Visiting the East? These are your Must-Visit Places

Just the western world, Asia boasts some exotic holiday destinations that consistently attract tourists of all ages and economic classes from all around the world. People who live in Europe and America tend to travel to Asia on holiday to bask in the sun and get away from the icy winds of the west. 

Asia is also said to have some of the most flavorful cuisines on the planet. Not many things are as relaxing as spending time on an Asian beach with a drink in your hand and a plate of sushi on the table. If you are ready to blow off some steam and take a vacation, here are a couple of Asia’s most exquisite destinations you ought to consider visiting. 

Must-Visit Places


Bali is, by far, one of the most talked-about holiday destinations today. People from all corners of the world tend to visit the place at some point during their lives. Generally known as a honeymoon destination, Bali also plays host to solo travelers and joint families alike. If you have never visited Bali but are excited to find out what it is like, here are a few things you should know: 

Expect Crowds

Considering how Bali is one of the most visited holiday destinations on the planet, it should not surprise you that you can expect to find hordes of people as far as the eye can see.

Dress Appropriately for the Occasion

Bali may have given you the impression that beachwear will suffice in just about every social environment. On the contrary, classier bars and restaurants tend to enforce a dress code and ensure their visitors abide by it, so be sure to dress to the occasion. 

Respect their Religious Customs

Bali localites are traditional, and religion is an integral part of their culture. As a visitor, you ought to be respectful of their beliefs. Do not be surprised if a street is blocked in celebration of a festival or ceremony. 

It would befit you to plan your outings and travels in accordance with their festival and ceremony dates to make sure your plans do not get compromised. If you are visiting a temple or any other holy site, make sure you dress modestly and cover yourself appropriately. 

Learn a bit of the Local Language

This should go without saying, but seldom do people make the effort of conversing in the local language. Learning a few essential words of the local language can help you get by and possibly, better received by the localites. 

If you plan on visiting Bali, consider opting for Bali packages. There is a package that caters to just about duration of stay and budget. 


Vietnam has been steadily rising in popularity as an excellent Asian holiday destination. 

Despite rapid urbanization, their traditions and roots are to known remain intact amongst the locals. There are a variety of ancient landmarks and colonial structures that have managed to stand their ground throughout the bumps and scrapes of history. 

While Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi seem to be stealing the spotlight, Halong Bay does not seem to be getting the attention it deserves. Halong Bay is a group of islands in Northern Vietnam and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Halong Bay is famous for its breathtaking limestone mountains rising from emerald waters that were formed thousands of years ago. Staying there for three days during the final quarter of the year is ideal. 

Da Nang is another place that often goes under the radar. Da Nang happens to be the third-largest city in Vietnam after Ho Chi Minh City. It plays host to several exquisite beaches and caves that have stood through the ages. Da Nang has also witnessed the change in times and the architecture that represents Vietnam’s history. 

Here are a few things you need to know before you decide to look up the Vietnam tour package that suits you the best. 

Be wary of the Weather

The weather tends to play a significant role in determining your travel plans. Vietnam is a sultry place, so be sure to take the weather seriously and plan your outings and travels accordingly. 

Eat Cautiously

People tend to indulge in Vietnamese food at scale, and for good reason. However, you ought to know the right places to eat Vietnamese street food because not every store maintains good hygiene. It is advisable to go on a food street tour to pick the right places if you are a first time visitor. 

Learn some Vietnamese

It is no secret that Vietnamese is a challenging language to pick up. However, learning a few key phrases can be helpful. The Vietnamese are usually welcoming and helpful, so speaking their language the best you can be rewarding. 

Culture & Etiquette

Vietnamese tend to take hierarchy and the respect that they deserve very seriously. Humility, coupled with punctuality, is incredibly valued. 

Make sure that you pay due respect to traditional customs and minimize public displays of affection. 

Religious practices are also taken seriously. Keep in mind that greeting a Vietnamese by shaking the offered hand with both your hands and bowing is the way to go in this country. 


Vietnam is known to have an awful lot of traffic due to the abundance of vehicles on the road. It is generally safe to ride on the right side of the road. However, be sure to keep an eye out for large vehicles that cross your way. 

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