Top 10 Reasons Why You Need Small Pistol Primers

Pistol rounds are one of the most popular types of ammunition used for target shooting and self-defense. There are different sized primers for pistols, with small pistol being typically .125-.150 caliber. Small pistol primers provide consistent ignition, uniformity in weight and practically instantaneous impact.

Small Pistol Primers

10 Reasons Why You Need Small Pistol Primers

No matter what you shoot, if it’s a small caliber rifle or handgun round, you need a small pistol primer to make it go off properly. Here are the top 10 reasons why you need small pistol primers:

1. Small Pistol Primers Are Less Prone To Misfires

Small pistol primers, like all small primer types, are highly crimped and less prone to misfires. This is because the smaller the primer, the less room there is for a firing pin to get bent out of shape on impact. A bigger primer can result in a misfire when you need it most: when you’re on the firing line and your life depends on it .

2. They Deliver Consistent Ignition Without Delay

Having a small pistol primer can deliver consistent ignition with no ignition delay. Newer, specialized primers have been designed to provide a more consistent impact that is less likely to burn off the primer compound.

3. Small Pistol Primers Are Safer To Use

Since small pistol primers deliver a more consistent impact and are less prone to misfires, they are safer to use. Small pistol primers also use less gun powder when they are ignited because of their smaller size.

4. Small Pistol Primers Are Less Likely To Over-Impact And Blow Up Your Cartridge Case

The other main advantage of a small pistol primer is that it will not blow up your cartridge case because of its size. A small pistol primer will only go off when you want it to, so you’re free from the worries of having to re-prime your spent cartridges.

5. Small Pistol Primers Are Less Expensive Than Larger Primers

Small pistol primers are less expensive than larger primers because of their smaller size and uniformity of manufacture. The cost of a small primer pack is usually the same or even cheaper than an average-sized primer.

6. Small Pistol Primers Require Less Powder To Ignite Them

Small pistol primers require less powder to ignite them than larger primers. This is because small pistol primers are more uniform and consistent in weight. They also burn as fast as larger primers, emitting the hot gases in a more rapid manner which requires less powder to ignite.

7. Small Pistol Primers Are Safer To Use

Most modern primers have been designed to be lighter in weight and more uniform in construction. Small pistol primers are less prone to misfires and other problems than are larger primers.

8. Small Pistol Primers Have Less Time To Ignite And Ignite Quickly When They Are Ignited

Small primer ignition times have also been reduced, either because of improved design or by using a smaller quantity of powder when it’s ignited. The smaller the primer, the less time and powder are needed to ignite it.

9. Small Pistol Primers Have Less Weight And Are Lighter In Weight

Small primer weights are less than larger primers, which is why some manufacturers describe their primers as being “lighter in weight”. Some small primers don’t weigh as much as others. A light-weight, small pistol primer is more likely to stay centered within its cartridge case when it’s placed into the cartridge.

10. Small Pistol Primers Are Easier To Load And Reload

Some small pistol primers are designed to leave a little wiggle room when they are placed into a cartridge case. This allows for less crimping and more primer room, which makes loading them easier and reloading them quicker.

The Bottomline

Small pistol primers can be used in a variety of small caliber pistol cartridges, including the .22 short, .22 long rifle, .25 ACP, 9mm Luger, .32 ACP, .380 ACP and others. Small pistol primers are also available in a variety of sizes and weights, with most of them being half the size of larger primers.

It’s easy to see why small pistol primers are the primers of choice for most ammunition manufacturers. They provide consistent ignition and uniform powder ignition, both factors which can affect ammunition performance and safety. You should also explore the advantages of using small pistol primers in your next round.

If you don’t already use them, now’s the time to start. Picking up a case of small pistol primers can make a world of difference when you need to fire your most important shot.

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