Wild boar hunting is not just the hunting of wild boars but can also include feral and skunk pigs. Hunters love the challenge of hunting this large and powerful animal because it is so different than hunting whitetail—rather than fleeting deer, hunters enjoy taking on the breadth and dangerousness of the boar.

Wild boars are not your domestic pig. Hunting has been necessary in the past, not only for their meat, but to mitigate the damage boars cause to forests and crops. Boar hunters know that when one runs you up a tree, that it does not simply give up—they will continue to attack and it is imperative that you do not find yourself unprepared or at the mercy of a wild boar.

If you are up to the challenge, take a look at the following locations that have been known to be the top spots in the US for incredible wild boar hunting.

  1. South Carolina: Bostick PlantationSouth Carolina: Bostick Plantation

The Palmetto State flat out knows what to do with wild boar—feral hogs roam in every single county in the state and South Carolina has a rather unregulated laws for hunting them. With no limits, year-round hunting on private land, and wildlife management areas (WMA’s) that provide public land with plenty of hogs—South Carolina is perfect for all types of boar hunters.

Since 1977, the Bostick Plantation in South Carolina has been delivering hunters the opportunity to hunt the descendants of strong Russian boars. This 10,000-acre plantation even contains palmetto swamps that hide huge, 400-pounders who are excellent in evading hunters.

This plantation utilizes its huge acreage to provide hunters excellent stands for spotting and even uses hounds to get in closer to the snapping, bristle-backed European boars. For 200 years, early settlers brought hogs to South Carolina during colonizing, and naturally, many hogs escaped and began the wild boar population that has grown and persisted today.

In the 1930s, Russian Boar were finally introduced to the wild of the state and their influence is strong to this day. South Carolina has an estimated 100,000+ hogs running wild. Bostick Plantation has embraced the strong history of the Russian and European boars that litter the state, and with 2,000 acres to choose from, their guides will help you find the perfect area where boars have been located and you can create your game plan. This plantation will test the skills of every hunter who wants to take on the challenge and tackle these mighty boars one-on-one.

Since boar hunting takes a minimum stay of two days, Bostick has excellent lodging and transportation to the stand area. Hunters are free to hunt independently and can harvest up to two boars per day—one in the AM hours and one in the PM hours. Extra kills cost $200.

When in season, for no additional charge, hunters may also harvest bobcats, coyotes, and foxes as well.

It is clear that South Caroline is one of the premiere destinations for boar hunting, and Bostick Plantation is one of the top and most versatile hunting locations within the state. You can learn more about pricing, location, and download forms at their website below:

  1. Florida: The Everglades/Okeechobee WildernessWild-Boar-Florida


The South Florida lake of Okeechobee is well-known for largemouth bass fishing, however, many hunters are surprised to find that hogs and boars are plentiful in the marshlands of the Everglades.

Hunters have been hunting in the secret prime spot of Lake Okeechobee and the Everglades of Okeechobee for many decades. There are plenty of ranches such as the Brady Ranch, that offer sprawling lands and hunts that can be conducted from swamp buggies and tree stands. Additionally, hunters have options of not only using traditional hunting methods and gear, but also can use a knife to hunt as well as hounds for close-quarters action.

Okeechobee Outfitters can hook you up not just on amazing alligator and fishing hunting, but incredible wild boar hunts. The Florida hunting experience can be quite different than most other non-Southern states. Housing swamps, the Everglades, Lakes, forest marshes, and other unique geographical features, Florida wild boar hunting is an incredible experience for those up to the challenge.

Available locations for hunts include grounds in the middle of the Seminole Indian Reservation, which makes for the absolute best hunting experience you can have on an open ranch. This location is unique because it encompasses 2,000 acres in the middle of 36,000 reservation acres that are loaded with native hogs that are self-sustaining herds known for their strength and truly wild upbringing.

Visit Okeechobee Outfitters at their website below to learn more about the locations they suggest, locations they have hunts available, and prices for those among you who love the thrill of a challenging wild boar hunt!

  1. Alabama: For the DIY HunterAlabama: For the DIY Hunter

If you are seeking more of a do-it-yourself hunt without wanting to schedule hunts and pay others to nab yourself a wild boar, there are excellent options out there. One such place is in Southern Alabama, where there is a plentiful amount of public land dotting the state.

In fact, there are 17 wildlife management areas (WMA’s) that are public and support excellent hog hunting. Southwest Alabama has the best opportunities which can be found in the Upper Delta, W.L. Holland, and Mobile-Tensaw Delta. Other, smaller populations of hogs are at locations such as Blue Springs and Covington wildlife management areas.

The northwest corner of Alabama finds Freedom Hills, Seven-mile Island, as well as the Black Warrior wildlife management areas—these are considered to be among the best in this corner of the state.

Alabama has excellent stretches of public land that supports challenging and free-spirited boar hunting for hunters who want to do it themselves without paying outfitters for the privilege.

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