What Every Camper Needs In Their Trailer

Life moves fast—each day we wake up and do the same monotonous tasks that we may have even come to despise. Sometimes, all a person needs is a breath of fresh air and a little change in scenery. Learning how to relax and do a new activity may seem daunting to most, as each activity comes up with its needs and requirements. Fortunately, picking up on something is not hard at all and all you need is a little instruction and some practical application.

In this article, we will explore one of the most underrated ways to relax, unwind, and have proper time for yourself. The activity is camping and, here, we will list some of the most important things a camper needs and that would make camping adventurous and more fulfilling.

Make sure your trailer is ready for the adventure

ready for the adventure

Before going on your vacation, it’s important to ensure that your camper is okay. Some of the things you need to look out for include the following:

●     Check the tires

There’s no need for a vacation to be ruined by a tire busting along the way. It’s important to ensure that the air pressure is good and the treads are okay because bad tires cause accidents that may injure the driver or even other motorists.

●     Check for leaks

Water leaks are common in campers due to a lot of components and moving parts, and a damaged one may prove to be useless in any journey. To prevent this, it’s important to check for leakages before any trip, as well as ensure that the camper undergoes regular checkups to ascertain its health. Untreated leaks may reduce the shelf life of a camper and may even reduce its resale value, so it’s important to be vigilant.

●     Check your trailer connection

If the camper used can be towed with a car, it’s important to check the connection lines to ensure they’re well made and wired. Failure to do this may pose a health risk to both the owner of the trailer and other road users in the same path.

●     Make sure everything is closed

Before driving away, it’s important to check for open doors, camper stairs, and aerials. Not locking away the stairs of the camper may be a risk to others on the road or may cause damage to your rig in case it bumps into something on the road. The same goes for aerials—it’s important to push it down to prevent it from being damaged by trees or high objects.

Essentials to have on a trailer

Essentials to have on a trailer

Back to our list, it’s important to have the following tools ready in the camper to ensure that you’re comfortably living in it. The list includes:

  • Utensils
  • Garbage bags
  • Cooler
  • Food storage container
  • Marquee or tent
  • Camping chairs
  • Flashlights and batteries

Let’s look at all these in detail:

●     Utensils

Utensils are one of the most essential tools needed in a trailer. Even if there’s plenty of food in the camper, there’s still a need for utensils that would be used in serving and preparing the food. There’s always a chance of utensils being left out due to the fact they’re common and easily forgotten. Before embarking on a trip, ensure that your utensils are available, as well as clean.

●     Garbage bags

For the sake of recycling and conserving the environment, it’s great to have garbage bags for sorting out trash, as well as ensuring that the camper is spotless and clean. Leaving trash lying around in the camper can breed flies and cause pest infestations, which would definitely spoil not only your food but your mood as well.

●     Cooler

You may be on the road for too long and food may spoil, so it’s advisable to have a cooler to store perishable goods in, or to keep drinks cool for enjoyment. Things to store may include beer, ice cream, and water. Coolers are a necessity, especially if camping in hot areas and there comes a need to cool off.

●     Food storage container

Ensure that there are storage containers available to store food, fresh vegetables, and jams. Having each one well labelled with their likely expiry dates will prevent food poisoning just in case any of them spoil. Food storage containers also help in food preservation as air is let out. Keeping them cool also ensures that food will not go bad.

●     Marquee or tent

Sometimes, while vacationing on a camper, we might want to observe nature, enjoy a gentle breeze, or watch the moon. Tents and marquees come in handy as they give the feeling of being one with nature. A tent can be bought or one can find a heavy duty marquee for sale in shops.

●     Camping chairs

Camping chairs are great for relaxing outside and enjoying some activities like stargazing, chilling with the family, or even cooking marshmallows. Camping chairs are often cheap and easily portable. Having access to them makes camping less stressful as you can easily unwind, or even soak up some sunlight or bask in the moonlight.

●     Flashlights and batteries

When camping, it’s possible that you might want to explore at night or even observe wildlife along the way. Having good batteries may also help the camper conserve power, ensuring that you have extra days to enjoy your trip more. It’s also good for emergencies in case there’s no power in the camper or the car towing it.


Camping is a fun and rewarding activity. It gives you purpose, helps you unwind, and lets you live a fuller and happier life. Hopefully, following these tips will ensure an eventful adventure, where you can tick off camping from your bucket list. Of course, the important thing is for you to be safe and happy. Exercise due diligence while camping and follow the above tips so you can have a great vacation. For the good of the environment, make it a point to minimize waste while camping and make sure that you leave your campsite in a better condition than when you found it.

Happy camping!

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