area by airboat, and feast on delicious Florida oysters. What a trip!

4. Kenai Peninsula, Alaska

Prefer to be surrounded by towering mountains, stands of stunning pines, and historic glaciers when you fish? Then you need to take your family to Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula.

It’s no secret that you can scout out lots of delicious giant halibut and salmon from Alaska’s waters. You’ll also be treated to the sight of wildlife like brown bears and moose hanging out alongside you. Stay safe and warm and you’ll eat well for months to come!

Ready to Take Some Fishing Vacations?!

There are so many great fishing vacations in the United States. Whether you prefer the crisp, cold air and stunning scenery of Alaska or the warmth of Hawaii, there’s a location on this list that’ll help you and your family create a lifetime of memories. Happy fishing!

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