Useful Gear to Pursue Outdoor Hunting

In this short article, we cover some of the basic gear that is useful to use on an outdoor hunt. While you still need to research and prepare for any hunting trip, it’s always better to have solid equipment with you that won’t let you down. That way, you can move towards your prey in a stealth fashion or stay undercover until they come to you.Useful Gear Outdoor Hunting

Here are a few of the useful things that serious hunters find useful to own and make use of.

Mossy Oak Camo Apparel

After a hiatus, Carhartt are back to using Mossy Oak camouflage in their outdoor jackets. Carhartt offer an efficient range of new jackets including some in Break-Up Country – the most popular camouflage design for effective concealment – to keep hunters warmer while still disappearing into the woods unnoticed. Not having a good hunting jacket means you’re woefully unprepared for the weather elements.

The Carhartt’s Big Game range of apparel includes lightweight and more heavily padded jackets, but also ballcaps for warmer days, camo fleece hats for colder ones, shirts and some pants to match. Whatever level of experience you have with hunting, it’s not difficult to look the part.

Laser Rangefinder to Better Estimate Distances

A laser rangefinder cuts out the guesswork when it comes to estimating distances. This might be just to estimate the top of a small peak at a distance or to determine the distance to your ultimate prey. Laser rangefinders tend to resemble binoculars but have much more useful features.

One of the standout brands is Leupold who make rangefinders but also rifle scopes, so you’re in good hands with them. Their Leupold RX-2800 TBR/W model includes 7x zoom to get up close and personal with a deer or another animal that you’re stealthily making your way towards. The OLED display inside is crystal-clear too. It can reach way beyond 1,300 yards but also estimates wind and angle to help assess a rifle shot from a considerable distance too.

Hunting Blinds to Remain Stealthy

Ambush produce hunting blinds, ice houses and various hunting accessories. Their hunting blinds are their most substantial product. They’re designed for hunters to stay warmer inside while remaining fully concealed.

Their Stalker model was the first blind from Ambush Outdoor Products. It has been modified over the years and now includes multiple window arrangements to see the outside from multiple angles to spot your prey. These types of products contain your scent to avoid giving away your position to animals with a strong sense of smell.

There’s the opportunity to use a rifle,  crossbow or longbow through different access points to cover the terrain from different positions. The Stalker model can either be situated on the ground or placed on leg brackets to get some elevation over the local terrain.

While there are plenty of things you can pack and carry in a hunting backpack, it’s important not to weigh yourself down too much on a hunt. It will prevent you from being able to move swiftly when necessary and it will reduce the enjoyment of the day when lugging around an excessive load.

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