Things You Need to Sleep Better At Camp

Sleep Better At Camp

Camping is one of the best activities you can engage in when you want to take a break from your day to day life. It is relaxing and gives you a chance to feel the tranquility of nature. Sleeping under the stars next to a campfire is a thrilling experience! However, camping can be challenging if you don’t make enough plans in regards to sleeping. Here are things you need to sleep better at a camp.

Have a High-Quality Sleeping Bag

If you are going to be camping for more than two days, it is not wise to get an old sleeping bag from a store. You should have a high-quality sleeping bag which will protect you from cold and offer you comfort for several days.  It is crucial to know the weather of the camping site as this will determine the sleeping bag that you purchase.

When you are camping in a hot area or in an RV, it is vital to purchase Car Camping Sleeping Bags. These bags have more room which means they do not retain a lot of heat. For this reason, they are mostly used by campers during summer. If you camp in a cool place, purchase a backpacking sleeping bag. This bag has a mummy shape and has a snug fit which helps it retain heat.

Backpacking sleeping bags are lighter in weight, meaning that they are suitable for campers who are always on the move. You should go through online reviews before you choose a sleeping bag. Such reviews help you avoid uncomfortable and low-quality sleeping bags. The sleeping bag you buy should have a cooler temperature than the weather forecast for the area you visit.

Not only is temperature a vital factor when choosing the right sleeping bag, but it also is your sleeping habits. If you turn over multiple times at night, or you cannot sleep in one position, then it is advisable to get a sleeping bag that offers enough room. This will ensure that you feel like you are sleeping in a sizable bed. The right sleeping bag will make you enjoy your camping experience.

Have a Good Sleeping Pad

Your camping mattress should be of good quality, but it is wise to add extra cushioning. Different sleeping pads exist in the market. Therefore, you should check out online reviews to ensure you get the right sleeping pad.

Pairing your air mattress or cot with a sleeping pad is a tip that you should employ when you go camping. Whether you settle for a traditional or non-traditional sleeping bag, choose one that meets your comfort level. It is wise to try your sleeping bag at home before hitting the road.

Find a Flat Spot

If you are camping in a forest or a rocky area, you need to find a flat spot. This includes moving stones around to make the area flat or looking for a softer ground in the area. However, if there is no possible way to mitigate the rocky ground, you should go for the air mattress option. This mattress allows you to sleep in the air without touching the ground.

Do your homework before buying an air mattress to avoid buying one that deflates in the middle of the night. An air mattress is more comfortable than a cot when you want to avoid rocks and debris on the ground.  Finding a flat spot ensures you have a restful sleep, and you will not wake up with body pains.

Do not Forget Your Earplugs

When camping, you experience noises from crickets, wind, or trees falling among others. However, you do not have control over this noise because it is natural for them to occur. However, you can shush nature using earplugs because the noise can be so loud that you cannot sleep.

Select the best earplugs for sleeping and there is no doubt that you will sleep comfortably. Not only will earplugs help you sleep comfortably, but they help prevent you from getting alarmed by strange noises. Therefore, earplugs play a significant part in giving you a sound sleep when camping.

Keep Bugs and Mosquitoes Away

Bed bugs bites are itchy, meaning that you will not have a comfortable sleep. When shopping for your camping equipment, do not forget to get a high-quality bed-bug spray. A bed bug spray keeps bugs away from your area giving you a chance to have an itch-free sleep.

A mosquito buzz can be a nightmare when you are sleeping outside. Therefore, you need to have a plan to keep mosquitoes out of your sleeping bag. The easiest way to do this is by keeping the sleeping bag’s door closed all the time to prevent them from getting in. Also, have a mosquito repellant candle or device to give you extra protection. Getting a mosquito net is also essential, especially if you are camping in an area that is close to a water body.

Wear Proper Clothing

It is important to wear the right clothing in a sleeping bag. Use the same factors that you used when selecting the right sleeping bag. If you are camping in a hot area, avoid sleeping in sweat pants and jackets and if you are sleeping in a cold area, avoid sleeping in light pajamas.

Have Covers

When you are camping with your friends, you often want to chat until it is late. This is a problem for those camping outside because the sun will still rise at the same time. Most sleeping bags do not keep the morning light out. Therefore, you will sleep in a bag that is full of light which can be uncomfortable.

You can prevent this by going to bed early or purchasing covers that keep the morning light out. People camping in a car can get away with sleeping late because they do not need covers since RVs have curtains. The covers should be strong enough to provide enough darkness in case you sleep until noon.

Camping is a good experience, but if you are not comfortable when sleeping, you can regret it. A night of sound sleep can determine if you will extend your camping days or cancel it and go home earlier. If you have the above-mentioned things when camping, you will have a good sleep, and in turn, make the most out of your camping period. 

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